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I bought a new iPhone charger from ThinkGeek. It's a string of Christmas lights. It is glorious and makes me smile when I look at it.

I will be finalizing packages to send to PA and TX tonight. I will probably delegate the actual visiting of the post office to Downwood, but I will have the gifts out of the house and on their way to make far-flung friends happy.

I have a haircut and brow wax tomorrow after work. WOO!

I will be re-henna-ing my hair on Saturday. Sparkly hair for the holidays!

We have gaming on Sunday. Will be able to hand out xmas presents, too. Though I didn't get one of them finished. Oh, well. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It'll be fine.

Somewhere this weekend we'll have to bottle the Saison de Noel. I MUCH prefer the brewing to the bottling. Bottling is no fun. But bottling this weekend means we can drink it on xmas. And that I'll have enough room in the Brewing Closet to start a batch of Innkeeper Ale and a test batch of Cranberry Mead.

Only 10 more work days and then a long break.

Also, the book I was listening to ("Off to be the Wizard") had a main character who was being a dumbass. So I put it back and started re-listening to "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making". This was a good decision

small joys

Nov. 17th, 2015 11:58 am
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One of my small joys in life is when I get an email from Burda patterns with their new "style book". It's generally around 10 patterns, all on a theme. They have photos of the garments and the line drawings.

They make...questionable decisions. These can range from "what were they thinking?" styles to "why, gods, why?" fabric choices.

Why is this a joy in life? Because I look at the pictures, form an opinion, and then forward the email to People Who Understand (but may not want to be named). They respond with their opinions. The snark will flow.

Small joys in life, I tell you.
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I have a haircut tonight. My hair will be shorter. Probably hacking it off to my shoulders, maybe a bit shorter. Need a change on this front.

I'm thinking of getting this pattern for girl dresses ( and making it with either this fabric ( or this fabric ( or this one ( as the skirt and a solid as the top. Then, probably, make a sparkly cape that can be added, if Emi feels like being a full Snow Queen in Summer.

Started sketching ideas for a steampunk jetpack in a meeting yesterday. Also sketched an airship engineer-type outfit. Too many irons in fire? NEVAR!

I'm SOOO close to finishing up a couple of cute t-shirts for Ox from some of my KnitFix fabric. All I have left is the neck-binding. They're v-neck shirts. I should maybe have done this step earlier so that if I totally screw it up, I won't be as sad. But I'm pretty sure I can handle it. Pretty sure. After they're done, Emi wants me to make her another shirt or something. So that's easy.

We're driving to down-state IL tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. Emi's beside herself with joy. Ox has a cold and was all snotted up last night and kind of miserable. So we'll see how that goes. Things I must remember to pack: MiL's bday present, FiL's xmas present, MiL's GS cookies, FiL's GS cookies.

My TL helped me jettison my Worst Customer onto someone else. Now I have a couple extra hours a week that I used to use in Dire Frustration And Wanting To Throw Things. Now, I get to use it to do some of the stuff I love. So he told me to just go forth and do the things I love and to also think about how I can get more of what I love into my daily job and what else we'd have to change in order to make that happen. He actually wants me to be happy at work. HAPPY?! What a concept!

When I get home, I will have some comic books waiting for me. And a new silicone muffin tin. And a pound of raw cocoa butter. And some new oils. The homemade lotion route seems to be going well for the kidz and there was a sale.

And now, I go to get tasty Indian food for lunch. Because it's there and I'm hungry. Later, I have time to do work (gasp!) and will put on new nail wraps (Literary, from the first Nailed It KS). I'm wearing my Glitter is the New Black shirt. Things do not totally suck, no matter what my jerkbrain says.
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I bought this song on iTunes just so I could add it to my "Songs to Make Me Smile" playlist. So far, I like all the songs I've heard by this group, but this is my favorite. It just...yeah.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I've been listening to good music this morning and have only had to deal with annoying email, not annoying phone calls.

I embraced the glitter lotion this morning and donned a sequined shirt. This makes me feel better about life.

