Oct. 17th, 2016 02:29 pm
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Thursday - Med check at noon. I took a half sick day after it and just went home. I was headachy, but mostly just needed the mental health break.

Parent-teacher conferences went well. Both kids' teachers are happy with them. Alex, in particular, is so far beyond where he was last year, that his teachers are overjoyed.

Friday - Dressed up for Formal Friday in a vaguely western/steampunkish ensemble. I was happy with it. Came home and collapsed. We thought Emi had Girl Scouts, but our Google calendar tricked us. That was all to the good, as she didn't end up eating much dinner and probably would have been ultra-cranky at the end of it.

Saturday - Alex's cold kicked into high gear. Emi melted down about going to tap, but had a good time once we got her out of the house. I worked on work issues (upgrade happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning), CS homework, cleaning the kitchen, and sewing. I've made a good start on Hogswatch presents.

Emi and I made a tuna-noodle casserole that both tasted good and was safe for EVERYONE to eat. Alex had a couple noodles, but then asked for plain noodles. It was too weird to have all the things mixed up like that, but he tried it. So it was a win.

I ended up going to bed at halftime of the UW game. I am tired and need sleep.

Sunday - Homeboy was pretty miserable. Emi had been begging and begging, so we finally took our fall trip to the apple orchard. The walk from the entrance to the trees exacerbated Alex's asthma and he was totally miserable. Emi and I picked some apples and we were off. Fastest orchard visit ever. Still, we got some good apples, some fresh apple cider, and Emi got to go into their food area and buy some cider all on her own (Alex didn't want to go in, just wanted me to hold him, so Emi stepped up and was awesome).

I got all my laundry done and most of my homework. I still have a couple of bugs to work out of the homework and it's due tomorrow, so I'll be doing that instead of anything fun tonight. I got some sewing done and some more cleaning done. Alex just wanted to lay on top of Mom, so my productivity took a major hit. Still, I got enough done that I didn't beat myself up about it at the end of the day.

Today - zomg. Everything is on fire and full of bees. People across the country are panicking at me. I'm still kind of in a mode of  "Behold the fields in which I grow my fucks. Seest thou that they are barren?". My Calming Voice is getting a workout today. I haven't rolled a 1 on anything yet and my aura of "Magic of Tech Support" has already given me a couple of free saving throws.

Also, I'm tired. Alex isn't sleeping well, so neither are Downwood and I. Ugh.  But I'm wearing my new Nyx "soft matte lip cream" in Monte Carlo. It's a lovely bright red, though the matte texture is taking a little getting used to.


Jun. 7th, 2016 02:11 pm
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I am no longer scared of my Comp Sci class. I am daunted by the amount of work, but not scared. This is all going to be well within the realm of Things I Am Capable of Doing. It's interesting and - according to others in the software industry - will serve me well. I have done my "Hello, World!" in Java, which made me very happy and proud of myself.

Also, as I sit here and iterate through the code I'm writing to help out a customer, I can see that I already have a lot of the skills that the prof wants to teach us. The willingness to test over and over. The ability to think critically about how I'm going about something. How to logically debug one step at a time. And did I mention going through it over and over?


I'm getting more serious about planning a trip to Costa Rica for next year. It seems like a better and better idea. Maybe late next summer. Maybe next Thanksgiving. We'll see.

I'm doing a better job of exercise. I'm trying a "30 for 30" challenge for the month of June - 30 pushups (wall, because I'm a weakling), 30 crunches, 30 squats, and a 30 second plank. I'm also letting my Fitbit motivate me to get up and walk throughout the day and to get in workouts during the week. I have no idea if this is helping or not. My goal is to be healthy and to not fall over dead when I finally get to go back to dance class.

My swatches from SilkBaron came! So many bits of orange silk! Choices!!

Today is Emi's last day of school. She's nearly a SECOND GRADER. How is she so big already? Time seems to pass in a flash these days. Next week starts swim lessons. The week after that is summer school - she gets to take yoga and Maker Space. I haz a jealous. The week after that starts her summer dance classes.

Alex slept better last night. He was up when I got home shortly after 9, but went to bed without too much of a complaint after that and stayed in bed the rest of the night. We'll see if this continues.


