Oct. 5th, 2016 02:59 pm
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It's probably not as thoroughly tested as it would have been had I gotten it done far, far earlier in the dev cycle, but it does exactly what it claims to do. I have enhancements, sure, but it's READY FOR THE WORLD!

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Today is so far better than yesterday. This may be because I had two glorious, unscheduled hours in which I could do my actual work. Unfortunately for my mental state and productivity, I'm scheduled in meetings every single hour for the rest of the day. Balls.

Good things. Listing some good things to trick my brain into having a better day.
  • I'm very close to level 20 in Pokemon Go. I need to evolve a bunch of Pidgies and Ratattas so that I can level. Then I can evolve my Eevee and get something totally badass.
  • I got my yearly raise this month. I really am getting paid enough to deal with this level of ridiculousness.
  • I'm wearing one of my modified Monetas and feel like a million bucks. Modifications include: standard bodice alteration to fit, pleating the skirt instead of gathers (faster), self-drafted flutter sleeves (SO PROUD), and a V-neck with band instead of collar.
  • I'm almost done with the Creativity pack on Headspace. Next up is Pro 3.
  • Emi LOVES the new Kid Headspace packs. I need to try it on Alex.
  • I had an iced latte this morning. Always a good thing.
  • My nails are pretty. Espionage Cosmetics makes wonderful nail wraps. This week I'm wearing the Purple & Teal Masks. My fingers are incognito.
  • I had my final exam for my summer CS class on Monday. I don't think I got 100 again, but I don't think I did too badly. I just have to finish the last bit of the last assignment, get it submitted, and I'm DONE.
That's actually a pretty good list. I like it.
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I'm sitting at a solid A+ in my CS course. My first graded program got 100/100. I also got 100/100 on the midterm.



Also, I'm level 3 on Pokemon Go. Walking around our campus at lunch, approximately 75% of the people around me were also going from point to point, looking, and swiping. I asked a group of guys for help with the UI and it was super awesome. I work with good people. This game is hell for productivity, but great for our company's new dedication to helping us live healthy lives.
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I've been listening to my "Burn The World Down" soundtracks lately. These include Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog and Repo! The Genetic Opera. I've also been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack daily.

When I'm grading code, I like to listen to the Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap podcast. It's hilarious and laced with profanity and terrible food.

I just finished listening to the audiobook of "Every Heart a Doorway" and it was just as true and wonderful as the book. I love, love it.

I have tomorrow off. Then I go to Baltimore to work through the weekend. Ugh. But whatever. It'll be fine.
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I took the entire time of the con - Friday through Monday - off of work. Here's how it played out.

Original plan had been to head up to the con, grab badges, and go to the "It's My First Con" panel. I didn't do this. I really should have. Instead, I ran to Target and Aldi for the things we needed - snacks for us/kids, pull-ups, basic tank tops, etc.

I got to hang out with Alex a bit, then my folks swung by our house and picked him up for the afternoon. I gave Mom her birthday, Mother's Day, and Thanks For Doing Our Taxes gifts (Julia cardigan; custom tote, hand lotion, treats; two new kitchen knives). I met them up at their hotel in the evening and we chatted for a bit. Then it was off to Emi's recital.

2 hours into the recital, Emi's group finally went onstage. She was act 19 out of about 40. Good things: they kept the show moving. No announcers. No introductions. Just continuous music. Bad things: I am SO SPOILED for good dancing. Srsly. I'll give most of the kids passes because kids, but even the senior solo showcases made me sad. So much badly performed modern dance. So. Much.

After the show, Mom, Emi, and I went swimming for a bit. Then we talked for a bit longer. Emi and I got home about 10. 

I didn't get to go to the social at the Con. That makes me sad, since the reports of the freaking amazeballs costumes were numerous and jealously-inspiring.

We got up reasonably early, but didn't get moving very quickly and ended up getting to the convention just before 10. I wore my Moneta-modded Queen of Hearts business casual dress. I also wore my playing-card-teacup fascinator. Every compliment I got the whole day was due to the hat, but it's tremendously adorable, so I'm not sad about it.

I had lots of costume inadequacy feelings. Still do. There were SO MANY lovely, complicated, gorgeous costumes and mine seemed half-assed by comparison. The panels were either very good or very bad, but I got good information out of each of them, DESPITE some of the presenters. Electrical wiring and lighting, corsetry, pattern modification, linothorax, historical weaponry, and something else that I've forgotten already. 