...I want to see local dancer R.T. do her choreography to this version of "Burn". With a Flame-o-phone, natch.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I just about have my packets ready to go to the people who volunteered to participate in my craft-it-forward challenge. This means I can extend it to more recipients! Yay!

Also, I GOT THE PART! I'm going to be one of the roving cast members for Big Werk Conference of Doom in the fall. I'm both excited and exhausted by the prospect.

Small victories. Yes.
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Just had a coworker come to my office to ask (1) how something works, (2) whether the setup they were proposing to the customer made any sense, and (3) whether I had any better ideas for how to make it work the way they wanted. I answered all three needs and got them to a better place. As she was leaving she said, "Thank you! I always tell my TL that I want to be Sabine when I grow up. You're always nice and helpful, even when dealing with massive piles of awful. So, I'd like to be you, but without dealing with the awful that you have to deal with."

I told her it was the nicest thing I've heard today. She smiled and bounced off.

She's one of the people I've helped train and groom over the last year. She's turned into a hell of a tech in her own right. Life sucks a little bit less.
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Day Ten - Little things

Coffee exists. There's the coffee pot that has a timer and the husband who sets it up before bed every night. There's the Cuban coffee that we have on mornings that are just terrible. There's my Minibru at work that was a Mother's Day gift from my kids. There's Pumpkin Spice lattes. There's good coffee. There's bad coffee. There's endless coffee at Perkins when you really just need an all-night conversation. Coffee exists.

Tea exists. I have Calm tea at home and Tummy Mint for days when I've had too much bad food. I have strong tea at work. I have a fantastic electric kettle and someday I'll install a hot water tap for tea whenever I want.

Chocolate exists. Yum.

Hugs exist. I got big hugs from Emi and Ox this morning. Last night, Emi fell asleep in my arms. She was melting down at bedtime because she knew I had to leave for a trip today, so that was a lot of hug. Ox had a bad dream this morning, so I sat and snuggled him until he was ready to start the day. They both hugged me before I left. Downwood hugged me, too.

Skype exists. I'll get to see and talk to my kids while I'm gone. I got to see my sister and little nephew last night. Emi and Ox got to see and talk to their aunt and cousin. Much communication is possible.

Wrist braces, KT tape, and Aleve exist. These are things that help me get through the daily pain of tendonitis. This is not a great way to live, but maybe I should have taken family history into account when picking a career and avoided anything with repetitive motion. Not that any jobs like that exist, but I can dream.

Water exists. As do water bottles and single serve packets of electrolyte powder.

Books exist. I have a Kindle loaded with new things and some hardcopy books for plane reading. Fiction is my happy place. I like dreaming that I'm in a world where magic is real. Because this world is pretty boring some days.

Dice exist. You can buy dice in every conceivable color combination and size. I always have dice in my purse, just in case emergency gaming or decisions need to be made.

Nail polish exists. Sequins exist. Glitter exists. Football exists. Minions exist. Henna exists. Lotion exists.

There are many reasons to be happy and many things to enjoy. I have to head to TX in a couple hours for work for the weekend, but I'm pretty thankful for a lot of things right now.

Yay coffee!
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It is sadly uncommon that my customer requests an early morning meeting and then cancels it a few minutes before the scheduled start time. So I rush to get to my desk on time only to find out that I didn't need to rush at all. Balls.

Right. Good mood will be brought down in a hail of missile fire and I'll start an art project with its entrails.

Day Eight - Talent pipes

I'll never earn talent pipes like in Name of the Wind. I don't have enough musical talent. Well, actually, to be honest, if I put in the time and energy and got good teachers, I probably could be a very good minstrel. But I didn't put in the time when I was younger and my parents didn't push me into it or make the making of music a family thing.

One of the things I've learned about my personality and brain is that I can pick up pretty much anything and get good at it. Some things are harder to learn - pottery, dance, racquetball - but if I put in the hours of repetitions, I can gain competency in any area. Purely mental tasks are easier for me to get - languages, science, math, stories. Minor hand-eye coordination tasks are harder and full body coordination tasks are the hardest. It doesn't help that for the longest time I've believed that I'm completely hopeless at tasks that involve my limbs working together. Something about extreme growth spurts, preferring reading over running, and being really, really bad at sports made me believe it was all impossible.

