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According to my doctor, I am doing very well. My uterus is the right size, my weight is appropriate, I have a very active baby with good heart tones (150 bpm), and my blood pressure has remained relatively constant throughout this whole thing. Also, having reached 37 weeks, he has few worries about Peanut being born any time now.

Woot, I say, woot!

According to my greyhound, I am either the best doggy mommy or the worst in the history of the entire world. She was not given any of my Taco Bell last night nor was she given any of the cheese or garlic from the lasagna that we prepped for the freezer tonight. Woe is her. On the other hand, she has a yard that she will sprint across, roll in the grass, and play! And she gets tons of other treats and people food. She had a minor freakout on Sunday when Downwood was vacuuming her lawn (mowing it), but was ecstatic when I let her out so she could roll around and verify that the grass was still there. Silly dog.

According to my freezer, I am ready for an extended blizzard. There's fruit and veggies, BBQ pork, lasagna, meats, bread, cookie dough, and some other things that I can't remember right now. We also bought a whole bunch of pantry staples (canned tomatoes, beans, flour, sugar, pasta, etc) to restock all the things that I made a point of using up before the move. Aside from things like milk, eggs, and bananas, I think we're set for a while.

According to my team lead, I am doing a very good job at work. He's talked to my customers and heard all the good things they have to say about me. He also got involved with an escalation over the last few days and has been helpful in balancing my work load.

According to my dance teacher, I am going to have few problems pushing Peanut out. Hooray for core muscle strength! Also, I am very brave for doing a full-day dance workshop on Saturday. It was an amazing time and I learned a whole lot! I was sad that I hadn't signed up for the Sunday workshop as well, but realized that my body probably wouldn't have stood for it.

According to our former neighbor, some of the random kids were running in and out of our rental place over the weekend. He saw it, shooed them out, collected the few valuables (ie, the liquor cabinet) that were left in the place (the bottle of Templeton Rye being among them), and called the landlord to let them know what was going on. The landlords, being complete idiots, didn't tell this to Downwood when he called them to report a break-in. Luckily, the neighbor showed up before the police did and could give them his statement. The whiskey has been rescued and brought to its new home.

According to my psychiatrist, one of the reasons that I've been barely maintaining my grip on reality is because my blood level of one of my meds was just a hair above the minimum level required for functionality. There's something about having an extra liter of blood that dilutes blood levels of drugs. Dosage has been changed and we are continuing to monitor mood and thought patterns. Still not in a good place, but still able to keep moving.

According to my back and to Peanut, I need to not be sitting in front of my computer any longer. In fact, either chilling in the ultra-comfy rocking chair or just getting a little extra sleep are both sounding like excellent ideas.
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Five Awesome Things About Today
  1. The greyhound has figured out that the back yard is ALL HERS. She will now act like a complete spaz and do wind sprints and laps. And then come inside and totally crash out on her bed. This makes me happy like you would not believe.

  2. Fresh strawberries on Cheerios. I have finally figured out how much strawberry I need to cut up in order to have some fruit with every bite. Yay!

  3. We found some boxes of thank you notes! I don't have to go out and buy any. Though, I'm out of stamps and my address labels still say the rental. Oh, well.

  4. Books on CD are fabulous things for my commute. I am entertained instead of annoyed at the radio. Also, since most of the commute is with my cruise control set for 58 mph, I'm getting *fabulous* gas mileage.

  5. It's Friday! Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely and mild. We're going to the Farmers' Market, TJs, getting more odds and ends from the rental, and free lunch at the Evil Empire's picnic. Then home to collapse/get things unpacked, hung up, put away, and organized.

What's good in your life today?
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Thanks to some good planning by Downwood and the intrepid spirit of friends, all of our remaining furniture was moved from the rental to the house while I was at work on Friday. There's still some clothes and random things to grab, but pretty much everything else is in a box or bin and is somewhere in the new place.

Also, thanks to some sneaky planning by my friends at work, I was totally blindsided by the baby shower that coworkers threw for me. It was a total surprise and a nice way to end a Friday afternoon.

The dog is getting adjusted to the new place. Since we're here, her bed and food are here, and her routines are similar to the rental, she's feeling a little more sure of herself. She also has gotten quite a few treats, so that's helping to make her think of this as "her" place.

