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Two years ago Downwood and I got dressed up and stood in front of our friends and family to create a new family of our own. So far, this has been the best decision we've made.

Hee! Married!
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Our photographer handed over all the pictures that she took of us. I've gone through the first hundred or so pictures on the DVD, resized, cropped, and uploaded to both my LJ photo gallery and a photobucket account.

As I get more pictures uploaded, I'll be posting them.

And the album that she put together? Woah. You need to come over or invite me over so that you can see this thing. It's truly incredible.
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Nov. 20th, 2006 12:42 am
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Our living room has been filled with gifts from our friends and family. We are related to and friends with some incredibly crazy and generous people. The kitchen's going to need emptied and rearranged, but when we put the new dishes and "stuff" away, it'll be OUR stuff - not his, not mine, but ours. (squee!)

Though I was very tempted, I did not kill my mother this past weekend. We did lock the door on the room I was hiding in before the ceremony, but since we were letting The Band in, she snuck in anyway. She was mostly on good behavior, but she's still my mom and still batshit loco in her insistence that I strive for her ideals.

Everything went so well yesterday. We looked wonderful, the flowers turned out to be so much nicer than I'd expected, our families all got along, no one fell down or got hurt, and nothing went horribly wrong. My uncle's homily made me cry, as did getting a hug from my stepfather during the sign of peace. I got a little nervous when Downwood seemed to not want to give me the ring, but he snapped out of his reverie quickly enough.

Our photographer utterly rocked. She was wonderful about taking pictures without taking over. Because Downwood and I would be seeing each other before the ceremony, she set up a picture in front of one of the stained glass windows so that we could have a moment together before the insanity. She also suggested that we take the wedding party out for a drink in between the ceremony and reception. Those 15 minutes in the upper room of the Brocach were absolutely wonderful.

The reception was a hell of a party. The food was good, the champagne was good, and the cake was sinful. Our DJ seemed a little flaky, but the band was back together and we broke the dance floor. Both my sister's toast and my stepfather's words made me cry. I got to polka with my aunt, hear stories from my friends, and I'm never going to be able to listen to Jack Johnson's Better Together without smiling and thinking of our first dance.

Today, I cried a couple more times: reading the card that my mom gave us, looking at the Bible that my grandmother gave us, the words in the card that a good friend gave us, watching my father-in-law drive off with my dog (he's keeping her while we go on our trip next week), and now as I try to drag my brain back over the last 36 hours and I'm struck anew by how much emotion's been crammed into such a small span of time.

But my husband is bringing me a tissue and some tea and I know that I'm the luckiest person on the planet.


Nov. 18th, 2006 03:43 pm
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Downwood and I will be married in 5 hr 45 min. OMG.