Nothing's impossible.

I may not have time to master every skill, but if I put in the energy, I'll get something out of it. I'll improve and I'll be able to measure the improvement.

Case in point - I finally won the annual Iron Bulwer-Lytton Challenge. My skills at writing extremely dreadful prose are getting better and better. Soon I shall be unstoppable. Bow before me! Tremble and despair! Mwahahahahaha!

Er, I mean, I've gotten good enough at sewing to make a totally crazy bodice from scratch, modify a pattern to get Emi her Spider-man glitter dress, and make some pretty nifty steampunk outfits. At one point I was pretty good at painting minis. I can crochet just about anything, given directions.

I have skill points that I've distributed! This is a reason to be happy!

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Right. I'm locating a happy headspace if I have to track one down, trap it, gut it, and use its liver as a jaunty hat.

Day Seven - Nerdlings

I held out for as long as I possibly could before caving and using my kidz as my daily happy place. Truth be told, I use them as my happy place about five times an hour. I have pictures of them on my desk and my phone, so that no matter where I go, I can find my center.

Emi crawled into bed with me this morning, snuggled down, and went straight back to sleep. I held her close and just enjoyed the few minutes left before my phone told me it was time to start the day. She was really confused and wanted to know why my phone was going crazy. I told her we could snooze a bit more. She got up when I did, but wasn't awake enough to do more than sip chocolate milk and watch cartoons.

Ox also got up when we did. He demanded loudly that someone should come open his door Right Now. He can reach the doorknob, but not yet turn it to get out. He was his usual happy morning self and wandered out to the kitchen to hang with me.

Emi is smart, determined, devious, talented, beautiful, and my wonderful girl. Ox is smart, determined, handsome, and my wonderful boy. They both love trains. Emi loves superheroes. Ox loves construction equipment. Emi has wide mood swings. Ox is pretty easy-going, but has the occasional total meltdown.

They both give the best hugs.

They make me crazy. Sometimes I have to walk out of the room and take a deep breath or five before I can speak in a reasonable tone of voice. I don't hit and I try to not yell. I don't tell them that they're bad kids or that I'm disappointed in them. I might not like their actions, but I still love them.

I'm scared of messing them up the way my mom did me. I know they'll probably need therapy some day, but I hope it's more "I'm afraid of small girls wielding cutlasses" than "I've never been certain if my mom loves me". I have more hopes and dreams for them than I do for myself.

There are times when I'm out of money, energy, and coping that I wonder why I wanted kids so badly. Without kids, I'd have free time and free money for doing fun things with my husband - like GenCon, Teslacon, world travel, keeping the house reasonably in order, going to the gym regularly, etc. And then Ox runs up when I get home from work and tries to tackle me with a hug and Emi talks my ear off, telling me all about her day at school and things aren't quite so bad.

And then Downwood hands me a glass of wine and things are actually pretty darn good...

...until there's a crash, a thud, tears, and crys of "It wasn't me!"
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 My job is so full of negativity and awfulness that I need to try to send some good vibes out into the universe to compensate. Also, this will help focus me on the good things in life and make the bad things seem less bad. That's the theory, anyway.

Day Five - Painkillers, books, and pedicures

These are the things I prescribed to fix my mood today. These things have more or less done the trick. Though, upon reflection, I shouldn't have cut my glitter dot fabric until my headache was totally gone. Balls.

Painkillers are necessary for my ongoing headaches and wristache. Books are necessary for my soulache. And a pedicure was necessary for morale and because my toes need to be pretty, darn it. A pedicure also got me out of the house, got me time to read my book, and let me stop at the Halloween store to find Emi a pirate sword (her request) and Ox a set of policeman accessories.