Downwood and I got a hotel, since we were trying to use this weekend as a minor vacation. When we checked in, I realized that I hadn't packed any of my meds. Not good, especially since one of them is the only reason I ever sleep. Ever. I fought off the anxiety eventually, mostly by calling a nearby Walgreens and asking if they could get me a refill before closing. They could. Hooray!

We had dinner with RH and sister and teacher M. It was very tasty. We compared purchases and swapped some stories. Everyone was impressed by my magical lipstick. This stuff claims to last for 24 hours and DOES NOT LIE. My bright red lips are perfect from morning to evening. So much love. 

We ended up not going back to the con for the evening event. It was the stage show/masquerade. I had too much latent anxiety and not enough People Points to deal with it. Instead of being inspired, I'd just be sad and depressed. So we bought pie and went to the hotel's free happy hour. The bartender gave me something fruity and very red. And strong. Gods bless good bartenders.

Woke up astonishingly early, mostly due to having an early night and not getting interrupted by kids or anything. It was quiet, dark, and the bed was super comfy. The coffee sucked, as did the water pressure, but you can't have everything. 

We drove home and rescued Grandma from the kids and gave her our Mother's Day gift (custom tote, hand lotion, treats). We then went out to brunch for Mother's Day. One of the restaurants in town does a very, very good brunch. Emi ate about two pounds of shrimp. I had more pastries than is healthy. So good.

We then got dressed up and went back to the con, kids in tow. Emi wore the Wonder Woman dress I made her. Alex wore the fleece tabard and knight hat I made and "carried" the sword and shield he got at the last Ren Faire (he claimed to carry them, but it was usually me or daddy). I wore my Carmen Sandiego getup. Downwood pulled on the full Faire gear, including chainmail and leather surcoat. He also put our very expensive, very sharp swords in a rifle case. He wanted to show off his maile and swords to the arms and armor museum guys.

I got to drool over RH's blue and purple steampunk awesomeness. I got to catch the tail end of a Victorian Fashion Evolution presentation. I also got to watch an Underwear Through the Ages presentation. I also drooled over a steampunk Snow White and Aurora duo. So luscious. So ruffles. So color.

I got to see Emi go totally fangirl over first a good Merida (Brave) and then a truly amazing Anna (Frozen). The Anna cosplayer was PERFECT. She knelt down and talked to Emi totally in character. Emi was enthralled and ended up totally convinced that Frozen is a documentary. If I'd had ribbons or other awards on me, I would have given that Anna all of them, just for how she interacted with my kid.

We were only at the con for a couple hours. There wasn't a whole lot geared toward kids specifically, so they didn't have an overall fantastic time. During my underwear session, Downwood introduced Alex to the con suite. There were snacks he could have (carrots and grapes) and people to make friends with. Emi played on my phone.

The vendors were great. My money went POOF!GONE. I bought some random trim from the Jawa bins (everything a dollar, dig until you find something you like). I bought a drawstring threader and swastika measuring guide (terrible description, but accurate. It's an amazing little tool). I got some iridescent snowflake chiffon for Emi and some yellow-gold chiffon for me. I got a book on how to work with Spandex for superhero costumes. Since it was near the end of the day Sunday, I got a deal on Con-engraved pint glasses. I almost bought a set of buttons with gears embedded in resin.

I also bought a pattern for the single-pattern contest next year. And a pair of memberships for next year's con. Now I need to figure out how we're going to get to Toronto and thence to Costume Con 35 next April. And beg someone to stay with the kids.

We spent the evening hiding at home. The kids were tired from the day. I was tired from the day. Downwood was tired from the day. I did a bit of laundry and passed out early.


Slept in. Woo! I got to snuggle Alex and read lots of books. And be totally silly with him. Woo!

Did all the laundry that I would normally have done yesterday. Went up to JoAnn's while Downwood took Alex to the grocery store. I got superhero, utility, and accessory fabric and supplies. I have PLANS, yo.

We picked Emi up at school and had a late lunch together at Culver's (all hail Early Release Mondays!). While I folded clothes, Emi read to me.

I've done both my Spanish Duolingo and meditation. If I meditate tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, I'll get the 180 day streak achievement. Woot!