Will post more coherently later. Many thanks to everyone in town for the festivities.
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Today is a good day. In no particular order, here are some of the reasons why:
  • FFXII rocks my socks off. The game is so very pretty to play and it's laced with all the side-quest and mini-game crack that I've come to expect from the franchise. Long live Final Fantasy!
  • Though we had no trick-or-treaters deign to visit our doorstep, there's a big bowl of candy still sitting right behind where I sit to play video games. Oh, darn.
  • The absolute BEST TEA IN THE WORLD is back on sale. Normally, I'd want to rant about seeing Christmas stuff in the stores this early, but when it's my Candy Cane Lane tea from Celestial Seasonings, I'll not only let it slide, but I'll buy several boxes, audibly squee when the cashier hands me the bag, and do the Ecstatic Favorite Tea Dance all the way out to the car.
  • The Horrible, Soul-Sucking Project of Doomy Doom at work is almost at an end. It tried to thwart me again this afternoon, but I am a Data Ninja and not so easily vanquished.
  • Downwood bought me what could be the Cutest Mug on the Planet. It's a penguin in a striped hat and scarf and holds a goodly serving of My Favorite Tea. It is both dangerously cute and roomy enough to be exceedingly practical.
  • My new glasses make me look more adult and even more adorable. I love them. I can't wait to get a chance to use the matching magnetic sunglasses. Finally, I will be able to drive or walk about and not be blinded by the sun! All hail the Magnetic Sunglasses of Adorable Doom! Hail!
  • Downwood's mother gave us an espresso/coffee machine for our birthdays. It is The Shiny. I'm going to be testing it out in the morning, and I expect to be wired well into the afternoon. Rock on.
  • Downwood and I are going to be married in roughly 357 hours. Not that I'm counting or excited or anything. Nope, I'm calm and serene and utterly unfazed. And if you believe that...well, um, welcome to my LJ since you are obviously new to this scene.
  • I have the Cutest Greyhound in the Whole World.
  • The Annoying Project of No Hope is once again stalled out at work, but this time it's not my fault. I'm waiting on another vendor to get off their voluminous asses and get to work finding me the information and documentation I've requested three times this week. On the up side, it's getting me known to several other application teams in the Evil Empire as She Who Gets Answers For You. Boo. yah.
  • The workouts that had been making me feel like I was dying now only make me feel like I'm about to die. This improvement pleases me.
  • There's a vat of chicken marinating on the counter and a bottle of, I kid you not, Transylvanian Vampire merlot waiting to be drunk with dinner. Imagine the excitement of finding that in Meijer when utterly strung out and hating the world. It's nice when the universe rearranges itself to amuse me.
  • I get to run a Shadowrun one-shot tomorrow. I have a plot, I have handouts, I even have a resolution. Hopefully, I'll stay sober enough to actually go through the game instead of falling down in a giggling heap of drunkenness. Either way will be fun, so I won't complain if the latter happens rather than the former.
  • There's a Sooper Sekrit Guesty Type (aka The Mad Clicker) coming to my house in about 70 minutes. This pleases me to no end.
  • The Massive Box of Lush that I got two weeks ago has all been tested and the products found to perfectly fill the niche that I needed. Recon, though slightly stinky and OMG!hard to wash out, has calmed down the terror that was my scalp. Ultralight facial moisturizer kicks ass, and the New! Hair shampoo is cinnamony goodness.
  • I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

There are many more reasons, but my tea is cooling and the phone is ringing. I need to put on my fuzzy red socks so my toes will be warm. Also, my new psychiatrist is amazingly wonderful and refilled my 'scripts for me, so I'm no longer out of meds and off my rocker.

Life rocks.


Oct. 29th, 2006 09:26 pm
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We spent the weekend down at the homes of Downwood's parents. Downwood went and got a Uhaul trailer, we dumped our old couch on the curb, took the chair to St Vinnie's, and took ourselves and the dog down for a visit. Downwood's mother gave us her old couch and loveseat (they're gorgeous), we went out for our birthdays, watched a lot of football, and hung out. Downwood spent a good deal of time setting up a new computer for his father, and did I mention the watching football on a HUGE HDTV?

Dude. When we're rich, I'm so buying one.

We had the slightly distressing experience of leaving our furkid with a babysitter overnight. We figured that if his dad will be taking care of Rain during the week we're on our cruise, we should start with a test run. She did okay, but missed us a lot. (Yay!) We didn't stay at his house with her because I'm allergic to his smoking and can't handle too many hours of breathing there.

As soon as we got home and brought in the new furniture, I started cleaning. Downwood was both distressed and determined to just stay out of my way. These are both appropriate responses. The living room is mostly done, which makes me feel a little better about the likelihood of getting everything clean enough for having guests here in two weeks. Two weeks...eep. (If you were invited and haven't RSVP'd yet - TELL ME NOW! I don't care if you come or not, just let me know!!)

I'm drinking a lot of tea and popping both Advil and melatonin. I ran out of my Happy Pills about three days ago. This be bad, Thag. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to get new 'scripts, so that will make my mental state something much more close to...sane.

