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I bitchslapped no one at work.

I cracked some jokes and helped out a coworker in need.

I rewrote a design. Now it's way more complicated. And maybe better.

I tried on the two pairs of jeans I ordered from Woman Within. I...don't need to order their Tall sizes. Holy buckets. I need to hem these. Also, one pair I might try to slim down the legs a skosh. But they're very comfortable, if bigger than I expected. 

My new Jacket Of Pockets fits. Barely. But it's cute and has something like 23 pockets. And is warm. And somewhat stylish. I am content with this purchase.

Both kids are in bed. Bedtime was a struggle tonight. I am crabby and tired, but they're both FINALLY IN BED.

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  • Work is eating my brain. The constant interruptions and OMG!NOW crises are mostly just annoying me instead of causing me heartburn and anxiety. Not that constant annoyance is any more productive than constant anxiety, but at least it's different. My jaw tends to hurt by the end of the day, though, which can't be good for me.
  • My immune system is letting me down. I have the dry, dry sinuses and scratchy throat that indicate Bad Things to come. I'm getting lots of vitamin C and am trying to get lots of rest, so hopefully my system will figure out what it's meant to be doing and things won't suck long term.
  • I went out on Black Friday to two small businesses and three chain stores (coffee, fabric, tarjay). I went out on Small Business Saturday with Emi and visited five small businesses in our town. Cyber Monday saw me spending money online for tights, lotion, and geek toys. Giving Tuesday ended with me sending money to feed people and cheer sick kids. Of all these, I think the last group of payments were my favorite to click Accept.
  • Dance class on Monday was interesting. We were going to start a choreography to a very, very traditional folk piece full of LOUD folk instruments. Teacher M's brain bailed and refused to give forth the motifs for the new song, so we just ran through the dabke number a couple more times to solidify the ending and get the step patterns back in our heads. I'm okay with this, as I'm not a huge fan of this new song. I'll dance it and do my best but it's not something that makes my heart go pitter-pat.
  • I made an infinity scarf from impulse-purchased fleece. For Downwood. Now he can't even use the excuse of "But my neck will be cold" when I ask him to please, please trim back his beard to something reasonable.
  • I'm re-reading some of my favorite Tamora Pierce series. Totally worth the time.
  • I need to start wrapping gifts. This will let me get packages ready to be mailed. I also have to finish my pledge from January for "comment and I'll make you something" people and get those mailed. Am a slacker. Boo.
  • I'm in a very bad overall mental place right now. Some of it is that it's dark and cold outside. Some of it is my perfectionist jerkbrain making everything SO IMPORTANT that things be PERFECT for EVERYONE this holiday season. Some of it is other personal interactions being bad. Just not good. Had a meltdown on Sunday when nothing was good, I couldn't do anything right, I was completely out of spoons and People Points, and I just wanted everyone to BE QUIET. It was not good.
  • I've made appointments for the kids to get their annual pictures taken and for me to get my annual shellac manicure. These were easy to check off the list.
  • My last day of work for the year is the 22nd. That's less than 3 weeks away. That's good. My Iowa family holidays will be the weekend before, which may suck for timing, but I'll get to see my sister and nephew, so it will be at least a little good. Downwood's Illinois family holidays are a little up in the air. There should be some time in there for crafting, books, and gaming. It should be okay. Probably won't be, but should be.

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We had 17 people at our house for dinner yesterday. 5 of them were unknown to me before the event - 3 as guests of my cousin (they were in town anyway) and 2 from work who needed a place to come have dinner. It's quite possibly the biggest turnout we've had for one of these shindigs. And it was AWESOME.

There was a TON of food and good booze. I brought out some wine and cinnamon whiskey, filled the percolator with cider and cinnamon sticks, made two pies (from frozen because I ran out of cope), ham, turkey, roasted root veggies, sweet corn, and homemade cranberry sauce because the canned stuff is of the devil. Folks brought pies, brownies, cheeses, fruits, two kinds of stuffing, a hashbrown potato casserole, green bean casserole (fresh green beans with cream of mushroom soup FROM SCRATCH), rolls, cinnamon-cranberry-orange rolls, and more booze.