I've hemmed and sewn the side seams on a petticoat and the ruffles. Now to gather and apply the ruffles, then pleat the petticoat to the waistband. It's a very basic petticoat that should work well under a variety of long skirts.

I'm nearing the time when I need to head up into Madison to go to dance class. I don't particularly want to go back to work tomorrow, but I'll have to leave early to go to both therapy and my monthly maintenance massage.

I'm trying to focus on the things that I did well this weekend. I'm struggling with it, as usual. My jerkbrain is loud and likes to focus on all the ways that I screwed up and was unproductive and a bad person and a worse mother.

I only have until Friday to get all my things done this week. I fly to Florida very early Saturday morning and don't get to come home until Wednesday night. Also an anxiety trigger, but what can you do.
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Thing I did - Have finished both my business casual dresses - Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat.
Thing I did - Submitted a claim through Etsy to get the person to whom I paid money for Cheshire ears and tail. I've not heard a single word from him/her since I paid. I am resigned to not having these in time for the con.
Thing I need to do - Either find a heart purse on Amazon or go to the store and get some wooden pieces to put together to make a heart scepter. Also, E600 my teacup fascinator to a headband and it's done.
Thing I need to go - Get my Glow Cloud costume bits consolidated. Raid Emi's stuffed animal collection.

Thing I did - Got Mother's Day gifts for both my mom and Downwood's mom.
Thing I need to do - Finish decorating my last linen panel, then sew up the gift bags. I couldn't find any canvas in my stash, but I found some natural colored linen. I have Sharpies. I have mad Zentangle skills. I think you can see where this is going.

Thing I did - Worked from 1:45-3 on Saturday. AM, not PM. Felt pretty miserable all day Saturday as a result.
Thing I did - Got my hair cut Saturday morning. Just a trim to freshen up my layers. My next one's in June and I'll probably have her hack off a bunch of the length then, since it might be summer. Maybe.
Thing I did - Got a new tattoo on Saturday. It's a lotus and it's intensely lovely. It's on my left shoulder and I've decided it's the start of my sleeve. I'd been thinking about sleeving my right arm, but my peacock is so glorious that anything else seems unnecessary. But I can do a bouquet of flowers down my left arm. Yus.

Thing I did - Hemmed a pair of capri leggings for me.
Thing I need to do - The rest of the hemming from that batch of sewing. But first I broke my needle, then when I got out a new one, my bobbin decided to be terrible. So I rage!quit and haven't gone back to it. I also need to go buy more ballpoint needles.

Thing I did - Made my aerobic exercise goal for the week, according to Fitbit. I've found that I can use our stationary bike and do my Spanish Duolingo homework at the same time. Two birds, one stone.
Thing I need to do - Keep it up. Keep pushing myself to do better.

Thing I did - Got permission from work to start taking Comp Sci classes.
Thing I did - Applied to UW to be a "Special Student"
Thing I need to do - Continue waiting patiently for them to process my application. Then, assuming they accept me, get registered, pay tuition, buy books, all the college things.

Thing I did - Figured out the rules for "No Thank You, Evil". Got Downwood, Emi, and Alex through char gen. Ran a small adventure for Downwood and Emi (Alex wandered off).
Thing I did - Explained to Emi what "meta-gaming" and "power gaming" are and why she can't just add new gadgets to do things for her whenever she runs into a snag. Downwood was an excellent role/roll model for her. Surprisingly fun for all of us.
Thing I need to do - Come up with an idea for the next adventure
Thing I need to do - Find a date/time for our grown-up gaming group to meet

Thing I did - Backed out of going to my half-sister's graduation party. I'm going to be in Miami 5/14-5/18 and St Louis 5/23-5/26. My sanity won't allow me to try to shoehorn a trip to Iowa and Kansas in there from 5/20 to 5/23. Not going to happen.
Thing I need to do - Buy a gift card. Mail it.

Thing I did - Found fabric in my stash for new dresses
Thing I need to do - Adjust the sleeves on the wrap pattern to be a bit more snug. Or just put a contrasting cuff on it. Or fix it. See if I can convert a short sleeve to a flutter sleeve for my Moneta pattern. I think I know what to do, just not sure how it will look.
Thing I need to do - Cut them out once I update my patterns.

small joys

Jan. 19th, 2016 09:12 am
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Alex didn't want to get out of bed this morning. So snoozy. When we have to get someone out of bed before they're ready, we'll say that they're "not done on both sides". This is something I remember my grandmother telling me. Alex wasn't even done on one side this morning. He finally staggered out of his room just as I was getting ready to go. He held his arms up and just wanted hugs. He laid his head on my shoulder and refused to let go. So we hugged for a long while.

