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Me: *cursing vehemently as Ticketmaster crashes and burns and won't let me buy normal tickets*

Me: *staring blankly at the prices the re-sale sites are asking for Hamilton tickets"

Downwood: "Let me put it to you this way. You can buy the tickets now *or* you can get new tires for your car *and* have a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast in Lake Geneva for our anniversary."

Me: *closes the ticket site tabs*

Me: *cries a tiny bit in disappointment and frustration*

Downwood: "Also, this is CHICAGO we're talking about. As long as the show keeps making money, they'll keep it there. Give it some time and we'll go."

Me: *sighs*
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The other night....

Downwood: What are you doing?
Me: Eating my Reese's egg.
Downwood: Seriously?
Me: We've been together for 12 years and you've never noticed that I always eat the edges off of peanut butter cups first and save the middle for the end?
Downwood: Apparently not....why?!
Me: The chocolate is sub-par and I really like the peanut butter. So I get rid of the highest concentrations of chocolate first and then have a bite or two that are really, really good.
Downwood: Huh. Okay then.
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Burda: Here's our new pattern collection for this week! Yoga Retreat!

Me: I get the sense that Burda's thrown in the towel on 2015. The palazzo pants are basic and comfortable but the rest just...why?

T: "Hold still while I throw jersey fabric on you!"

A: What is with the no-pants options (the dress while carrying yoga mat, for example)!?  Are people doing yoga without pants of any kind!?  Yikes.

Me: Breathe into your core. Bend into downward dog. Don't worry about your dress falling over your head. Breathe into the movement. Let your lady garden breathe with you.

A: NOOOOOOoooo!!!!

I love my friends.

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Transcript of chat log with my husband.

Also, I had a meeting with my TL. Everyone I work for/with had nothing but SUPREME PRAISE for me.And he gave me a cup of very good coffee
and I taught him how to troubleshoot (that thing that I'm good at but hate)
so he thinks I'm even more awesome
well done ??
did I mention he gave me coffee?
because he gave me coffeeand he's okay with me continuing to balance my workload and do the things that I like and I'm good at and EVERYONE LOVES ME OMGI need to go get food before my stomach lining dies in protest
go eat ??
and congrats ??
all the energy
you've earned it. every last bit of it
oooooooh! German chocolate cake roll!
This is all going on my blog, btw. Because, really.
And pumpkin pie bars! DESSERT FOR LUNCH!
all praise the coming of november and the end of october
Okay. I go. :D
because nothing good happens in october
Damn skippy
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 Emi put on the new leggings I made for her. They're the same legging material as a pair I made for myself, but these have an attached bright red circle skirt. Emi's favorite color is red, so she loved them. I asked if I could take some pictures of her in her new leggings. She posed for a bit, then came to look at the pictures.

Alex came over. I asked if he wanted pictures taken. He said yes and got up and smiled for me.

I said, "Strike a pose!". He started bending and being upside down and touching the floor and stuff. I asked what he was doing, if he just wanted to be a goofball or what. He stood up and deliberately bent to the side again and smiled.

I said "pose". He did yoga poses.

Many giggles and high fives. 
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Sunday evening after bath, Emi had Daddy pull her right front tooth. It was hanging on by a thread, but she didn't want to try to get it out.

Last night, I was working late (too many meetings and too many things to do) and got a series of IMs from Downwood. Alex and Emi were running around before dinner. When Downwood's back was turned, there was a collision. Alex's forehead is right at the same level as Emi's mouth.

I think you can see where this is going.

Emi's other front tooth was already loose. The collision knocked it about 7/8 out, but it was still holding on. There was blood everywhere. Eventually, Downwood convinced Emi that the tooth needed to come the rest of the way out. So Emi, being totally brave, pulled it out herself. And, yes, there was still more blood everywhere.

Emi got to have jello, lemon ice, and sunflower seed butter (instead of peanut butter) for dinner. She now has NO front teeth, but quite a few quarters from the tooth fairy. School pictures are on Friday.

Alex is fine. No bruising and no trauma. Emi is still a bit traumatized, but is proud to be the first one in first grade to have NO front teeth. A couple of her classmates are missing ONE tooth, but she's missing BOTH. Major street cred, yo.

This is the first bone break as a result of sibling roughhousing. If it's the only one, I'll be both surprised and thankful


Feb. 6th, 2015 11:04 am
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Instant message from Downwood: Emi lost her second tooth this morning!