Jun. 6th, 2016 11:21 am
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Alex has been having problems sleeping. He'll go to be at his usual time (~7:30), but will then wake up very sad sometime between 9 and 10. Then he gets up another couple times throughout the night. Sometimes he comes in and wants hugs. Sometimes he just stays in bed and sobs. When he's that upset, he loses his words, so we don't actually know what's wrong. I have a suspicion that he's hitting a growth spurt and isn't eating enough food to support it. Whatever the case, it's making morning hard on Momma, Daddy, and Alex. Luckily, he's done with school for the year so that he can get some extra sleep in the morning.

We walked down to our little Farmers' Market in the park on Saturday morning. The kids made a beeline for the sandbox and swings. Downwood and I got coffee and were able to browse the stalls in relative peace. I visited the library to change out exercise DVDs. Then we walked downtown. We stopped at the bakery for bread (for grownups) and drinks (juice/water for everyone!). We then hit up two of our small businesses to get presents for grandpas for Fathers' Day.

Emi has developed a rather alarming habit of bursting into tears at the slightest provocation. Instead of saying that she's upset or asking for something she wants, she immediately starts crying. Not sure where she's getting that, but we talked about it and she's going to try to do better. I told her that I would try to listen better, but she will probably still hear "No" at the same frequency.

Sunday was quiet. Downwood mowed the yard and smoked a brisket. I dyed my hair and finished my Comp Sci homework. I also finished a pair of swim bottoms and have a swim top about 70% done. Not sure how cute this is going to be on me - I think I need to modify the legs to have a slightly higher cut on the thigh - but it's an accomplishment.

I'm still not reading books or listening to audiobooks. I'm still stuck in some fairly negative mental loops. But it's not all negative and things will continue to change. Just...I'm tired and I want it to change FASTER.
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I caved at Walgreens and bought a bunch of different lip glosses and tinted lip balm. I've been meeting my NY Resolution of "wear lipstick more often" and wanted new options. The lady in the cosmetics department convinced me to try a matte lip gloss, which seems like a contradiction of terms. I picked a dusty rose color that seems to be doing good things, as long as you say that getting lip prints on everything is a good thing.

Alex is on the mend. He's finally well enough to go back to school.
Downwood is down for the count. His immune system finally caved and he's got the crud that the rest of us have been fighting off.

It's voting day! Woo!

Werk Giant Conference of DOOOOM's theme this year is "Adventures in Wonderland". YOU GUYS, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE COSPLAY POTENTIAL YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

The thing that Downwood and I are writing is just shy of 68k words. I'm proud of us.

My anxiety wants to break free and swallow me. I'd rather it didn't. I think I need to take a walk at lunch.

Emily has been a pill lately. I want to raise her to be a strong woman, but I don't know if we'll survive it. So much attitude in such a small package.
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Emi came into our room this morning and woke us up. Usually this means she wants to snuggle, she had a bad dream, she had an accident, or something else. Today's 5:20 AM crisis was different.

"I think I lost my tooth."

Downwood's glasses had fallen under the bed, but he managed to get up and check her out. Sure enough, she lost one of her bottom teeth, though not the one we were expecting to come out next. He checked the clock and told Emi that she missed the Tooth Fairy cutoff time, so she'd have to wait until tomorrow. He put the tooth in a shot glass of water (our family's tradition - none of this mucking about under pillows for our fairy) and checked her pillow and bed for any blood.

He got Emi settled and came back to bed. About 10 minutes later, Emi came and crawled in with me anyway. When my alarm went off, she stayed snuggled into my warm spot. She got up not long after and watched cartoons and showed me the hole where her tooth used to be.

After coffee and light box, I was getting in the shower and went to turn on Alex's light. Little dude apparently decided that PJs were unnecessary and was sleeping in only his Pull-ups. No blanket. No sheet. No clothes. Dingbat kid.

And now I'm at work. I have plot bunnies for a AU game. I caved and got a fancy coffee, so now I'm very caffeinated. I'm wearing my shiny shoes and a peacock scarf. Life does not suck.
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 Emi put on the new leggings I made for her. They're the same legging material as a pair I made for myself, but these have an attached bright red circle skirt. Emi's favorite color is red, so she loved them. I asked if I could take some pictures of her in her new leggings. She posed for a bit, then came to look at the pictures.

Alex came over. I asked if he wanted pictures taken. He said yes and got up and smiled for me.

I said, "Strike a pose!". He started bending and being upside down and touching the floor and stuff. I asked what he was doing, if he just wanted to be a goofball or what. He stood up and deliberately bent to the side again and smiled.

I said "pose". He did yoga poses.