Our family xmas present from my in-laws was a piano. It's a full keyboard and has all sorts of electronic effects. It has very high reviews on Amazon. The kids are enthralled. Now we need to find a teacher.

It is Tuesday, so I had an extra coffee this morning. Small skim almond latte for the win!

I have only two sessions left in my 30 day Anxiety pack on Headspace. It has helped. I haven't had to take the Xanax in a while! Woo!

My Fitbit thinks I didn't have any active minutes yesterday. My Fitbit doesn't understand me. The Saidi choreography that Teacher M's putting us through is ZIPPY. Holy buckets. Also, my phone is convinced that my Fitbit is out of battery. There's a lot of miscommunication going on here.

I don't have pockets today so I'm not going to refresh my lipstick. Still, I put it on this morning, so that counts toward my resolution.
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It is decided that:
  • This year is starting out not so good for beloved pop culture icons. Knock it the hell off, 2016. Fuck cancer.
  • I'm leaving work early today.
  • I can be proud of my zentangle doodles. For they are pretty and kind of neat.
  • I will not feel guilty about going in for a massage on Sunday. My shoulders are messed up.
  • I will have fun putting together STAR WARS LEGO with my kids. I have the Maz minifig. You can be jealous.
  • Meditation is probably the best thing I've started in a while. Yay for mental space.
  • I can no longer say that I can't write. The thing I'm working on with Downwood is nearing 19k words. I have probably 2/3 or 3/4 of them. My character talks A LOT.
  • Tea is the best.
  • Chocolate is the best.
  • Sleepy kiddos hugs are the best.
  • Coffee is the best.
  • Weekends are the best.


Jan. 4th, 2016 10:56 am
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While at home this weekend (more on that later), my stepdad told me that having a resolution to "be a better human" wasn't a good one. He wanted me to come up with something quantifiable so that I can prove progress.

Have I mentioned that he's been in education his whole career? A teacher and then an administrator?

So here are my goals for the year and how I will measure success.
  • Wear lipstick more often. If I wear lipstick once a week or once every two weeks, that will be more often than the once every 3 months (average) of last year. I have to decide if this means I'll wear other makeup, too. We'll see.
  • Get to 65% fluent in Spanish on Duolingo. I'm at 49% right now, so this seems like a reasonable goal. If I make this goal early (say, by June or something), I'll extend it to be a higher amount.
  • Get to a streak of 100 days on Headspace. I'm at 48 now, so I could conceivably get this mark 4 times. I didn't want to say 365, since if I mess up once, I'll have failed. I also didn't want to say that I'll work on being more grounded and in the moment. Headspace is helping with that and if I keep working on it, I'll keep getting this streak.
  • Meet my Goodreads book challenge of 175. This is doable. Re-reading counts. Audiobooks count. Books read to kids count.
  • Game at least once as a player. Pretty self explanatory. I like running games, but I miss playing in them.

Here are some smaller goals for the year:
  • Have fun with my sister at the PostSecret concert in Milwaukee in February. Reach out to Milwaukee natives to find good places to go eat and/or visit during the day.
  • Have fun at the Costume Convention. Don't beat myself up for not being as awesome as I'm anticipating all the other people there being. Relax. If I can make a costume, cool. If not, I can shop in my closet. I have Carmen Sandiego, Poison Ivy, Rainbow Brite (a blond wig would really help sell the look), the Glow Cloud (ALL HAIL), Lucy (need my own wig, though. or lots and lots of hair spray), and any number of historical bits and pieces. I know what I WANT to do, but I need so many foundation garments (proper corset, petticoats, bustle, etc) that I don't think it'll happen.
  • Find a heritage train in either MN or IL for us to ride this summer. We've gone on train rides in WI and IA already and I have this idea that it could be cool to try to hit a train every summer in a different state.
  • Start planning my 2017 sabbatical. Current thought is to take my parents, kids, Downwood, and MiL to a resort in Central America. Something where there are activities for kids, allergy friendly dining, Wi-Fi, and a beach.
  • Continue wearing clothes that fit me as I am today.
  • Continue Kon-Mari-ing my stuff. I've gotten rid of a whole bunch of things and have many, many more to go.
  • Sew from my stash and not buying new fabric. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Read from my To Be Read pile and not buy new books. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Try to use the library instead of just buying all the Kindle books if I don't know the author/series, but don't beat myself up if I don't change this habit right away.
  • Continue Zentangling, drawing, coloring, and paper journaling. These are good things. They relax me and make me happy, so I should do them. Don't beat myself up if I don't do it every day, though.
  • Dance. Breathe. Be present. Be creative. Be smart.
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 Wait, what?! How is it already the end of the year?! I'm pretty sure it should still be Halloween or maybe Thanksgiving. The year just sort of evaporated on me. And now I'm at the end of my vacation with not nearly as many things done around the house as I should've.