I wish Advil worked faster or better. I wish I didn't have to use the heavy-duty wrist brace because the lightweight one lets me still use my thumb too much. I wish I had a glass of wine.

That last one I can do something about. Yay wine!
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My job is so full of negativity and awfulness that I need to try to send some good vibes out into the universe to compensate. Also, this will help focus me on the good things in life and make the bad things seem less bad. That's the theory, anyway.

Day Four - Ridiculous alcohol

My folks were in town to watch Emi play soccer. So we did and it was fun. They then decided that we should all play at the park. So we did and it was fun. Then they decided that we should totally go downtown to Oktoberfest. So we did. Beer is delicious. Watching Emi be entranced by the giant Alpine horn players and Ox entranced by the polka = also awesome. Coming home and putting my feet up = awesome.

When Downwood took the kiddos down to the train show, I cracked open my mini bottle of pink Kinky vodka. It tasted like fruity rainbows and unicorn giggles. I listened to some more "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" and read some more "Let's Pretend This Never Happened"*.

We had french fries and popcorn for dinner. I opened my mini bottle of blue Kinky and offered Downwood a sip. He declared it to be poison. He's right. it tasted like crushed dreams and instant regret. 

So now I'm sipping some candy bar vodka and not at all regretting that it's not whiskey. I need to rack my cherry stout to a secondary fermenter to let it settle before bottling, but for right now I'm content with hoping the Badgers make this a game and trying out our various vodkas in the name of science.

* - Side note, I'm now reading the archives of The Bloggess. Laughing so hard. I wish I was this entertaining.

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My job is so full of negativity and awfulness that I need to try to send some good vibes out into the universe to compensate. Also, this will help focus me on the good things in life and make the bad things seem less bad. That's the theory, anyway.

Day Three - Finding my voice.

Today I'm wearing sparkly jewelry, KT tape on both wrists and a brace on my left, a taupe maxi skirt, candy-corn striped knee socks, a BRIGHT orange shirt with an asymmetric neckline and ruffle, and a black and purple checked trench coat. I have perfume that smells like chocolate pie. I have a french press cup of coffee, a bright purple purse, purple phone and kindle covers, and way more varieties of music readily at hand than most people would consider healthy. I also have purple nail polish applied in varying geometric patterns.

In dance, I've started expanding my music options and learning where my voice comes from. Not trying to dance like M, AJ, or Ph. Not trying to dance like Au or RH or our GPS, but trying to dance like Sabine. Figuring out what feels good on my body, what parts of the music I want to illustrate, what props fit my idea of where the music is going.

At work, I've set some new goals around playing to my strengths and the things that I really love to do. The things that make me want to come in early and stay late. This is not to say that I'll always be putting in the extra hours, but my TL and I are working on making work better for me.

In all these things, I'm trying to be kind to my mental state and grasp the things that make me happy. I LIKE wearing eye-searing color combinations. I LIKE dancing to filk - it's much, much easier for me to pull meaning from English than Arabic (go figure) and I think it makes me a better dancer. I LIKE writing code and growing new hires into useful techs. I don't feel like I need to apologize for my choices in these areas.

Maybe it's that I'm finally getting comfortable in my skin - I don't look exactly like I want, but how I am is okay. I'm okay. I'm not perfect, and that's okay. I'm still very insecure and have a lot of social anxiety, but I'm not worried that people are whispering about my clothes or my dance. I still struggle daily with the super-fun combination of depression and anxiety, but there are a few places where I can drop kick those baddies and embrace what makes me Me.
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My job is so full of negativity and awfulness that I need to try to send some good vibes out into the universe to compensate. Also, this will help focus me on the good things in life and make the bad things seem less bad. That's the theory, anyway.

Day Two - Continuing the theme of living in the future, I have a small device on which I can read anything I want, whenever I want. It's backlit, so I can even take it to bed with me and continue to read until I fall asleep. I can get whatever books I want for this thing, probably far too easily for my bank account to be happy, but I love it.