Many giggles and high fives. 
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Friday ended well. That is, it ended on time at work. I was able to get home, have dinner, and actually see my kids for a bit. It was lovely.

Saturday morning we all slept in a bit. Daddy took Alex off to his final soccer game of the season. When Momma goes to soccer, he comes over for hugs, snuggles, and refuses to play. When Daddy goes, Alex actually plays...mostly. He's still 4 and doesn't really have the attention span for an hour-long game. But he had fun, so that was good.

Emi and I went down to the basement to get some stuff done - I wanted to sew and she wanted to clean up the giant box of American Girl doll stuff my dad mailed us. They have a dog, so I refused to let her play with the stuff until we cleaned it. Everything that could be washed went into the washer. The rest...well, I gave her a box of Clorox wipes and told her to wipe everything. I'm not sure how good of a job she did, so we'll see how badly her hands break out as she continues playing with this stuff.. I hemmed a pair of leggings, then cut out, sewed, and hemmed matching leggings for Emi and me! They're a space-dyed lime green and teal spandex knit. I adore them. Emi adores them. We both decided we needed to wear them that day. Alex was jealous and wanted to know where *his* new pants were.

Then, we went out for lunch (Culver's) and went up for apple picking! It was a gloriously sunny day and it was wonderful. The kids are finally big enough that no one needed to be carried, pushed, or pulled. We picked apples, ate apples, and had a lovely long walk. We bought some cider, the apples we picked, and some apples for sauce. On our way home, we stopped by a local farm and bought pumpkins and squashes. Downwood got to recreate a viral video when he put the apples onto a drill to peel faster. It worked surprisingly well - only one exploded from the G-forces. We made apple sauce, ate apples, and hung out for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning we all slept in LATE. Emi came in and snuggled with me, which was lovely. She's getting so big and most of the time I'm up and doing stuff long before she is, so this was a wonderful treat for Momma.

I did a lot of laundry and a lot of sewing. I started getting pieces cut out for Emi's Hogswatch present (tons of princess dresses). I also pulled out the leftover green fabric and a blue jersey remnant and put together a shirt for Alex. It's super cute and he loves it. Now I need to make a similar shirt for Downwood and trim it with the last little bits of the green fabric and we could have an ADORABLE xmas card picture.

We also did a lot of cooking. Downwood boiled apple juice down into apple juice concentrate, then mixed it with more cider and honey. It's currently sitting in the brewing closet with Campten tabs, killing off any unwanted bacteria. Tomorrow, he'll put in the yeast and let it do its thing. I decided that I was tired of stopping at the gas station every morning to grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee, so I made some english muffin egg sandwiches and some breakfast burritos and put it all in the freezer. This will work. I will make it work.

I did NOT get over to the tattoo place to get my pumpkin done. They were super busy and I had too much anxiety to call early enough for them to get me in. UGH. So now I'm Fbook chatting with the owner and we're setting up a time. I finally decided that this can go on the back of my left calf. That way, it won't interfere with my plans for my right leg, with my back phoenix, or clash with my ideas for my right arm. Also, I didn't feel like dealing with the potential embarrassment of a high hip placement. My calves are lovely and deserve to be decorated, too.

So, yeah, I accomplished a lot this weekend. I was decent at adulting, even if a couple of times I just said "Heck with it" and tried to enjoy the moment. I did NOT want to get out of bed today, but werk's been reasonably quiet. This is a nice change of pace and one I will be embracing.
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 I got home from werk at a reasonable hour tonight. WOO! Downwood made dinner and we were just getting ready to sit down when he gasped, "It's TUESDAY!" 

Yes, tonight was parent/teacher conferences at the elementary school. At the time Downwood remembered, we had 7 minutes to get the kids in the car, get across town, and get to Alex's conference.

We made it there only 3 minutes late. Did I mention we live in a really small town? This is a wonderful thing. 

Our school district has been amazing with both kids' allergies. The teachers care deeply about the kids and want to keep them safe and healthy. When Alex collapsed at school, his teacher was just as worried as we were. They *care* and they do a good job of teaching school things. I love our town.

To no one's great surprise, Alex loves school. He's got the routine down COLD. He's happy, loves exploring, pays attention during all the sections of the day, and TRIES SO HARD. Emi also loves school, is incredibly enthusiastic, and is right in the middle of her grade level for reading and math. 