This year I...
  • Learned
    • that I can make art just for the sake of making something pretty and it doesn't suck.
    • that it's okay to go back to therapy
    • German and Spanish. Sort of. 49% fluent, anyway.
    • how to meditate
    • that work doesn't suck so much if I have a team lead who's willing to work with me and actually get me things that bring me joy and take away the things that bring me misery and woe.
    • how to navigate railway systems in three cities where I didn't speak the language.
    • that I can drink 4.5 liters of beer in a day and not have too bad of a hangover the next morning.
    • that getting a new cell phone is horrible and painful and I don't want to deal with it for another three years. Or until a new shiny iPhone comes out and I can upgrade for free.
    • that it feels really good to go through things and fill boxes and boxes with STUFF for donation.
    • that my friends are awesome and even when my jerkbrain tries to tell me to not leave the house, they're still glad to see me and things will be okay.
    • how to blow dry my hair and get the lovely flips and waves that my hairdresser can get.
    • how to wear red lipstick.
    • that taking my husband and son to the ER sucks. Staying with my son for the next day in the hospital is also no fun.
    • how to use super glue for first aid and that liquid bandages are great.
    • that I get an allergic reaction to red pigment in tattoos. This is troubling. Also, I completed my shoulder peacock and got my birthday cardinal. And an adorable tiny pumpkin.
  • Read
    • lots and lots of good books. Goodreads has my full list. 
      • Highlights include: Uprooted, The Thirteenth Tale, William Shakespeare's Star Wars, PrinceLess, Castle Hangnail, Furiously Happy, The Martian, and Ancillary Mercy.
    • many old favorites cover-to-cover
      • Highlights include: Eleanor and Park, Sunshine, Snowcrash, The Enchantment Emporium, Hogfather, The Wee Free Men, The Finishing School series, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, The Girl who...Fairyland books, American Gods, and Good Omens.
    • not much in the way of newspapers or magazines.
    • probably too much online.
    • chapter books to BOTH kids, including the entirety of the Dragonbreath series to Alex.
    • that while most dating sim concepts make my eyelid twitch, a PIGEON dating sim will make me cackle maniacally.
  • Watched
    • not much TV, honestly. 
    • some good football
    • some terrible football
    • Emi at ballet
    • Alex at soccer
    • Emi graduate from Kindergarten
    • only a couple movies, but TWO were in the theater (Inside Out with Emi, Force Awakens with Downwood)
    • not enough bellydance, but some of it was Ozma, so that balances everything out.
    • cultural events in Berlin, Munich, and Brussels. I have no idea what was going on for most of it, but it was very interesting. And confusing
    • Alex start trying out words and talking to us
    • my kids LOSE THEIR MINDS on a train ride, in the Field Museum, in the Shedd Aquarium, and at the new cafeteria at werk.
  • Tried
    • more cosplay. Specifically Lucille Ball. For work. LIVING THE DREAM.
    • making more clothes. I made LEGGINGS THAT FIT. This is miraculous.
    • to not let the depression and anxiety win. I think my record's about 50/50.
    • to come up with a way to kill myself, but couldn't think of anything that wouldn't traumatize Emi. Not the best reason, but certainly not the worst.
    • to not beat myself up about being on 5 full time psych meds and another for emergencies.
    • to cut most alcohol out of my diet. I do pretty good most of the time now.
    • meditation. I love it.
    • using colored pencils and coloring books. So fun. Especially when I get pages from Colorful Language or the Sweary Coloring book.
    • to brew some beer. Still need to bottle. Bottling sucks.
    • to teach Alex how to use the potty. Still struggling. But he can mostly get clothes on and off by himself, so that's a big step forward.
  • Didn't
    • play any pen-and-paper RPGs. I ran my Scion game, but didn't play anything other than computer games.
    • play all the board and card games I bought
    • take any belly dance workshops (I think). I went to some shows, but not to the workshop...at least, not that I remember.
    • always listen to my jerkbrain. Tried to let some of it go, in fact.
    • chicken out of going on the trip of a lifetime
    • go to any funerals
    • have any serious injuries
    • get any piercings or change my hair color. I'm still using the same henna as the last couple years and I love it.