Also, I have two shoe requests. If you know a place that has white flat shoes, preferably cute, I NEED TO KNOW THIS! We went to seven or eight places today and couldn't find any. I'm hitting David's Bridal tomorrow and have a little hope. I bought a pair online that turned out to be way too small, so am hesitant about buying another pair without getting to try them on. And, in that same line of thought, I bought a pair of boots (same size) that are WAY too big on me. They're exceptionally cute ankle boots (I'm buying them in the right size when I get paid) that have quite a bit of room in the calf. If you wear a size 10 or 11 shoe and will be in Mad-town, I'll sell 'em to you at a discount just so that I don't have to deal with shipping them back to Florida.

I think that's all. I'm going to go try to untense my brain and maybe scam a backrub out of Downwood.

Tomorrow is meds, work stress, shoes, meeting with the caterers, and sushi. Tuesday is getting dressed up for the Evil Empire's Halloween party, heading to Shopko to get new glasses, and passing out candy to the munchkin hordes. Wednesday is playing Final Fantasy 12 until my eyes bleed. Thursday...I don't know yet.

Rock on.

my day

Oct. 23rd, 2006 07:55 pm
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Downwood and I went and got our marriage license today. *squee* I'm terrified and excited and a billion other emotions that I can't quite sort out yet. Three weeks from tomorrow our first guests are arriving (omgI'mnotgoingtogeteverythingdone) and this is really. going. to. happen. *SQUEE*


Work today went marginally better today than the whole last week. My customer's Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Problem is resolved. Finished. Over. Now I just have to help four other customers through varying levels of difficulty of the same problem. Joy. But I won't have Virginia calling and yelling at me.

No, that's not true. They may still call and yell about a couple things, but I can respond, "Hey! Chill out! You're complaining about three items needing changed. I fixed 15 THOUSAND items on Monday! Have a beer, watch some football, and calm the fuck down." But I'll say that in something much closer to polite office talk. Yes. I think I can handle that.

And, of course, the first other customer I'm helping is running into a Problem We Can't Understand. There's no earthly reason that it's acting the way it is. Our current solution is something that none of us want to do, so...yeah. It's interesting.

I went to the chiropractor after work today to try to get rid of the tension headache that I've had since Saturday. Yesterday, the pain prevented me from going to the Gaiman talk downtown. Today, I really wanted to stay home from work, but had too many people counting on me being there. I love my chiropractor when he takes away my pain. When he can't get anything to adjust properly, I'm not so fond of the resulting pain. Lots of BioFreeze tonight, the heating pad, and more Advil will get me through until my appointment on Wednesday.

After picking up Downwood from work and rocking out in the car, we hit Culver's for dinner. They had PUMPKIN PIE custard tonight! Glee! There are very few ills that cannot be cured by a bouncing greyhound, pumpkin pie custard, and a big mug of Tazo Calm. Also, this comic is SO VERY ME!! Overall, life is pretty good.
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Thus far, this has not been a particularly traumatic October. Historically, October has been an extremely bad month for me and those close to me. Deaths of loved ones, relationships collapsing, cars disintegrating, grades plummeting, jobs evaporating, and the list goes on. I view the entire month with a fairly large amount of dread and un-anticipation.

No, neither Downwood's birthday on the 26th nor Halloween actually happen in October. The logic behind this assertion is complicated and difficult to explain. Suffice it to say, I can view these days with happiness and look forward to them, despite the month.

This year has actually been pretty good. We have to speak with the DJ, hotel, and cake bakery and that's it. We have everything else under control. Our photographer rocks and has some wonderful ideas that I'm incredibly excited to see happen. I'm going to start calling and emailing people who haven't returned their RSVP cards so that I can have an accurate count for the catering.

We went out to Eplegaarden last weekend. I came home with 15 pounds of apples. There's now a huge bag of apple chips on the counter, half a batch of applesauce in the freezer with two apple cakes, 3 dozen apple cake-muffins, and an apple pie on the counter. I absolutely adore cooking with apples. I'm tempted to go back for a 20 lb bag to make into apple butter, but I gave all my canning jars back to my mother. Drat.