Last night I made a major miscalculation in my bedtime book. Instead of reading and falling asleep, I read and laughed so hard that I was crying and wheezing. I staggered my way out to the kitchen and handed my Kindle to Downwood. I'm not sure how much I communicated beyond giggling gasps that he was to read the same chapter I'd just read.

I returned to bed, still giggling over the book.

A few minutes later, I heard Downwood's reaction. He then came in to share the gigglefit with me. So good. Then, of course, I couldn't fall asleep for the giggles. So I listened to some "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" (thank you Day One) and tried to relax enough to stop giggling.

The book? "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson (Amazon link). TOTALLY WORTH IT, OMG READ THIS SO FUNNY!

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My job is so full of negativity and awfulness that I need to try to send some good vibes out into the universe to compensate. Also, this will help focus me on the good things in life and make the bad things seem less bad. That's the theory, anyway.

Day One - We live in the future. I can listen to stories, storytellers, minstrels, bards, and pretty much anything I want, whenever I want. I have a wealth of audio knowledge and entertainment in a device that fits in my pocket. Whenever I want to be entertained by a story or by a song, I can hear it. I can listen to my favorite songs over and over and never have to hear a DJ nattering or a song I dislike. I don't have to wade through commercials or try to hit record right as my song is over the airwaves. I can listen to world-class lectures or Regency zombie romances. This is an amazing, wonderful thing and it's something that's totally, wholly awesome.
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I'm not sure what day it is. This morning, Emi came in sobbing at 5, saying she'd had an accident. She hid a sippy cup in bed - she's not allowed to have cups in bed for just this reason - and everything was soaked. Downwood got up and cleaned her up and she crawled in with me. When my alarm went off just a bit later, she went to the couch and dozed. I went to the coffee pot, then to my computer. I have several lists of comics, each labeled with a day of the week, so that I only check the comics that update that day. I couldn't figure out which day it was. And now I just sent an email asking if we should make Friday night plans for tonight.

It's not Friday. That'd be tomorrow. Not today.

I have a meeting with my Team Lead this afternoon. I'm supposed to be talking about career growth and such. Don't know what I want to bring up. Phooey.

Those overnight refrigerator oatmeal things that have been popping up on Pinterest and Facebook lately? Actually pretty tasty. And it means it's something I don't have to put together in the morning. Win! I don't eat breakfast until I get to work, otherwise I'm starving to death by 10 AM. Having a bento breakfast at work means that I can have a wider variety of food - carbs, protein, fruit, maybe something else - and space it out over a longer period of time.

For some reason, I can't use my debit card to make purchases at Corset Story. Every time I try, the transaction is denied and my bank calls me to ask about potentially fraudulent activity. And then they're all like "Was this Kickstarter purchase yours? How about this Audible purchase?" Yeah, I do all my shopping online. I'm a sad computer addict consumer monkey.

I will dye my hair this weekend. And sew. And dance.

I have my dance for SitG patterned out. There are a couple of fuzzy spots, but I know where I'm supposed to be and the emotions to project at each part. Now to just do it until I can't do it wrong. Also, continue to bond with my new veil from RH. Each veil acts a little different and has a different personality. This one is very loving. Not in a "I'm going to smother you now" sort of way (usually), but in a "let me be a part of your limbs" sort of way. I can work with this.

I read Neil Gaiman's "Ocean at the End of the Lane" on the way to faire two weeks ago. I'm now listening to him narrate it. This is really awesome. I recommend both.

Time to get ready for morning phone calls. My afternoon is weirdly open. Maybe I'll actually get work done today!! WHAT A CONCEPT!
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 Every night I ask Emi to tell me what happened during the day and what she's looking forward to tomorrow. Tonight, I got more than I bargained for.