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I feel rather put together today.
  • Thanks to college teaching me that I don't really like my natural hair color, I have freshly hennaed hair in a deep wine red.
  • Thanks to Teacher M showing me that peacocks make one happy, I have a turquoise shirt and a gold and cream scarf patterned with teal peacock feathers
  • Thanks to the Field Museum, I have purple socks with dinosaurs on.
  • Thanks to my grandmother teaching me to crochet when I was small, I have lacy fingerless gloves to ward off the chill of my office.
  • Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] replyhazy , I have gold Alegria clogs with roses and skulls. They are spectacular.
  • Thanks to the internet introducing me to Espoinage Cosmetics, I will shortly put in very little effort and have red and black sparkly nails.
  • Thanks to Headspace, I'm slowly gaining a sense of clarity and mindfulness that's helping put some distance and perspective around my anxiety. I'm still full of bees, but we're also getting some honey.
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I bought a new iPhone charger from ThinkGeek. It's a string of Christmas lights. It is glorious and makes me smile when I look at it.

I will be finalizing packages to send to PA and TX tonight. I will probably delegate the actual visiting of the post office to Downwood, but I will have the gifts out of the house and on their way to make far-flung friends happy.

I have a haircut and brow wax tomorrow after work. WOO!

I will be re-henna-ing my hair on Saturday. Sparkly hair for the holidays!

We have gaming on Sunday. Will be able to hand out xmas presents, too. Though I didn't get one of them finished. Oh, well. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It'll be fine.

Somewhere this weekend we'll have to bottle the Saison de Noel. I MUCH prefer the brewing to the bottling. Bottling is no fun. But bottling this weekend means we can drink it on xmas. And that I'll have enough room in the Brewing Closet to start a batch of Innkeeper Ale and a test batch of Cranberry Mead.

Only 10 more work days and then a long break.

Also, the book I was listening to ("Off to be the Wizard") had a main character who was being a dumbass. So I put it back and started re-listening to "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making". This was a good decision
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  1. I'm wearing my new peacock feather palazzo pants. They're comfortable and adorable.
  2. Alex said something very close to "Love you" this morning.
  3. The coffee cart nearest my building was open this morning. I have a mocha and a pumpkin muffin.
  4. Dance class last night was good. The new choreography is gentle and kind. Mostly.
  5. I have started to KonMari my closet and clothes. I have too much stuff. I brought some of my shoes to dance and GPS found a couple pairs that fit. I wished them happiness together. She promised to break up with them gently if it doesn't work out.
  6. I have a new set of pens for doodling. They are at home. As long as I'm not trying to mimic an actual object, I do okay with doodles. I just can't draw real things.
  7. I've started learning how to meditate. I'm using the Headspace app for this. So far, so good.
  8. We're entering the time of year when all the summer hires at work are submitting their final programming class exercises. I'm one of the reviewers for these exercises. I have power and wield it like AN IRON FIST OF DOOM. I'm picky, pedantic, and rip things to shreds. It takes time, but it's worth it. Also, tearing apart code is one of my joys in life. I get to indulge my inner perfectionist. It's lovely.
  9. I'm considering making a Darth Vader dress for going to see the new movie in. I need black and grey jersey. And an iron-on chest patch, since I have neither an embroidery machine nor the time, patience, and stuff to either embroider or wire a chest patch. Though...that would be interesting.
  10. Neko Atsume is an adorable little app. You're a crazy cat lady and you put food and toys in your yard to lure in stray cats. It's not as soothing as 1010 or Sudoku, but it's far less brain.