After hearing how wonderful our kids are, we went to the Book Fair in the library. I flat out refused to buy Emi a Barbie book. We settled on a "Pinkalicious" book that should be right at her reading level. Alex picked a board book about counting penguins. It's cute, but way below the books he's been requesting (we're onto book SIX of the Dragonbreath series). I got a copy of Lumberjanes because it'd been on my Amazon list for a while and the book fair helps fund the PTO. Everyone wins!

Then home to dinner (FINALLY), baths, lotion, books, and bed. Alex passed out halfway through the first chapter of the book. Emi is still talking to herself, but should be asleep soon. I need to do my Duolingo, check some websites, and then go pass the heck out myself. Monday nights are short - I don't get home from dance until 9:45-10 and then it takes 30-45 min for my drugs to kick in enough to fall asleep - so Tuesdays are generally come-home-and-collapse days.

Still, kids are doing fantastic jobs in school. They're making friends, following rules, and learning neat things. Neither of them (so far) is the outstanding academic freak that I was. That's okay - they'll likely be better rounded, better adjusted people because of it. As long as they find the thing that makes them geek out, I'm okay with it. 
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We went to our town's small Ren Faire today. I couldn't find my Bin o'Garb, so I pulled out a 32 yd skirt, wrap top, blouse, and some belts and called it good. Downwood pulled out his full garb set. Emi wore a kirtle I made a while back. Alex wore the fleece surcoat and knight helmet I made last year. We made a pretty good picture.

Alex got to play big Jenga with pirates. He got to watch a blacksmith, a wood carver, and some sheep. He chose a short sword and shield as his take-home weaponry.

Emi got to watch fire eaters, a magic show, and a storyteller. She got to play Jenga with pirates. She also got to try out a bow at the archery range. She came home with a quiver of suction-cup arrows and a bow.

The kids are now out back. Emi's doing her best Brave impression - she actually did REALLY well for only picking up a bow today. Not quite a "natural", but WAY better than the two little boys who went before her and took several turns each. Downwood's teaching Alex some sword technique. At some point soon, Emi will likely come charging in to get *her* wooden sword (2 handed long sword) and the battle will continue. 
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Friday - Another long day at werk. Another frustrating day at werk. Things are starting to come unglued and I need to put it all back together again before my sabbatical. Sheesh.

Saturday - Had a little bit of a lazy morning, then went out shopping. We went to the Sprint store and got new phones! It took FOREVER to arrange everything, but I now have a new iPhone and it's shiny and fast and has more storage space. Totally awesome, but it took so long that I ended up walking Emi over first to Taco Bell (for beverages and bathroom) and then to Goodwill just to get her out of the building and not being crazy. Then Target for last minute essentials (enough socks without holes for the whole trip, for one). Then Aldi to restock lunch items and some freezer options.

By the time we got home, all of us had just about had ENOUGH of people. Also, both kids have head colds and Alex in particular was getting miserable. And Downwood's foot is still sort of broken (not actually broken, but hurting as if it was). We watched the Iowa State-Iowa football game and I got depressed in the fourth quarter.

Alex's head cold was getting worse by bedtime. So much so that when he got worked up after bath and again in the middle of the night, there was wheezing and throwing up and very sad panda boy. One of those nights where (1) I'm glad I didn't work the next day and (2) worried about leaving in a couple days. Grandma isn't exactly up to handling this kind of panic.

Sunday - Pretty lazy day. I re-hennaed my hair and did a lot of laundry. I didn't get any of my hemming done - and I have things to hem that I want to take on the trip! - because Alex felt pretty puny all day. Since I'm his Favorite Person, that meant that he wanted Momma on the couch to snuggle. So I spent almost the entire day on the couch with a feverish boy either on my lap or laying on me. I kept trying to get him to drink juice wiping his nose. He kept either falling asleep or being mostly asleep on top of me. Every so often I'd either prop him up on a pillow or put him on Daddy's lap. This is how I got my hair dyed, the laundry folded and put away, and dinner made. Everything else got pushed aside in favor of helping Alex rest so that maybe he can kick this cold by the time we leave.

Emi didn't feel so hot, either, but instead of being clingy and wanting snuggles, she just whined about everything. Instead of resting and napping, she got more and more tired and more and more difficult. Ugh. Not fun.