Emi: Tomorrow is Whistle-Pig Watching Day!
Me: Whistle-Pig what day?
Emi: Whistle-Pig Watching Day! We go out into the back yard and whistle so the Whistle-Pigs come out of their burrows and see if they see their shadows. If you whistle, you can pick them up. I'm a great whistle girl, you know.
Me: You sure are. I...didn't know we had Whistle-Pigs in the back yard.
Emi: Yep! They live in burrows underground with the worms and make nests from leaves. That's where they sleep. It's sooooo comfy!
Me: Really?
Emi: Yep! They lay eggs and the babies are hatched so now they can come out to whistle with us and we can watch them.
Me: <goes to get [ profile] downwood >
Emi: <repeats all the above for Daddy, then adds > But, you know, Whistle-Pigs are nocturnal, so they're not active during the day. That's when they're sleeping!
Daddy: So you have to wait until tomorrow night?
Emi: No, that's why you have to *whistle*!

I never knew we had a Whistle-Pig infestation in our back yard. Good to know.
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Thursday - Danced at Med Hookah. Aside from my skirt wanting to escape, I think I did pretty well. I was going for soft, feminine, and subtle. The other dancers were lovely. Some had interesting music choices, and quite a few stepped outside their comfort zone. It was super fun. I love being a part of this community.

Friday - After werk, I went home and Downwood and I got some things cleaned up. A & A brought their Alex over so they could go out and have some adult times. I can't bring my kiddos to their place b/c of Pug, so it's not the most convenient babysitting gig ever, but it seems to have worked. At one point, Emi came running out of her room in full superhero costume, then ran back to get Alex to dress him up as her sidekick. He went along with it really well. Ox seemed to think it was fun having someone his size, but eventually got so tired that he couldn't handle playing. It was much fun.

Saturday - We went to my werk picnic. We met up with my cousin and his lovely wife and they helped wrangle the kiddos. Downwood, Ox, and I enjoyed the food - Ox got to have lobster and seemed to dig it - but Emi refused to touch anything. She even refused a popsicle after she asked for one. It was blazing hot and we separated from Downwood and Ox to try to find Emi's balloon and craft tent. In retrospect, this was a terrible idea, since he didn't have his phone and I left my phone with him and we didn't set up a place to meet. Emi got more and more cranky, finally throwing up while just walking down the sidewalk. We collected the guys and went home. She really, really didn't feel good. To the point that she napped most of the afternoon, woke up and had some juice, then put herself to bed about 7. I went looking for her to put her in the tub and found her curled up in bed, still dressed, with all the lights on. Poor kiddo.

Sunday - Totally rocked. I gathered up all the pieces of my Steampunk ensemble, got clothes on the kids, and helped Downwood pick out what he wanted to wear. After a far too long drive, we made it to Bristol! Ox was fascinated by everything. His eyes were SO BIG the whole day. Emi was super shy whenever anyone wanted to talk to her, but she danced with a fairy, examined a spider web, and fangirled over a Merida (from Brave) cosplayer. She also liked looking at everything, especially all the shiny stuff. I got lots of praise and picture requests. I did a good job of putting things together in a way that made sense and was consistent with who I felt I was being. Totally fun, even if I didn't get to see really any of the entertainment acts I was looking forward to.

Faire again on August 24 for the Monsters of Myth theme!!! I have a steampunk fairy idea percolating that I'm very excited to try out.

Today - Werk. Total lack of motivation. Want to be home sewing.

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Last night was super fun. I have no idea how I danced. I think it was good, I was told it was good, but I didn't have the WOWZA exhilaration at the end of it that would tell me I connected and danced the way I wanted to. Oh well. I was sparkly and it was all good.

Today I checked my email at werk and discovered that someone "liked" my review of Celebromancy on Goodreads. That someone is the AUTHOR! Glee! I know authors are real people, but it makes me happy when they know how much I love their work.

Tomorrow is the annual werk picnic. This year they did a great job of listing out all allergens, so we're actually going to bring the kiddos and feel reasonably comfortable with it. Ox is going to LOVE the construction petting zoo. Emi will probably love balloons and whatever else we let her play with.

Sunday is FAIRE! I'll be in my full steampunk getup. Downwood doesn't know yet what he's wearing. It's not like he doesn't have a wide selection from which to choose. Ox has an outfit, but I'm not sure how much of it he'll wear. Emi...well, she may wear her faire stuff. Or a fairy dress. Or a fairy tutu and superhero mask and cape. Or something.