There have been a couple of smaller disappointments in the month, but they're not as bad as they could have been. Work is putting a metric fuckton of pressure on me right now and stressing me out beyond all earthly reason. I told the customer on Friday that we had two things to do and it would all be wonderful. One didn't work and I screwed up on the other. Fuck. I have to get new tires put on my car and I have to lose an inch off my waist and hips. Tires are on Tuesday and I'm already down a half inch in a week.

And then we find out yesterday that two of our best friends are moving to Seattle. He's leaving in two days; she's following in two months. I'm doing my best to keep firmly in mind that this is a wonderful opportunity for them and that they love the west coast, but that selfish voice at the back of my head is saying how much it sucks for me. As far as October Tragedies go, this isn't that bad, but it still hurts. Thank God that we have cell phones, internet, and LJ to keep in touch. I'll just miss them very, very much.
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  • Choose new Latin phrase for LJ title.
  • Call pianist, have her call music director for church.
  • Call other church, have them send the official letter for my uncle to the church where we're actually getting married.
  • Finalize cast for ceremony.

  • Figure out what's going wrong with these label printers and reports.
  • Soothe customer, finish development, get problem solved.
  • Deposit checks, pay bills.

  • Wrap packages, mail them.
  • Mail final 5 invitations that Mom added to the list yesterday.
  • Call tux place, get info from them.
  • Get Downwood measured.
  • Take ribbon and color swatches to florist.
  • Find a hair place.
  • Call jeweler, see how long they need to attach my wedding bands to my engagement ring.
  • Make appointment with makeup lady.

  • Call photographer, have meeting to finalize what pictures we want and where we'll take them.
  • Hunt down DJ. Get info from him.
  • Decide on food and booze for shindig.
  • Call cake place. Finalize things.
  • Find new shoes.
  • Start massive cleaning of domicile.
  • Bathe dog.
  • Call church coordinator, set up final meeting.
  • Next week go get marriage license.
  • Call Dad, let him know how things are going.
  • Finish writing short story
  • Excavate bedroom from mountains of laundry
  • Finish typing out readings for ceremony.
  • Now to type out the priest's parts
  • Have another cup of coffee and realize that the list isn't actually growing. Feel real good about life in general.
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A weekend in a nutshell is much better than a weekend in the nuthouse. I think. Though, I guess it really depends on what kind of nut you find surrounding you. It it's a pecan, I recommend staying. If it's a cashew, head for the looney bin.