Yesterday morning, my sister and I decided to go on a walking tour of the town. We took Rain with us and visited a couple of garage sales, scoring some excellent small child toys for cheap. Downwood, who had been tasked with picking up milk while we were out, saw us carrying bags and pulled over to offer to take them home for us. We sent the dog with him, too, and continued our walk. We found breakfast at a bakery, distraction in a gift shop, lunch at the butcher's, and Anne discovered that the winery will give you very generous samples of many types of wine.

We found out when we got home that the dog, not content with her lot in the back of the Jeep, decided to climb into the front seat on the way back with Downwood. Not only did she climb into the front, but she managed to put the car into neutral by stepping on the gear shift in the transition. Dingbat dog.

Saturday night was spent grilling brats, eating sweet corn, and chitchatting. It was a very "us" sort of night.

Today, after a big breakfast, Downwood mowed the lawn while sister and I cleaned in the kitchen and front room. I made some pulled pork for lunch, which made more leftovers than I'd expected, so we'll be eating that all week.

The afternoon was spent at a baby shower thrown for me by my very cool friends. No games, just good food, better conversation, lots of laughs, and women from three distinct areas of my life - gaming, work, dance - all getting along and having a good time. Bex invented a new type of sushi for me. She took the bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-filled, jalapenos that I make for any social occasion and put them into rice. It was delicious! Katy deep-fried wontons filled with Nutella or ginger and dates. So, so good.

While we were gabbing, Downwood made another trip to the rental and claims to have brought back all the remaining dishes and glassware. This means that I can finally figure out where to put away the paper plates and go back to eating off of dishes that I don't have to worry about disintegrating under stress.

I'm kind of dreading getting up and going back to work tomorrow. I don't particularly want to force myself to get up with the alarm clock. Also, this is our week off of dance class, so I don't even have anything to look forward to in the evening other than unpacking and organizing. But, I might hear about the bloodwork that I had done last week, so we'll see what that does to my med dosage. I also might have something exciting to work on or some problem to solve that is actually solvable.

But for now, I will sit here and watch the sun set over the trees. My computer desk is by the windows in the back that get a lovely breeze and have a wonderful view of the trees and hills. I can see the massive deck and our yard with its shiny new fence. My sister is reading in the recliner and my husband is playing Bejeweled on his computer. The dog is sacked out on her bed. I have five weeks left until Peanut's official birthday. I can probably handle this.
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It took the greyhound several months of living with us before she stopped being completely terrified of things on the floor. If there was a piece of paper or an electrical cord lying on the carpet, she saw it as an impassable barrier and wouldn't try to cross it. This was usually frustrating, but sometimes convenient.

She finally got over the fear of things on the floor and suddenly became klutz dog. She doesn't pay attention to where she puts down her back feet as she's walking around. She'll usually be somewhat careful with her front feet, but she's very good at tromping on your toes if you're on the couch petting her.

What we think happened yesterday is that the dog, freaking out because boxes were getting put into cars and OMG!she wasn't getting put in the car with them, stepped on something sharp. The best bet is an open ring of the three holding together one of my training manuals from work. Either she didn't yelp immediately or Downwood didn't hear her, because his first clue that this had happened was the trail of bright red blood spots all over the living room carpet.

He got her bandaged with paper towels, tape, and an old sock to keep her from pulling off the bandage. When I got home from work, she was bouncing around and prancing like nothing bad had happened at all, but we went for a walk and she went from "just fine" to "turning around and going home because her foot hurt" a quarter-block away from home.

We cleaned out the area with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, put on a little neosporin, then re-bandaged it for the night. This morning, she went on her entire walk with no complaints, so we took off the bandage and are going to see how she's doing this afternoon. If it's still a problem, we'll be taking her to the vet tomorrow morning, but she's so stressed out with the moving that I don't want to make it worse by taking her to The Bad Place.

She hasn't limped through this whole thing. She's been just as bouncy and active as she normally is, so I don't think it's hurt too badly. So it's a quiet little worry right now.
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Work today was mediocre. I did a couple of really cool things, but still felt beat up on in general. It didn't help that I was so tired that I was almost cat-napping between blinks. I thought that I'd gotten enough sleep last night, but maybe not.