Today -  I have a headache and am cranky. I'm getting more and more anxious about this trip. Downwood can't walk very well, so there go most of my plans for exploring - I could go off with my sister, but that doesn't seem like a very positive thing to do. I'm worried about Alex being sick when we leave. I'm worried that I'm going to catch his cold and be miserable the whole time we're overseas. I still have to call the bank to let my cards work and call the phone company to make sure my phone works.

I have my dance stuff, but I'm not sure if I'm going or not. I have lots and lots to do at home and kids who need Momma. We'll see how the rest of the day goes. Today and tomorrow are going to be very long days. Too damn much to do.

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 Emi was super itchy tonight. Her feet are covered with cracks, some bleeding. Her hands have super deep cracks over the knuckles. She NEEDS to let them rest, heal, and soak up some lotion, but she's so itchy that she can't leave them alone. And when she's exhausted and not wanting to fall asleep, she itches more.

So I laid down in bed with her. I pulled her into my arms and wrapped her up in her new bear blanket. I turned on Violet's bedtime music, slowed my breathing, and just held her.

She lasted about...four minutes. Maybe five. Pretty sure she was out cold long before the six minute mark.

I held on for a couple more minutes just to enjoy the sleepy girl in my arms. We'll be on a trip soon and I won't be able to hug her. Just holding onto my girl and whispering how much I love her and how she's my favorite little girl in the world. 

And she's sleeping and not clawing her skin off. That's a win.

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Sunday evening after bath, Emi had Daddy pull her right front tooth. It was hanging on by a thread, but she didn't want to try to get it out.

Last night, I was working late (too many meetings and too many things to do) and got a series of IMs from Downwood. Alex and Emi were running around before dinner. When Downwood's back was turned, there was a collision. Alex's forehead is right at the same level as Emi's mouth.

I think you can see where this is going.

Emi's other front tooth was already loose. The collision knocked it about 7/8 out, but it was still holding on. There was blood everywhere. Eventually, Downwood convinced Emi that the tooth needed to come the rest of the way out. So Emi, being totally brave, pulled it out herself. And, yes, there was still more blood everywhere.

Emi got to have jello, lemon ice, and sunflower seed butter (instead of peanut butter) for dinner. She now has NO front teeth, but quite a few quarters from the tooth fairy. School pictures are on Friday.

Alex is fine. No bruising and no trauma. Emi is still a bit traumatized, but is proud to be the first one in first grade to have NO front teeth. A couple of her classmates are missing ONE tooth, but she's missing BOTH. Major street cred, yo.

This is the first bone break as a result of sibling roughhousing. If it's the only one, I'll be both surprised and thankful
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Today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Ugh.

Yesterday was for playing with kids, Skyping with parents, sewing, and dance class. It was nice to sleep in. It was nice to snuggle with the kids. I got some sewing done, though not as much as I would have liked. I cleaned off the top of my desk and found all sorts of interesting things.

All in all, it was lazy, but with the tinge of "you have to go back to work tomorrow and you still have all these things NOT DONE around you and there's too much so you can't do it all so how can you decide what has to get done at all" anxiety. No fun.

Dance class was usual. No Au (yay baby!) and no New Dancer K (whew), but Entomologist Dancer was there, which was kind of nice. The drum solo is...probably not going to happen in my brain. It's fast and I'm coming in two weeks late. Also, I'm going to be at class next week, then skipping at least one week. By the end of the choreography hour, I wasn't completely lost, but I was utterly dependent on GPS and Teacher M to make it through.

Sigh. I didn't feel completely hopeless, at least. I just...I'm not very good at the sharp, staccato movements that drum solos require. I feel like they don't look very good on me. I still try hard, but I just don't really enjoy this kind of dancing.

Sunday was also lazy for most of the day. Alex and I snuggled while I read Seanan McGuire's latest. The big highlight of the day was taking the kids to the annual Library Book Sale and park. The kids pooled their money to buy a canvas bag, which they then had me stuff with books. I spent $5 on a 1876 copy of Alexander Pope's translation of The Odyssey and $10 on a 1880-1890 2nd edition copy of Darwin's Descent of Man. I haz a smug about this. Afterward, the kids played at the park. The heat index was insane (for Wisconsin) so when our water bottles were empty, it was time to head home. We went down to the basement to cool off and I got a couple more Hogswatch presents finished and put into the Present Box. Also, Emi lost her right front tooth and the left is super wiggly. She looks like a hockey player now.