And then it'll be Monday and I'll be heat/sun/fun-hungover and back at werk.
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Black and green bedlah is in the car. I have all the pieces in the bin. After I tried it on for fit, I put everything in the bin so that I wouldn't forget any of the important pieces. I even remembered to put the hair clips I made into the bin this morning! My cover-up needs a little work to be awesome, but it's something I can do while on the phone.

Makeup kit is in my purse. I didn't have time or energy this morning to put my face on. I'll do that at the end of the work day. My nails are 2/3 done. This is how I stay sane on terrible phone calls. My bangs are a little weird, so I hope they don't get more weird by tonight.

My music is running on repeat in my head. This is a good, if somewhat distracting thing.

Fresh strawberries go really well with honey-roasted almonds.

Life is still pretty good.
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I could really use a motivatologist. Somewhere between a mixologist, guidance counselor, life coach, and motivational speaker, this magical person would fill up my Bucket Of Care and make me a productive, happy worker bee. Buzz buzz and all that crap.

I have no motivatologist today. This will be a problem.

Emi comes home from a vacation weekend at Grandma's today. The weekend was a vacation for all of us here, too. Ox got SO MUCH more verbal in Emi's absence and really soaked up all the attention from Momma and Daddy. I got to sit on the couch last night, craft, watch my show, and drink wine and not have any interruptions or have to rewind because I couldn't hear what was going on.

I tried on my green and black second-hand bedlah and IT FITS! I also got a tummy cover, which helps, but IT FITS!! And it's SPARKLY! I moved the hooks on the bra to fit better and now am trying to find music that fits the bedlah. :) Dancer problems, yo.

I started covering my bowler hat. So cute.

I made some hair flowers that could go with my black and green. Yay for hot glue and glitter!

I bought a bunch of tulle to make Emi a fairy tutu and to flat line a bustley overskirt for me. Yay poufs!

I forgot my water bottle on the counter. I had it right next to my bento boxes, but that wasn't close enough. Drat. I have a backup water bottle at work, but it likes to spill everywhere, so I don't really want to use it. I also have Downwood's car today instead of mine, so that backup water bottle is unavailable. Double drat.

Staff meeting. Yay.


Jun. 18th, 2013 09:08 am
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Saturday was SUPER FUN! We had friends over for card games, wine, flirting, and fun. It was so, so fun. I'm still waiting on my new anti-anxiety med to kick in and help out, but I managed to have a good time anyway, so that's really what's important.

Sunday was not as much fun, due to chores and needing to act like a grownup. I restarted my Zombies! Run Couch to 5K program. Ox "helped" me stretch after. I love that little dude so much. He's totally awesome. Emi pulled me downstairs to make her a purple super cape and I enlisted her in making some crash pads for Sasha. I like stash busting!

Monday included a screw-up at work and some awesomeness at work, so I hope they balance out. I need to pay my mortgage and keep health insurance and all that. I know my brain tends to overreact and always seek out the worst case scenarios, but it makes me nervous. I was able to get my nails painted for the first time since breaking my arm, though. And dance class was totally fun. M is evil, my classmates are fantastic, and the laser cane choreography makes me happy.

Today was snuggles with Emi, a Zombie Run on the trails near work, and breakfast at my desk. I moved my mouse back to my left hand and have high hopes that this will make my neck and shoulder pain less. My arm's finally strong enough/not hurting so much so that I can use it. I made progress on some work and am getting frustrated trying to figure out another one. Now I get to be on a phone call with the people who make me crazy (again!) and drink some coffee from my Minibru. Note to self: I need to get better coffee - the stuff here at work is too finely ground to make decent press coffee.

This week should be fun. I have some Aloe Purell to set on fire and I'm going to see if my arm's strong enough to spin light. I don't know if that will hurt like a bitch or be okay. I also have a promise of fun times on Saturday and a dance workshop to kick my butt and brain on Sunday. All I have to do is keep moving and everything will be fine.


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