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Birthdate:Nov 10
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
A third of a century ago, an ordinary baby girl was born, but she was destined for extraordinary things. After slaughtering the rampaging Hamster of New Guinea, converting the native lizards of the American Southwest to the worship of The Almighty Darwin (her patron deity), and formally adopting somewhere between 3 and 27 orphaned Brazilian goldfish, our heroine has embarked on a quest to better the existence of mankind through science, attributing all successes, of course, to The Almighty Darwin. Recently, she earned the honorific of Milady for her work in the DARWINS court. If you feel like being respectful and such, use the're likely to survive longer that way. :-)

Yes, my affection is up for negotiation. Sometimes, anyway...
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Date Created:2004-04-17
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Sabine is the northernmost cleric in the Church of the Almighty Darwin, wife of Downwood, and a very silly gamer girl. Formerly a graduate student in microbiology, now a computer programmer, also a semi-lapsed Catholic
Strengths:Compassion, imagination, intelligence, honor, loyalty, caring
Weaknesses:Procrastination, paranoia, clinical depression
Special Skills: Improved Ranting, 3rd lvl Book Devouring, Kitchen Wizardry, Creative Dexterity
Weapons: Biting sarcasm, withering invective, witholding of cookies/chili/treats
Ways to placate her:Dark chocolate, coffee, tea, good smut, headpats, warm hugs, bad jokes, clever puns, fuzzy socks

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