Later, I see a post from Downwood on Facebook:

from the other end of the house there is a crash and a thud.

Me: "what are you guys doing?"
Emi: "Just swordfighting"

So now I wonder if are these two things related? No response yet. This is worrying.

Also, I've been at work for a really long time already this morning. I have to leave early for a teacher conference with Ox and I'll have to work for a while after that.

Also, I'm ticked off at one of my customers. They insisted that they needed an emergency call and the absolutely only time that would work is noon. I already have an 11-12 call. I'm getting hangry. Grr.

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Emi, in the bathtub: I want to get out!!!!!
Me, from the next room: Nope. You're not pruney yet
Emi: did you KNOW?!
Me: I'm Momma. I know everything
Emi: Daddy? Why don't you know that much?
Me: *dissolves into giggles*
Downwood:'s a clever ruse
Emi: Huh.

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Emi: *bumps her arm on a chair and complains that it hurts*
Me: *gives a hug* Well, we could cut it off and put on a new arm.
Emi: NO! I don't want a new arm!
Me: Why not? We could get you a robot arm.
Emi: No! There's blood and stuff inside my arm and it would get all over the place.
Me: That's very practical, Bug.
Emi: Anyway, robot arms don't have joints and have claws at the end. It wouldn't work.
Me: Well, we could get you a robot arm that has joints.
Emi: No, those don't exist in this dimension.
Me: Well, we could go to the other dimension and get one.
Emi: No, we can't! We don't have a wormhole!
Me: Huh. Well, we could make a wormhole.
Emi: No, Momma. Only scientists long long long long time ago could make wormholes.
Me: Well, I'm a scientist.
Emi: No, you're not. You used to be a scientist.
Me: I am so. I work with computers doing computer science. And computer science is basically making a wormhole.
Emi: Well, we couldn't make a wormhole right now.
Me: Bug, if you want to make this our project, we can totally work on making a wormhole.
Emi: Okay. Can I have a drink of water now?


So, to recap: my daughter knows about extra-dimensional travel, that it's done through wormholes, and that only ancient scientists (probably Atlanteans) could make them. Also, that Momma inherited her grandpa's tendency to answer overreactions to injury with amputation. This is a typical evening in our household.

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 Emi: "Okay, I'm ready to go downstairs now!"
Daddy: "When did we discuss going downstairs as an option?"
Emi: "Earlier. With Momma"
Me: "Um, no"
Daddy: "Emi, did you have the conversation in your head and forget to tell me?"
Emi: "Yeah..."
Daddy (looking between us): "No! Only one of you is allowed to do that at a time!"
Emi: Throws her hand up in the air to call dibs.
Daddy, Me: Much laughing and hugs for Emi.
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IM conversation with my husband.

Downwood: ... I think Emi is trying to DM for Ox.
Me: ...
Downwood: "Okay, Ox, the monster has locked all the doors. What do you do?"

I'm so, so proud!
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Downwood: [Your biological dad] sent Emi a big box of books.
Downwood: some mrs. piggle wiggle and a whole ton of junie b. jones books
Sabine: COOOL!
Sabine: I love Mrs Piggle Wiggle
Sabine: and Junie B Jones is apparently hilarious
Downwood: and two random 'christian' books that she may never know exist
Sabine: word
Sabine:  At least until she's old enough to think for herself.
Sabine: We need to teach her to think
Downwood: They're kids picture books. a.k.a. indoctrination
Downwood: I figured I should ask before they mysteriously end up in the recycle bin.
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Daddy: "Emi! Did you steal a Starburst?!"
Emi: "Don't get mad, Daddy. It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it."
Daddy: "Emi, someday that's not going to save you."
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No, body, I don't care HOW pregnant you are: potato chips and cool whip are NOT two great tastes that go great together.

Potato chips and chocolate ice cream, on the other hand, might actually be okay. Maybe even with peanut butter, too. But the cool whip is right out.
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Downwood: Can I get you anything?
Me: Potato chips with peanut butter covered in chocolate.
Him: *blinks*
Me: *looks sad and wistful*
Him: I...don't even know how to begin to respond to that.
Me: You say, "Yes, dear." Make it so, number one.
Him: Right. How about normal chips and/or ice cream?
Me: That'll work, too.
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Monday was a day full of snow. It snowed fairly steadily all day with relatively decent accumulation. I was at work watching the temperature and the forecast and made the decision that it would be safer to head home after work on slushy, sloppy roads instead of waiting until after dance when the roads would be more frozen than slushy. Especially since my drive is all two-lane highways that are not reliably salted or sanded.