Anyway, here are the highlights from the weekend and from today:
  • Though it was nice getting out of town a little early on Friday, I'm not convinced that early mornings are my friend. Getting to work at 7 is one thing, getting there at 6 is an entirely different matter. It kind of sucked because I was leaving a lot of work undone when I left at 4, but staying until done would have meant 7 or 8, so I gave up.
  • The drive down was, thankfully, uneventful. We made it to my parents' house safely and raided the fridge when we got there. I was tired enough that I didn't want to go down to the high school's homecoming football game, so we curled up on the couch with our books: Post Captain for him and Fragile Things for me. Mom and Bob got home and we caught up on gossip, life stuff, and Mom started trying to stress me out about the wedding.
  • On Saturday morning, Mom and Bob headed out to be all civic-minded and pick up trash in the ditches. I slept in a bit, showered, read my book, and considered making something appley out of the 5-gallon Bucket Of Apple Doom. At some point in here, I managed to head over to and spend some money. [ profile] cabell, the head's-up was very much appreciated...and I'm sure Downwood will thank you in about 6 weeks.
  • We ended up making a couple of apple cakes and a really big pan of apple crisp. I consider this a warmup for next weekend after Downwood and I go to the orchard. I lurve baking with apples. Mmm...
  • While Mom and I were cooking, Bob and Downwood were out shooting at things and being all manly in the woods. No, I didn't ask for details. No, I don't want any details volunteered. There are things that I do not need to know.
  • Mom's quest to make me as stressed out as her was slightly derailed by the arrival of my sister. I had to give her the books and treats that I've collected for her and she gave me a book, too. I now have a copy of Runny Babbit to go with my other Shel Silverstein books. [ profile] lilith_13 rocks.
  • I ended up going back to to buy a few more things. See, Mom was complaining about not being able to fill out the top that our stepbrother picked out for her to wear. He'd said that it'd work fine with a good push-up bra. Sis and I agreed, so when her back was turned, we hit the internet. I expect to get a call from her in the next 7 days or so asking about the lingerie that showed up at her door. I plan to claim that I had my identity stolen, but wasn't that nice of them to get her a present? I think this will work well.
  • The afternoon was spent with my sister, football, and a pitcher of margaritas. After a couple glasses of tequila and beer (Don't ask.) we headed to church. Oddly enough, the readings, the music, and the sermon were all about marriage and how to succeed at it. No, it wasn't a "sign". It just kind of happened that way. Really. Yes, I'm going to stick to that story.
  • After church, we headed to this little hole-in-the-wall bar. This is the kind of place that I grew up going to with my stepfather. The greasy, smoky dive in the middle of nowhere that just happens to have Fucking Amazing Food. This one is in a town that does not exist on the map of Iowa, but had the best fried chicken that I've EVER had. It was just as much of a religious experience as Mass. The ONE THING that would have made it better was a better beer. Miller Lite is just not that tasty - I don't care that it's cheap and plentiful. (Yes, the kegs at our reception are going to be good beer. I can't believe you even asked that.)
  • We got home at the end of the first quarter of the Iowa State-Nebraska football game. Yay for watching our beloved Cyclones on national TV! I'm just going to leave that there. Yes, I will remember the joy of getting to watch my team and not the heartbreak and frustration of watching the refs screw them over and then the entire team snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. No, I'm not bitter. Nope, not me.
  • Sunday morning Bob made biscuits and sausage gravy. After this, Mom, Sis, and I went to get my wedding dress fitted. The seamstress's house was absolutely beautiful. My dress is beautiful. Unfortunately, I haven't been running nearly enough lately. Dammit. It fit in February, but not yesterday. Mom latched onto this and I have not heard anything else from her since. (Though, she's not bitching about anything else, so I think I'll keep it.) I do have to go find new shoes, though. Preferably, something with a negative heel. I'm too tall - the dress is barely long enough when I'm in bare feet. Still, even without getting zipped all the way, I had a perfect hourglass figure and I love that dress.
  • The Bears game...I'm not so much certain that we can call it a "game" as a "schooling". Downwood was much pleased by this.
  • The trip home was also uneventful, and made more fun by some reading and a lot of talking. Someday, we may run out of things to say to each other. I hope that day is years and years away.
  • My To Do list for wedding stuff actually seems somewhat manageable, which is a nice change from the AAAAHHHHHHHHH that it was before. My To Do list at work keeps growing and I've been called twice at home tonight by people needing my opinion on what they're doing. I feel important! Or, it could be a sign that I need to share what I'm doing with more people so that the knowledge is easier to find.
  • My exercise routine has just been increased to much more aerobic activity. I think that I'm going to be fine with the dress, and if I can get back to where I was last summer, I'll be much happier with the Me In The Mirror.
  • I did a little game planning this weekend. Got some ideas bouncing around of ways to drop mountains on people. If only good things happened to them, it wouldn't be interesting, would it? This led to the side effect of wanting to actually write up the back story, which led to the following exchange.

    Me: I can write in first person. I can write pure dialog. Hell, I can even write fairly well in second person. This third person crap? Absolutely impossible.
    Downwood: No, you can do this. Just start typing and you'll get into it. It doesn't matter if you have to totally rewrite the first chapter. It's okay to have to try again.
    Me: I can try again? Okay, I'll just apply that bit of wisdom to this whole wedding thing. Gee, suddenly I feel a lot better knowing that I can just erase it and start again when I feel like I've gotten better at marriage.
    Him: Touche.
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Have I mentioned lately that I love weekends? I love them so very much. During the week we spend so much time running hither and yon and we don't get many chances to just sit and be mellow. Today, we've been very mellow.

