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 Just going to leave this here. Public stating of goals makes it easier to keep them, right?

Basic challenge 28/52
1. A book recommended by a librarian - Ths Just City by Jo Walton
2. A book that's been on your TBR list for way too long - Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace
3. A book of letters
4. An audiobook - Yeah, lots. I love audio books.
5. A book by a person of color - The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
6. A book with one of the four seasons in the title
7. A book that is a story within a story - Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link, specifically "Lull"
8. A book with multiple authors
9. An espionage thriller
10. A book with a cat on the cover - We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby
11. A book by an author who uses a pseudonym - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander (J.K. Rowling), read by Eddie Redmayne
12. A bestseller from a genre you don't normally read - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by 
13. A book by or about a person who has a disability - Borderline by Mishell Baker
14. A book involving travel - Magic For Nothing by Seanan McGuire
15. A book with a subtitle - We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor
16. A book that's published in 2017 - Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day by Seanan McGuire
17. A book involving a mythical creature - The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes
18. A book you've read before that never fails to make you smile - Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
19. A book about food - Sunshine by Robin McKinley
20. A book with career advice - The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck
21. A book from a nonhuman perspective - Vampire Vacation by CJ Ellisson
22. A steampunk novel - Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger
23. A book with a red spine - My Dad Wrote a Porno (Belinda Blinked 1 - Fully Annotated Edition) by Rocky Flintstone, et al.
24. A book set in the wilderness - Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman
25. A book you loved as a child
26. A book by an author from a country you've never visited
27. A book with a title that's a character's name Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. This book breaks my heart.
28. A novel set during wartime
29. A book with an unreliable narrator - All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders
30. A book with pictures - Many graphic novels.
31. A book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you - Home (Binti #2) by Nnedi Okorafor
32. A book about an interesting woman - Mirabile by Janet Kagan
33. A book set in two different time periods
34. A book with a month or day of the week in the title
35. A book set in a hotel
36. A book written by someone you admire - The Halcyon Fairy Book by Ursula Vernon.
37. A book that's becoming a movie in 2017
38. A book set around a holiday other than Christmas
39. The first book in a series you haven't read before - The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
40. A book you bought on a trip
Advanced Challenge 5/12
1. A book recommended by an author you love - Half Resurrection Blues by Daniel Older, recommended by Jim Hines
2. A bestseller from 2016 - The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
3. A book with a family member term in the title - Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillian by Richard Roberts
4. A book that takes place over a character's life span
5. A book about an immigrant or refugee
6. A book from a genre/subgenre you've never heard of
7. A book with an eccentric character - All of the Sin du Jour books by Matt Wallace.
8. A book that's more than 800 pages
9. A book you got from a used book sale
10. A book that's been mentioned in another book
11. A book about a difficult topic
12. A book based on mythology - Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Yeah, I'd say it's based on myths.

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