I left work in a kind of down mood and listened to the Nadas all the way home. I came home to a happy greyhound in the doorway and a big pot of lavender poofy flowers sitting on my laptop. Then, my darling husband took me out for french fries and we went to see "Up".

The trailers for that movie DID NOT DO IT JUSTICE! It's wonderful. I am glad that I had extra tissues because I needed all of them. Downwood didn't ask for any tissues, but I heard him sniffling in a couple places. It's one of the all-around better movies that I've seen. I don't know where Pixar is getting the magic for their films, but I hope that well never dries up.

We came home to a bouncy greyhound who decided that the boxes we brought inside were a terrifying threat that was going to eat her. Yes, she and Doug are about on the same level, though I don't think she'd hide under the porch because she loves us. She'd be up on our bed instead.

Today is ending much better than it began. I have the happy glow of a good story, some very pretty flowers on the counter, clean clothes to fold, and Downwood's making some cold-brewed coffee for tomorrow. These are all good things.

And now I go find tissues again because thinking about the movie is making the sniffles come back. Cross my heart.
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This is my favorite time of year for walking the dog in the morning. I love that the sun is up before I go outside, even if I'm getting up earlier than normal. I get to wear a jacket, but don't have to bundle up the greyhound. The lilac bushes are blooming and the tulips are bobbing. There are squirrels running around to generally keep the dog moving in a forward direction.

This has one drawback: because it's light out earlier, the dog thinks that we should be getting up earlier.
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8 - Hours that I'll log today, despite having pretty much nothing to do. Waiting for the moving cart thing to get here for my stuff is killing me, not that there'd really be much for me to do in my new office besides wait for class to start on Wednesday.

4 - Books that I finished over the weekend. I bought and devoured Backup and Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher and Chalice by Robin McKinley. I tore through another of the So you want to be a wizard... series by Diane Duane, which is turning out to be quite a nice YA series.

2 - Last cups of pumpkin puree turned into cake yesterday. It was still warm from the oven while I was making stuffed peppers for dinner. I may have had just a couple small pieces while I was cooking. Luckily, Downwood took most of the rest of it to work with him this morning.

24 or 1 - Reasons that I'm disappointed in my Badgers. Damn last minute field goals.

3 - The number of songs that I can play drums on Rock Band before the front of my shin starts cramping. Obviously, dance class doesn't do much to strengthen that muscle specifically. My legs in general, however, are becoming more well-defined and awesome by the day.

Eleventy billion - Pieces of leftover candy consumed. Maybe I'll give up sugar for a year or two.

18 - Hours until I'll be at the voting place. I'm excited and nervous and scared that my country will decide that we don't need a smart, articulate, educated, and classy President. I'm worried that the various women's health initiatives, same-sex marriage, and other things that are trying to bring us into a more progressive, tolerant, and fair society are going to get squashed by pettiness, bigotry, and fear of change.

7 - Years old my dog is! She's now officially middle-aged for a greyhound. She's been with us for almost three years and has brought a lot of joy into our lives...except at 6:45 in the morning on a Sunday when she starts nosing my face to try to get me up to go for a walk.

4 - Reasons I should write down something that's been echoing in my head, but I can't find motivation to do so. Bleah. Hopefully, with the lessening of stress at work, the atrophied parts of my brain will get new blood flow and recover.

19 - Days until our pre-Thanksgiving dinner. If you're in Mad-town and want to RSVP, let me know. We'll supply turkey and some stuff and are asking for sides to pass. The goal is for something low-key, relaxed, and delicious.

1 - Week until I turn 29 for the first, last, and only time. To my knowledge, nothing is planned. I know the envelope on the hall table has one of my presents in it, but I'm not sure what game Downwood's playing with me. I don't know if this is a distraction and something else is getting hidden under my nose or what. Very frustrating.


Jan. 27th, 2008 09:30 am
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Every Sunday I read Post Secret. There are usually some secrets that ping on my emotional radar for being too close to me and there are usually some secrets that make me want to reach through the internet and give the person a hug, some fresh cookies, and an open offer to stop by to talk.