I should point out that I drove in Iowa winters for 6 years and have driven in Wisconsin winters for 8 years. The primary rule that I've learned is "Slow down, idiot, and you'll get there safely". The secondary rules are "Don't slam on either the brake or gas" and "4-wheel drive doesn't help you stop".

The roads weren't too bad, as long as they were flat. There were reasonably clear tire tracks, but turning or passing didn't seem like a great idea. Any time that the road went up or down, though, the road was 90-100% snow/ice covered. Since my drive home involves going up a steep hill, along the top of the ridge, then down the steep hill on the other side, this is important to note.

When I was about halfway along the ridge, I noticed that someone was tailgating me. They had no flashy red and blue lights, so I gave them my usual mental warning of "If I have to stop and you hit me, your insurance is going to pay for it" and set about ignoring them. This is my policy with tailgaters.

I got to the top of the hill down the ridge and noticed that the road was entirely snow and ice. I slowed down a bit, realized that my tires weren't actually in contact with the road, and proceeded with caution. This infuriated the person behind me. They tried to be intimidating by speeding up and slowing down, but that didn't phase me, which is totally the point of ignoring a tailgater.

Near the bottom of the hill, there wasn't anyone in the oncoming lane. So the person behind me flipped their brights at me and floored it in an attempt to zoom around me.

I backed off my speed just a little so that they could safely get around. As they try to merge back into our lane, they start to fishtail WILDLY across the entire road.

I slow down some more.

They fishtail a couple more times, then spin 180 and end up in the ditch on the other side of the road, pointing back the way they came.

I continue on my way home on roads that were significantly more clear than the hill, so I could go just a bit faster. I'm still smiling about it.

Moral of the story: Sometimes the universe is just and fair. And hilarious.
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Me: *reading Twitter*
Downwood: *holding child, wondering when I'm going to make dinner*
Me: *reads this post by Neil Gaiman*
Downwood: Wha-?
Downwood: *reads over my shoulder*
Downwood: They're crazy! They've only been dating a year!
Me: *Gives Downwood The Look. This time The Look conveys the message Yes, And How Long Exactly Was It Before You Proposed? Wasn't It Only Five Months? Isn't Five Months Less Than A Year? You Have NO ROOM To Talk, Buster*
Downwood: *Bursts into laughter. Flees room with child*
Me: Darn skippy.
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Scene: Sunday evening. I'm kicked back on the couch in the living room reading the first Two Lumps collection. Downwood and Sister are in the den - he's on the computer and she's reading.

Sabine: *uncontrollable giggles*

Downwood: *Comes into the living room, looking very confused* What...what are you reading?

Sabine: Two Lumps, volume one

Downwood: Ok. *goes back to living room* It was just Sabine. No worries.

Cut to Scene: Tuesday evening. I'm kicked back on the couch in the living room reading the second Two Lumps collection.

Sabine: *uncontrollable giggles*

Downwood: *Comes into the room* The acoustics of your giggles are strange. From the den, we can't tell if the noise is from inside the house or outside, if it's the front or the back. It might be a fan squeaking or a critter on the porch.

Sabine: *extreme gigglefit*
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Me: Call your dad and wish him a happy fathers' day so that we can go to dinner after.
Downwood: Okay, and I have to pick where we're going?
Me: Yep! It's fathers' day and you're the father. I'm not the father, that'd just be weird.
Downwood: *laughs* Okay, I'm dialing!
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I'm walking through the snack/health/beauty aisle at the grocery store, minding my own business, trying to get out of the store before the 5 o'clock rush hits. I'm stopped by a lady in an electric scooter-cart combination.

"Excuse me," she says, "but do you see the hemorrhoid medicine - Preparation H - anywhere? I can't find it."

"Hm...well, I'd assume it'd be in this general area." I scan the shelves quickly. After a couple seconds' searching, I locate it. "There it is," I say and point to the bottom shelf about a foot in front of her.

"Thank you!"

I walk past as she begins to maneuver the electric scooter-cart to where she can, presumably, bend to reach it. Just before I clear the end of the aisle she exclaims, "What a pain in the ass!"

To my everlasting credit, I did not burst out laughing right then. I did get a big goofy grin on my face that has yet to fade. Downwood says this will be his happy thought while working the phones tomorrow. I agree.


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