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I'm on a project wrap-up call. I just got to hear several people from various teams at the customer go on for about 5 minutes about how awesome I am and how much they appreciate me. The phrase "she walks on water" was used. I shit you not.


This is the customer that makes me crazy, but I will bend over backwards for. They are insane, but they say "Thank you!" AND THEY MEAN IT!
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 Emi was super itchy tonight. Her feet are covered with cracks, some bleeding. Her hands have super deep cracks over the knuckles. She NEEDS to let them rest, heal, and soak up some lotion, but she's so itchy that she can't leave them alone. And when she's exhausted and not wanting to fall asleep, she itches more.

So I laid down in bed with her. I pulled her into my arms and wrapped her up in her new bear blanket. I turned on Violet's bedtime music, slowed my breathing, and just held her.

She lasted about...four minutes. Maybe five. Pretty sure she was out cold long before the six minute mark.

I held on for a couple more minutes just to enjoy the sleepy girl in my arms. We'll be on a trip soon and I won't be able to hug her. Just holding onto my girl and whispering how much I love her and how she's my favorite little girl in the world. 

And she's sleeping and not clawing her skin off. That's a win.

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I was sitting here at my desk with the DON'T WANNA WORK mantra going through my head. It was exacerbated a bit by some of the emails I've been answering this morning. Just very frustrating stuff.

And then I take a Facebook check break and see a new recipe up from Thug Kitchen and I get a gigglefit that makes the badness of today seem not so bad. http://www.thugkitchen.com/mixed_berry_summersicle

So I take another drink of my iced coffee and get back to being a badass tech, including raining fear and despair down on n00bs who had the bad luck to have their projects graded by The Perfectionist. Mwahahaha!
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Text message from Downwood informing me that the family germs finally hit and could I bring ginger ale and saltines home.

Penultimate session on my peacock. There's just a tiny bit left - like maybe an hour - and it's SO PRETTY.

My Make Your Own Jeans order came in. I have small quibbles with some of the fit - the back rise isn't quite enough and the waist and thighs are a touch loose - but OMG I HAVE JEANS THAT FIT!

Ox ate food at dinner. It was a bit of a battle, but he actually ate real food.

Emi loved the dinner I made out of last-minute desperation. I am a champion.

I only got one of my new P4P patterns printed. Need to get the other two. Then taping and tracing. Yey. But cute clothes, so Yay!

I have a haircut tomorrow! I'll be able to restock my face wash (spa is next door) and conditioner. I'll talk to my lovely stylist. I'll be able to see without sweeping my bangs all over the place.

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 Coworkers who don't get upset when I start cursing because my project team is just that goddamn frustrating.

Coworkers who know where the really good local Cuban restaurant is.

Walking in 65 degree weather in January with the sun on my face.

The world's most perfect mojito. A tall glass with generous rum, fresh lime juice, fresh mint, and a chunk of sugar cane to stir with. And really incredibly delicious food,

Telling Emi a bedtime story about unicorn explorers who go searching for humans with their best friend (a dragon) and sidekicks (two chickens).


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My father-in-law got me some amazingly nice headphones for xmas. I finally remembered to put them in my purse. I'm listening to podcasts at work and both not having my ears hurt from earbuds and not being deeply annoyed by the noise all around me. It's quiet, even if I don't actually have a podcast running.

Ahhh. This is a good thing. I am thoroughly spoiled. These headphones are made of win and beauty and comfort.
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I just got another surprise werk trip. That makes three for this month. I hate everything.

I'm driving to Peoria next Tuesday night and back the next evening. As of right now, I can't remember if there's something going on either of those nights that I'm going to miss.

I'm sick of the higher-ups assuming that we low-level tech experts have no lives and can just travel on a whim. Maybe some people enjoy it, but I always prefer to be home. I'm sick of them saying "But we gave you a WEEK'S notice?! What's the problem?!". Now I have to, again, scramble to find backups for all the other work that I won't be getting done.

Therapy tomorrow is going to hurt. I'm afraid that my safe place isn't going to be safe enough. But I need the help, so I'm going to go and do my best and be honest and all that crap.

Good Things To Look Forward To: Paint Nite with Au! Yay! Muppet fusion and Nerd fusion! Yay! Halloween! Reading some good books and good audiobooks! Good podcasts! Seeing my dad's family in November! THANKSGIVING!

I can do this. I'm just really annoyed with my bosses right now.


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