I'm a decent way into Wintersmith and loving it oh so very much. I needed these books when I was 11, 13, and 25. Any female who's ever felt out of place because she's smart, not afraid to show that she's smart, and that she sees just a little further than most people needs to read the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett. No, really, NEEDS to read them.

We ran some more errands today so that I could spend more money. Bad Sabine. I got some more yarn (not that I needed any more yarn), some fleece for a new jacket for Rain (she actually does need a slightly lighter coat than the parka I made her last winter), and dog food for the pup.

When we got home, I finished off the first skein of yarn in Downwood's annual winter scarf. He asked for something not in the fun, fuzzy, glittery yarn that I've been playing with and picked a fairly complicated pattern out of my new book. It's going to be exceptionally warm and very cool-looking. Pictures will be taken when it gets done.

We (finally) put the last of the invitations together. I've still been unable to locate a roommate from college and I'm waiting for my grandmother to send me my great-aunt's address, but the rest of them will be dropped in the mail tomorrow. At last...especially since the wedding is seven weeks from yesterday. Seven. That's it. I'm starting to freak out a little - equal parts terror and excitement. I'm thinking this is pretty normal.

I created a recipe this evening that I hope I can remember. Garlic, onion, chicken, basil, balsamic vinegar, vodka, sun dried tomatoes, and some other things that I don't remember right now got sauteed and put over nifty noodles with some fresh parmesan cheese on top. It turned out so much better than it had any right to. Yum. Serious yum.

The wine that accompanied dinner really made today perfect. It's a bottle of 2004 Amelie from Mankas Hills Vineyards. I was sent this bottle of wine for free. Why? Because I have a blog. No, they didn't make me promise to write a stellar review of it. No, there were no other strings besides being of age. Yes, it's quite tasty. It's a very...clean taste. It didn't stand up very well to the intense tomato/vodka/garlic sauce, but it's very beautiful all on its own. I'm going to go have another glass or two to...more carefully examine the depths, tones, and other such snobbish terms of this bottle. I'm going to look for this winery the next time I go to Woodman's. Yus.

Oh, yeah, the winery has a blog, too. Go, word of mouth!
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Early this morning Downwood and I headed into Mad-town to the church where we will be married in two months and two days. While the good monsignor did his best to convince us that the hoops the Catholic church requires us to jump through aren't so much "hoops" as "attempts to ensure that your marriage will last 5, 15, and 50 years".

So. Hoops.

Today was scheduled as a Marriage Preparation Retreat. Why we waited until football season to give up a Saturday for this, I don't know. There were two couples leading the thing and Father Ken providing church backup for them. Luckily for everyone involved, they supplied us with coffee. Yay, coffee!

It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. We never had to get up in front of the group and talk about...anything. We listened to the leader couples talk about challenges they've faced, then we wrote down our thoughts and feelings on the subject, exchanged papers with our betrothed, and then discussed it with only them. At the end of the day, there was a Q&A session, a review of the program, and we were ordered to write each other a love letter there on the spot.

It was much more rewarding than I'd expected. I was anticipating a day of discomfort, being preached at, being told how to Succeed At Marriage The Catholic Way, and not getting anything out of it. In reality, I think I came away from it with a more questions about me, the man I'm marrying, and the way we choose to live. I think that learning the answers to the questions may take quite a while, and that's more than okay by me.

And the love letter? Well, at least I wasn't the only one in the room sniffling and looking for the tissue box. Definitely something to treasure.
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Saturday night, [ profile] wolf_in_exile kindly ran a Shadowrun game for [ profile] downwood, [ profile] katie_preston, [ profile] thestormcellar, [ profile] katelennon, and me. Yes, Kate actually gamed with us and did very well for her first time with the dice. During the next GCC outing, we're going to go get her a pretty set of brand new dice.