Saturday was supposed to be for going to Faire. I'd promised it to myself as a "Get through Work Week of Hell and Don't Slap Anyone". But with a heat index in the triple digits, I decided that there was no way I was taking the kids out in the heat all day. So we lazed around, I read "The Shepherd's Crown", then Emi and I went to JoAnn's (all hail 25% off entire purchase coupon!) and Woodman's (UGH!). When we were at JoAnn's, Emi explained that she really NEEDS a new tiger blankie. Her blankie is pretty small (basically one square yard) and doesn't cover her anymore. So we got fuzzy, furry fabric for new blankies for her and Alex. And some knit for me for a skirt and leggings. And some surprise fabric.


Aug. 26th, 2015 08:32 pm
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Part of the bedtime ritual at our house is that Momma reads to each kid before bed. Every night that Momma's home, we read books. Sure, we'll read books at other times of day, but we always, always read at bedtime. Even when Momma's travelling, sometimes there can still be bedtime stories - I'll Skype and recite some of Alex's books or Emi will call and I'll spin her a bedtime story.

It's only been in the last 6 months or so that Emi's been willing to have non-picture books at bedtime. She was sort of okay with the "level one readers" - the step just above "little kid book" - but didn't always trust them, since I'd occasionally ask her what some of the words were. This is partly why she has Jedi and Sith in her list of sight words.

I tried to get her to listen to some chapter books, but we always gave up. That is, until I found THE book. Browsing through Half Price Books after a med check appointment, I found a chapter book all about the further adventures of Anna and Elsa. I brought it home and Emi was HOOKED. She LOVES Elsa and, though these are basically sanctioned fanfic, she loves the new stories.

We're now on book four of the series.  There are currently six planned.

I also found the "junior novelizations" of recent Disney movies. We read about Big Hero Six, Brave, Frozen Fever (because I REFUSE to spend money on the live action Cinderella. Feh), and Tangled. I also got her to finally listen to "Nurk". Now, we have choices for what story to read. I have hope that this will let us read other books...like The Hobbit, The Fairyland series, Narnia, The Boxcar Children, The Secret Garden, and so, so many others.

Meanwhile, in the other bedroom, Alex has always preferred books that rhyme to those that don't. He'll pull several books from his shelf and have me read as many as he can possibly get away with. He's also the one more likely to go grab a book and ask me to read it...usually, by sitting on me and opening the book.

This is how things have been going. That is, until yesterday.

You see, Ursula Vernon's ([livejournal.com profile] ursulav ) new kid book came out last week. It's "Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible". It's about a hamster, who's a princess under a curse. She's discovered that since the curse *has* to keep her alive until her 12th birthday, she's currently INVINCIBLE. Also, the cover is covered in glitter. 

I had to buy it. Right away. Moral imperative...and I buy all of her stuff the second it comes out. It's just that good, yo.

I read it as soon as I could and loved it. I then offered it to Emi as an option for bedtime book.


I've no idea why, but she just wanted nothing to do with it. So, last night, I asked Alex if *he* would like me to read it to him. I expected an immediate refusal, as there's (a) no rhyming, (b) no dinosaurs, (c) no trains, and (d) longer than 15 pages.

He grabbed it and took it to his room.

Last night, we read the first four chapters. At the end of each chapter, I'd ask if he liked it and wanted me to keep reading. Vigorous nods. He fell asleep on the last page of chapter 4. I kissed him and turned off the light.

Tonight, before organizing his blanket and pillow, he was grabbing for the book to shove at me. We read chapters 5-7. He fell asleep on the last page of chapter 7.

I...didn't expect this to work. I underestimated our little dude, because I expected him to have the same story attention span as his sister. Part of it might be that I'm way better at reading aloud now, but most of it is probably that he's a very different kid than Emi. So far, he's very much digging this story of a warrior hamster princess.

This makes me happy. Both kids (I hope) associate books with a Momma who loves them very much. I'd like for them to have actual friends and interests outside of books (unlike Momma) while they grow up, but I also want them to love good stories as much as I do. That'd be cool.


Aug. 18th, 2015 06:42 pm
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Work. Lots of work. I actually left a little early, but since I got there Really Early, I still worked a lot. I came home and basically collapsed, much like any other Friday.


Slept in a little, then got ready to host the Scion game. I had to do some research and a little bit of preparation for what I expected my players to want to do. They fooled me a little, but not terribly much. They actually chose to NOT pick a fight. They probably would have won, but someone would have died a little in the process.