There was one secret today, though, that made me cry and then go hug my dog.
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Downwood fed the greyhound one of his Reese's Pieces.

Her head has not left his elbow since. Even though he walks around the house, she scampers to catch up.

Yes, it's incredibly cute. It's even more cute when he says, "" and I get to say "You brought this on yourself."

Now she's helping him unload the dishwasher in case some rogue Reese's Pieces are hiding out and happen to attack him.

EDIT: He just dumped an entire package of them in her bowl. Granted, it's a Halloween grab bag sized portion, which probably has less than a tablespoon of actual peanut butter, but still.


Aug. 6th, 2007 07:32 pm
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Work pretty much sucks right now. For a more detailed rant, there will be a f-locked post later this evening. We lock because we care...and because we don't want to be a topic at the next Staff Meeting. It is not good to get on the Evil Overlady's bad side.

Instead, we focus on the happy. In no particular order, here are Ten Good Things About Today.
  1. My ankle is not seriously injured. Huzzah! I spent yesterday on the couch with an ice pack and a book. It is a little stiff today, but not nearly so bad as yesterday. And by "not nearly so bad" I mean "I was able to run 3.35 miles at the gym and then hike around the dog park with the greyhound without any twinging or feeling of attempted limb secession".

  2. I have the cutest dog in existence. She still won't jump into the back of the Buick, but she's figured out that the back seat is really just a couch and she doesn't even have to stand up to see out the window. She got Dog Food Soup for dinner (so that I can be relatively sure that she's getting enough water after running around in the muggy evening) and she's considering working up the energy to actually chew on her new ostrich bone. Her life is so rough.

  3. We went to the Farmers' Market and Trader Joe's on Saturday and brought back a whole lot of healthy, fresh, and wonderful food. Fresh edamame, spicy cheese bread, and a pile of zucchini bread later (bought zucchini for cheap, made a lot of bread) and I was an exceptionally happy Sabine on Saturday.

  4. My darling, wonderful husband who might not totally understand, but absolutely respects that I need Time To Myself if I'm going to remain sane. Even when he's not entirely looking forward to his weekly Night Of Manly Gaming, he still goes so that I can have the evening to be however quiet or musical I wish it.

  5. Books. Books are made of awesome. Even though Dan Abnett couldn't write a happy ending if his life depended on it, I still liked Ravenor Rogue a whole hell of a lot. I really, really like those characters. It was a good ending to the series, even if it wasn't necessarily a good ending for, well, any of the characters involved.

  6. I have the three-quarter shimmy figured out for a reasonably fast tempo with flat feet. I can't keep it going for more than a couple measures at the same tempo when I'm either on my toes or walking in a pattern more complicated than forward-and-back. The practice is paying off, though, as it's starting to sink into my "alligator brain" and I don't have to think about exactly what I'm doing, just that I want to do it.

  7. I have some really awesome friends who seem to keep liking me no matter what. That's pretty amazing to consider. Wow.

  8. While my body image is still not what you might consider "good", it's definitely improving. Some of the blame for that is from Downwood constantly telling me I'm gorgeous, some of it is from Miss Mona telling me that it's okay to be tall with amazingly long limbs, and some of it is finally internalizing what I've been saying for a long time: I have a TOTALLY DIFFERENT body plan than my mother and THAT'S OKAY. Seriously, if you've seen her, you know the woman is a twig. Me, I got my father's German peasant stock background and have things like hips and cleavage - things that just don't exist on her body plan. I've also got six inches on the woman, which is going to make me weigh just a little bit more than she does.

    At any rate, my working out and my dance classes are making me feel healthier. I know I won't get back to how skinny I was a couple of years ago, but since I can afford things like food now, I think I might be okay with it. I still detest how I carry every. excess. ounce. smack on the low front of my stomach (Empire waistlines are DEAD OUT), but my ass is getting more defined, my legs are awesome, and I've NEVER looked so good in a strappy tank top.

  9. If I get off my ass one of these next couple weekends, I'll put in the work to get another certification and the bonus that goes with it. I think I might get some new BPAL. It's been a while since I had any new sniffy stuff. I should really put up my list of Get These Imps Away From Me and the LE bottles that Just Didn't Work. Hm. Maybe soon.