I'm going to have to get the Shadowrun book now, so that I can actually create my ninja in a way that makes some freaking sense (pregen characters are teh suck). But it was a whole lot of fun and kept me up late enough that being out of my Happy Pills didn't hurt too much.

some wedding planning stuff )
Tonight, Downwood got to do something he'd never done before: finish a game on his Xbox. Yes, we finally beat D&D Heroes. And by "finally beat" I mean, "laid a smackdown on the Wizard Kaedin the likes of which has never been seen". Yes, Bob the Fighter, he of the 43 Str and 11 Cha came into his own during that fight. *sniff* I'm so proud of him. And Downwood's cleric was instrumental in keeping Bob alive.

Yes, we're gaming geeks. If you hadn't figured that out yet, I weep for your deductive reasoning skills.

And now, I'm going to wrap up a bit of writing I've been working on for the last couple days, rescue the clothes from the dryer, and get some good sleep in preparation for dealing with my customers and coworkers on the morrow. It's been a Very Good Weekend.
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So my mother was up here yesterday to "help" with wedding stuff. It was a train wreck, but I'm mostly okay now. In amongst the unhelpful suggestions was a comment that I've decided to latch onto as a pearl of wisdom tossed into a pigpen of criticism. When we were speaking about the honeymoon, she said, "Most cruises have a theme or dress-up night or something. Have you thought about getting new clothes to wear?"

I, of course, can not take this to mean what she wants it to mean. To do that would be to be other than that which I am.

I'm going to need garments made of strategically placed lace and scraps of satin. Something new. Something pretty. Something that if I showed Mom, she'd faint dead away and blush for the next six months. I've shopped at Victoria's Secret and Frederick's, but I suspect that there have to be more internet stores than these. Any suggestions would be most appreciated by me now and by Downwood in about three months.
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Today has been a good day for resolutions.
On happiness in the home )On bridal showers )On the ending of drama )On painting )
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I need an emoticon or icon for "stunned into bashfulness by generosity and kindness".

Details to follow at 11. AM. Once I wake up again.


Aug. 8th, 2006 09:48 am
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The first dance will be to "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

That's all.

hokay, so

Jul. 31st, 2006 03:43 pm
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If you've been paying attention at all, you know that Downwood and I are getting married on November 18th.[1] Things are actually starting to come together on the planning front, which means that they're on my mind a lot more than in the past. [2] It has been brought to my attention that not everyone wishes to view rantings of this nature, so I am about to construct a special friends filter.[3] If you wish to be added to the Bridezilla filter, drop me a comment here, on email, or through IM.

Thank you. That is all.
1 - If you can come up with an alternative verse to "Remember, remember the fifth of November..." I'd really appreciate it. My brain isn't coming up with words that fit any sort of rhyme scheme or meter and Downwood refuses to let me incorporate gunpowder and treason into my wedding planning just to follow the rhyme.
2 - I obsess. I worry. I plan. I stress If these are not also clear by now, you need to look into some reading comprehension courses.
3 - Hmph. I'm a pretty princess and *of course* the rest of the world cares about *exactly* the same things that *I* care about. Really.


Jun. 29th, 2006 05:20 pm
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(Guess what showed up today?)
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I got to spend 2.5 hours at the spa yesterday. The girl there gave me an absolutely FANTASTIC pedicure and a superb manicure. I've felt pretty from that for the last day.

In the mailbox today was a package that I ordered from eBay. My veil showed up! So, as you probably expect, I'm walking around the house in blue jeans, old t-shirt, and veil. I am a pretty princess! I adore this veil and can't wait to see what it looks like with the tiara and dress! More sparklies! The princess demands sparkles!! Mwahahahaha!!!

Er, right. I'm going to go back to twirling and gazing delightedly at my reflection. Toodles!


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