Woke up reasonably early and packed the car and the kids. We drove to Chicago and the traffic, naturally, sucked. We made it to the Field Museum right about noon and spent the entire afternoon. We saw DINOSAURS and stuffed ELEPHANTS and SPARKLY GEMS and all sorts of other things. By the end of the afternoon, we were all very footsore. On the way back to the car, Ox demanded to be picked up and carried. He then dropped his head on Downwood's shoulder and was asleep about 3 minutes after getting in the car.

We didn't buy the tickets that would let us go into any of their special exhibits. The only one that Downwood was even tempted by was the Vikings exhibit. On the way out, we found out that Vikings will close in November. The incoming exhibit to replace it? All about ancient Greece. I WILL BE BACK, FIELD MUSEUM!!! I WILL BE SO BACK FOR THAT!

We made our way out to a nearby suburb and to our hotel. The hotel, including dinner at Portillo's, was the cheapest part of the weekend. Ugh. But they had a pool and we went swimming. It was nice.

No one got a good night sleep, though. I forgot to turn on my podcast. Emi talked in her sleep and woke up Ox. Ox talked in his sleep and woke up Downwood. Downwood tossed and turned and woke up me. Vicious cycle all around.


The hotel breakfast was respectable. Ox ate 5 Frosted Flakes. Emi ate three bowls of Froot Loops. We sang Happy Birthday to Emi. We packed up the car and drove back into the city to hit the Shedd Aquarium. 

The line to get in the Aquarium was long. It took about an hour to get from just outside the front door (where we started) to buying tickets. I took the kids over to a bench and let them snuggle/play on my phone. Downwood took one for the team and stood in the line the whole time. 

Once we got into the aquarium, Emi started being a pill. Her feet probably still hurt from the day before, she was hungry, and she was thirsty. And some of the tanks were too far up for her to see. Ox had to be picked up for most of the tanks. There *are* tanks that go down all the way to the floor that he could easily observe, but many of them are up on the wall at grownup height. We saw sharks and fish and turtles and more fish.

By the time we left, the line to get in was down the steps and across the block. It was 95 degrees and muggy. Ox demanded to be carried again. We got in the car and headed for home, once again through very slow traffic.

Overall, the value for the Field Museum was FAR, FAR SUPERIOR to the value of the Shedd. Field has more things to look at, cheaper tickets, and wasn't nearly so crowded. There were probably more people actually in the Field than in the Shedd, but it's so huge that it still felt wide open.


We sang Happy Birthday to Ox. I did a bunch of laundry and got a couple Hogswatch sewing projects cut out. We took Ox to the elementary school for his pre-4K teacher meeting. Our school district is completely amazing. He'll have the same teacher pair that Emi had, so they're totally down with handling food allergies.

We played a lot of Lego - both kids got multiple sets - watched Mythbusters, read books, made lotion, and generally relaxed. It was a pretty good birthday, according to Ox.

I just...I've no idea how my kids got so big so fast. The days and hours are long, but the years are just flying by. Ox is still my snugglebug. He's still the one who will climb into my lap and demand cuddles. Emi will snuggle sometimes, but it's getting rarer. They're just so big and changing so fast. I know I sound like every other mommyblogger out there, but it's still true. I love my kiddos and am excited to see the people they'll grow into. I just need to soak up these snuggles now.

This week:
Wednesday - Paint Nite at a bar/restaurant in town
Thursday - Nothing. Woo!
Friday - Take Ox and drive to my mom's for a potty-training intensive weekend. 

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 DreamWidth didn't want to let me type an entry until I left Chrome and started logging in through FireFox. Then, suddenly, everything worked. The magic of computers, I tell you.

Ox is in bed. He's discovered the magic of words in books. He's also discovered the magic of figuring out which word on the page is the silliest and have me read that word over and over and over. Potty training is not going so well, but he's SO PROUD when he gets to wear undies. He'll vogue and strike a pose when his undies have cartoons on.

Emi and Downwood are playing SWTOR together. Downwood is tanking for Emi. She ABSOLUTELY FLAT OUT REFUSED to EVEN CONSIDER playing a Sith. Jedi all the way. This process is completely adorable. The game is free to play, so she has her own account and everything. And she's not doing a bad job of it, by all accounts. 

Me? I was at my desk for more than 11 hours today. Tomorrow's going to be just as long, if not more. I had some time to do the things that I liked, but most of it was grunt work and no fun.

So, yeah. I'm tired, my neck and back are spiking pain, and I really want to go to bed.