  10. Jelly Belly jelly beans come in all sorts of marvelous flavors and can be purchased at the new Super Target that's very close to my house.

EDIT: Also, I have all the ingredients for the amazing coconut scones, I have brand new boxes of Tazo Calm and Stash Green & White Fusion at work, bananas remain delicious, my chiropractor's box of Free Samples of Biofreeze remains endless, and Amazon delivered unto me some Pearls Before Swine, the new Jasper Fforde book, and my very own copy of The Blue Girl.
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So since I have this shiny new laptop, Downwood bought me Heroes V. It's just as addictive as Heroes III, a game I cherish for many reasons, and it's awfully pretty. I'm now working my way through the demon campaign and I have to say that the evil giggle of the succubi upon throwing chain fireballs at the enemy is very cute. I would go so far as to say that I'm relatively hooked on this game, though I can quit any time I want.

In between missions, I've been trying to clean my house a little. Really, I should have done this before Val came to visit and apartment hunt last week, but it's only now that I have the time and motivation. Rain's not too thrilled with having all of her bedding washed and I can guarantee that she's going to have major problems with it when I start vacuuming. I'm slowly making our home look like responsible adults live here instead of slacker gamers.

The bowls of dice on the end tables can stay, though. So can the D&D books in the dining room.

Speaking of gaming and dining room, Downwood's been making me a dungeon. It's really damn spiffy. About 1/4-1/3 of it is done and it takes up about half our dining room table. When the whole thing is constructed, we're going to have to use the Gaming Table of Doom in the basement if we want to use every piece.

I've started planning the Ultimate Dungeon Mega-Crawl of Doomity Doom that I'll run when it's all assembled and painted. I figure I've got plenty of time to work out the details. As part of this planning, I've started to pick up some scary monsters and other bad guys to pit against my players. I spent most of last evening filing, smashing bricks for scenery, and gluing minis together. When I went to bed, I had silver coats of dried super glue and pewter dust on both thumbs and index fingers.

We made a quick trip up to the game store so that I could pick up a book that I ordered. Before we left, I grabbed a couple of my favorite minis from the cabinet. I showed them to the owner-boss and she put them straight into the display case on the counter!! I saved my flailing and Uber-Squee for the car. I used the elation from that as drive to finish a mini that I've been stalled on for a couple weeks. She turned out pretty darn good, but I won't know how good until I've photographed her. It will make sense eventually, I promise.

The dog is finally sacked out on her bed. She was very confused with the clean-smelling cover and blanket on it and that it got up almost 80 degrees today. (80! In March!) She kept following me around, leaning against me, putting her head under my arm when I was painting, and panting up a storm. And since she has the brain of a goldfish, she wouldn't drink water or lay down in front of the fan. Dingbat dog.

Downwood suggested that we go to the dog park and let her run around for a while. While we were there, we heard her growl and bark more than in the entire time we've had her. There was a very aggressive little lab mix that got in her face and she stood her ground, put her head down, and barked at him. The useless owners of the other dog were trying to call him over from across the park but otherwise did nothing to corral him. We did a lap and she went over to the gate to tell us that she was done and could we please go home now? We got home and she got a bath to get all the mud off of her. But since then she's gotten bits of potato and grilled pork and some chicken jerky treats and lots and lots of pettins. Her new collars are simply stunning and she's back to being our couch potato greyhound.

All in all, I'd say this has been a splendid weekend. I really liked today.


Oct. 29th, 2006 09:26 pm
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We spent the weekend down at the homes of Downwood's parents. Downwood went and got a Uhaul trailer, we dumped our old couch on the curb, took the chair to St Vinnie's, and took ourselves and the dog down for a visit. Downwood's mother gave us her old couch and loveseat (they're gorgeous), we went out for our birthdays, watched a lot of football, and hung out. Downwood spent a good deal of time setting up a new computer for his father, and did I mention the watching football on a HUGE HDTV?

Dude. When we're rich, I'm so buying one.