But there's ice cream in the freezer, I have both a new Hidden Almanac and Sleep With Me for tonight. I also got the audiobook for "The Goblin Emperor" and it's charming, though I foresee problems remembering the names when I can't see them spelled out. I'm almost done with "City of Stairs", which is disturbing and lovely. I need to download episode 1 of the new season of "Indexing". Things are not totally terrible. Werk just sucks. 
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 The entry page just ate my very long entry about work and the past weekend. I'm not re-creating that thing.

The highlights:
  • Work is terrible. I haven't gotten to do the things I enjoy in a long time. I have to do the things I'm good at and the company needs, but that kill my soul a little more each day.
  • We went to the zoo on Saturday. It was super fun and we enjoyed it a lot.
  • We played with some fun stuff from my "Things to do without screens" book. If you mix baking soda, salt, dish soap, and water, you can make a kind of dough to play with. Then give the kids a squirt bottle of vinegar. Yay, science!
  • I sewed some of my new hacci knits into a sweater for Mom for xmas.
  • I played far too much of Hatoful Boyfriend. It's the most messed up dating sim in the history of the world. You're a human, hunter/gatherer, living in a cave, getting text messages, and going to school at a prestigious pigeon academy. You must romance the pigeons. If you don't romance pigeons effectively enough, Bad Things happen. I've played through 3 endings and have probably 4 more to go. It's gloriously messed up, but really only worth it if you buy it at 75% off. It's good value for $2.50. 
  • The summer is nearly over. Emi has her last ballet and swim lessons this week. Sunday-Monday are our Big Birthday Trip to Chicago. I'm not sure where all the time went.
  • Emi can be an overly dramatic pill. She can also be a sweet, loving, intelligent, creative kiddo. These are not mutually exclusive.
  • Ox not only knows the letters and that they can make sounds, but has figured out that words make sounds. And that Momma will say a word over and over if he keeps pointing at it. This is hilarious for both Momma and Ox. I thought he was going to either get the hiccups or throw up, he was laughing so hard tonight. This was right after he had me say QUACK about 20 times. 
  • My back and neck are very messed up. I have about 60% of my normal range of motion. Ugh.

Good enough, I think.

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Also, last night I was trying to read my new Batgirl comic. Ox crawled into my lap and then had me fast-forward through the book to look at every picture of Batgirl in costume. He was also trying to say Batgirl. At the end of the book, there's a drawing of the new costume. He studied it intently, pointing at some of the details on the drawing and where they'd be on his body. I think I have a tiny cosplayer on my hands.

Emi had a dentist appointment to get a filling put in. This was right before ballet. After ballet, Downwood didn't want her to have anything crunchy, hence the lemon ice. I tried to get her to eat something more substantial than a gobstopper as her bedtime snack. This led to us looking in the fridge and finding some leftover kielbasa. I sliced and warmed it for her. The Emi monologue about sausage that followed is something that Downwood and I agreed to not share on the internet, but was very funny to grownups. Downwood about broke a rib holding in his laughter.
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Emi is crying. She wants to run away and find a new home. 


Because I told her to pick up her room. 

Just wait until I tell her to pick up the TV room and the den. Mwahaha!

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 Emi loves dance. She has now completed Week One of her six-week summer session. She's destroyed one pair of tights and is totally in love with dance.

Ox is incredibly jealous of Emi's dance lessons. He's also jealous of her softball practice (which she also adores) and her swimming lessons (likewise). We've repeatedly told him that his age is the barrier to baseball and swimming, but as soon as he's potty trained, we'll sign him up for dance. So far, this tactic hasn't been enough of a bargaining chip.

I cried a lot at the therapist's office today. I feel raw and worn out. I'm tired of being sad all the time, but don't know how to get away from this.

Dance last night was hard. I don't enjoy this choreography much. It's very complicated and I missed a week and I don't practice enough to get it down. It also just kind of hurts. Don't know. On the right dancer, this would be lovely and a thing of beauty. On me, I feel dumpy, gangly, and not at all graceful. Bleah.

Werk continues to attempt to suck. Taking two days off made my email this morning a total chore. I got it pared down to what actually needs to get done...and then spent time on the phone with other people arguing that someone else's terrible setup shouldn't make my lovely code get held up.

I need to go to bed early tonight. Feeling fragile and broken. I'm re-reading the Finishing School series again, since those books make me happy without weepy bits.

And things keep going on.


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