We had the slightly distressing experience of leaving our furkid with a babysitter overnight. We figured that if his dad will be taking care of Rain during the week we're on our cruise, we should start with a test run. She did okay, but missed us a lot. (Yay!) We didn't stay at his house with her because I'm allergic to his smoking and can't handle too many hours of breathing there.

As soon as we got home and brought in the new furniture, I started cleaning. Downwood was both distressed and determined to just stay out of my way. These are both appropriate responses. The living room is mostly done, which makes me feel a little better about the likelihood of getting everything clean enough for having guests here in two weeks. Two weeks...eep. (If you were invited and haven't RSVP'd yet - TELL ME NOW! I don't care if you come or not, just let me know!!)

I'm drinking a lot of tea and popping both Advil and melatonin. I ran out of my Happy Pills about three days ago. This be bad, Thag. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to get new 'scripts, so that will make my mental state something much more close to...sane.

Also, I have two shoe requests. If you know a place that has white flat shoes, preferably cute, I NEED TO KNOW THIS! We went to seven or eight places today and couldn't find any. I'm hitting David's Bridal tomorrow and have a little hope. I bought a pair online that turned out to be way too small, so am hesitant about buying another pair without getting to try them on. And, in that same line of thought, I bought a pair of boots (same size) that are WAY too big on me. They're exceptionally cute ankle boots (I'm buying them in the right size when I get paid) that have quite a bit of room in the calf. If you wear a size 10 or 11 shoe and will be in Mad-town, I'll sell 'em to you at a discount just so that I don't have to deal with shipping them back to Florida.

I think that's all. I'm going to go try to untense my brain and maybe scam a backrub out of Downwood.

Tomorrow is meds, work stress, shoes, meeting with the caterers, and sushi. Tuesday is getting dressed up for the Evil Empire's Halloween party, heading to Shopko to get new glasses, and passing out candy to the munchkin hordes. Wednesday is playing Final Fantasy 12 until my eyes bleed. Thursday...I don't know yet.

Rock on.

my day

Oct. 23rd, 2006 07:55 pm
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Downwood and I went and got our marriage license today. *squee* I'm terrified and excited and a billion other emotions that I can't quite sort out yet. Three weeks from tomorrow our first guests are arriving (omgI'mnotgoingtogeteverythingdone) and this is really. going. to. happen. *SQUEE*


Work today went marginally better today than the whole last week. My customer's Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Problem is resolved. Finished. Over. Now I just have to help four other customers through varying levels of difficulty of the same problem. Joy. But I won't have Virginia calling and yelling at me.

No, that's not true. They may still call and yell about a couple things, but I can respond, "Hey! Chill out! You're complaining about three items needing changed. I fixed 15 THOUSAND items on Monday! Have a beer, watch some football, and calm the fuck down." But I'll say that in something much closer to polite office talk. Yes. I think I can handle that.

And, of course, the first other customer I'm helping is running into a Problem We Can't Understand. There's no earthly reason that it's acting the way it is. Our current solution is something that none of us want to do, so...yeah. It's interesting.

I went to the chiropractor after work today to try to get rid of the tension headache that I've had since Saturday. Yesterday, the pain prevented me from going to the Gaiman talk downtown. Today, I really wanted to stay home from work, but had too many people counting on me being there. I love my chiropractor when he takes away my pain. When he can't get anything to adjust properly, I'm not so fond of the resulting pain. Lots of BioFreeze tonight, the heating pad, and more Advil will get me through until my appointment on Wednesday.

After picking up Downwood from work and rocking out in the car, we hit Culver's for dinner. They had PUMPKIN PIE custard tonight! Glee! There are very few ills that cannot be cured by a bouncing greyhound, pumpkin pie custard, and a big mug of Tazo Calm. Also, this comic is SO VERY ME!! Overall, life is pretty good.


Aug. 22nd, 2006 11:21 am
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Last night, Downwood and I sat down to watch our TiVo'ed Stargate SG:1 200th episode. I was sitting on the couch giggling and Rain decided to come up and sit by me. I scootched over to give her some room. She hopped up, laid down, and then put her head in my lap and gave me big puppy eyes so that I would be sure to be slain from the cute. She stayed there for the entire episode, snuggling with me and making sure that I was always petting her.

We hit the greyhound lottery with her. I love my doggy. :-)


Jul. 20th, 2006 08:40 pm
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In two days I have finished as many bodices. One is a royal blue brocade and was drafted off a custom pattern for KT. I can't wait to see what it looks like on her: there will be pictures of her beauty. The other bodice is a mossy green suede. It won't "breathe" so much, but it's incredibly pretty. It's almost a twin to the berry red one that I made my sister last summer.

I predict many photos from this coming Sunday. I haven't gotten to show off my new dress yet, and I have all these pretty friends who I want to show off. Superficial? Yes. Fan service? Hell, yes.

On a completely different craft front, I think I found my winter project. I was linked to a website that sells greyhound pillows. I think to myself, "Self, you love spoiling your dog, why not see what kind of pillows are out there for her?" I clicked the link. I squee'd very loudly.

They have instructions for how to crochet a life-sized stuffed greyhound. A BIG Rain-shaped pillow! So cute! So cuddly! AND they have instructions for little 15" models that come with how to make a mini sweater, leash, collar, and toy (squeaky bit sold separately)! The cute! I am overwhelmed!! Pardon me while I flail in giddy joy! *flails*

rainy day

Apr. 30th, 2006 10:26 pm
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Rain actually came and snuggled with me this morning! She won't get all the way up on the bed (she doesn't like feeling unsteady on her feet), but she'll step up with her front paws and then lay down her torso. She let me pet her for a while, then jumped down and walked over to Downwood's side of the bed. He rolled over so she couldn't put her cold nose on his face. She got up on the bed and laid her neck over his and nosed him anyway. It was incredibly cute. I got up not too long after that so that Downwood could get just a little more sleep without the dog whining and nudging to be let outside.

I have three things left to do on my practice corset before I can call it Done. I have to blindstitch a section of the binding to the front edge, cut the holes to match those in the busk, and then stitch around those to prevent fraying and tearing. I can't do the final two steps until I actually have a busk, though, so I'm not too worried about it. I have the patterns for both my real corset and my smock, though I am going to have to try to find some lightweight linen or nice cotton for the latter.

Bits of fiction are starting to come together for my game. I'm struggling with some plotbunnies who are refusing to let go of the Shiny Carrot of Doom. I just want to get some basic dimensions on the sucker before letting them play with it more, but it's not happening. Drat them.

Downwood's game tonight was fabulous. My sociopathic character is finally in a position where her lack of morality is not so noticeable as it was before. She has her minions, a job that she's good at, and not very many people trying to tell her how to run her division. Life for her is about as good as it gets. Now if she can just find and keelhaul those pesky saboteurs, she'll be her version of happy.

Here's hoping that Stormy and Teh Kate have better evenings and a good tomorrow. And that Team Preston's car gets with the program and starts running better. I must remember to leave out a dish of new oil with a few bolts for the Car Gnomes. No, not the evil ones. No, I'm not going to tell you how to summon them. No, I would NEVER use my powers for evil. Nope, not me.


Mar. 1st, 2006 09:14 pm
sabine: (Alas poor Yorick!)
The Experiment in Trimming the Dog's Nails has now officially been brought to an end. The loud yelps of pain and bleeding from when she yanks her paw at the exact moment of cutting are too much for us wussy humans to handle. I'm calling to get an appointment with a groomer for early next week.

But she got to find out that she likes shrimp with cocktail sauce and salmon patties, so the evening wasn't a total loss.


Feb. 23rd, 2006 05:29 pm
sabine: (Bitchcakes)
The dog just ate a d6. I don't know if I'm horrified or kinda proud.

It was one of the teeensy ones from the Pirate card game. If Downwood really wants to have his complete set, he's gonna be walking the dog for the next couple days...
sabine: (Cute but psycho)
Anyone want to come running with Rain and me? Saturday morning, Badger Prairie Park, 8 am. Rock.


Jan. 14th, 2006 10:28 pm
sabine: (Humbug Penguin)
Godiva hot chocolate heavily laced with thin mint liqueur is a good way to calm down after cleaning up the poop and shredded blanket from your claustrophobic dog.

And the Mudflaps Man Was Not Meant To Ogle make a great addition to the Satanic Pushcart.

That is all.


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