It was pretty amazing. We gathered plates and dispersed around the house. I think we all ate too much, but that's fine. 

We sent some leftovers home with people and traded other leftovers - you take the pumpkin pie, but leave me the apple - and I fell into bed.

Today, I woke up early and went out to do some shopping. First the spa, to get my annual shellac manicure at 20% off. Then Starbucks because coffee. Then the FLGS for D&D books and My First Carcassonne. Then JoAnn's for on sale yarn and fleece. Then Target for DVDs, little toys, and some clothes. Then home.

Since being at home, we've done a lot of dishes. I made incredibly tasty ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch - this butter topping makes it all better ( I made an Emi-safe pumpkin pie with her and it's cooling on the counter. I made a turkey pot pie out of leftovers and it's cooling on the stove. It's also Emi-safe, due to using a modified biscuit recipe for the top. We'll see if she eats it.

Later tonight, we need to strain and aliquot a couple gallons of turkey stock. The bones and the leftover cooking veggies slowly simmered all night, leaving us with stock of FLAVOR.

Dinner soon. Thank god. I'm crabby now because I'm hungry and the pot pie smells good.

Tomorrow, Emi and I will wander around downtown and she'll pick out some presents. We love Small Business Saturday, since our town is FULL of small businesses. Afterward, I may try to make some fleece headbands and scarves. Maybe even finish a couple of other projects on the table.

Then I can get ready for Cyber Monday deals. I'm waiting for ThinkGeek to send an email detailing what all's on sale. I have one or two presents from there to buy and then I should be done. I need to start wrapping soon. Yus.
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I currently have a bunch of tabs open on my browser. My morning mental breaks this morning were spent going through Denver Fabrics' website for knits with vertical strips or patterns. I'm wearing my Ina maxi skirt and I adore it. I want more in this style since it's (a) flattering and (b) comfortable. Also, it's easy to put together. And comfortable.

I also have some Oriental Trading Company tabs open. I'm thinking of getting some craft kits for Emi and her cousins to work on. Also, maybe some candy and little toys for putting in stockings and on presents. Just to be pretty and maybe make my friends and family smile.

I'm getting work done. I'm answering questions, pulling teeth to get answers, and calming down flustered nerves. I have some calls today, but most of my day seems to be free for me to actually get work done. Who would've thought?! And yet, I'm considering spending more money on things that I don't actually need, but would make me happy to have in the short term.

For a while in grad school when everything was at rock bottom, I'd go to eBay and find a small shiny thing to bid on and buy. Having something to look forward to - the auction ending, the package arriving - gave me a reason to keep going. After all, if I have a package arriving on Wednesday, I can't kill myself on Monday. That's just silly.

I'm not at rock bottom anymore, but I still have this bad habit. I need to have things to look forward to or else I just can't handle the day-to-day reality that is work, chores, kids, sleep, work, chores, kids, sleep.

I think I can resist buying fabric and toys today. I still want to get the toys because I want holiday gifts to be lovely and fun and silly. I kind of want to get the fabric, but I have my blue corduroy skirt ready to serge together and some other pretty knits waiting to be cut into skirts and dresses. I also have Hogswatch presents to finish sewing, so that's a thing that needs to take priority. And it's something to look forward to. It's both making something (yay!) and giving presents (yay!), so I can handle it.

Also, they have Guinness Beef Stew for lunch today. Or Smokey Shells and Cheese. Comfort food! Yay!
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My to do list at work is insane. What the hell, reality?

I got a pedicure yesterday. I also went to the grocery store, did several loads of laundry, organized clean sheets for all beds, and did some sewing. I'm not a failure for wanting to play some GW2 and work on my Maze of Games book. I got things done and that's okay.

Sewing update: I finished a beige slip yesterday, so I can wear my pencil skirt with confidence! I need to put black thread in my regular sewing machine, and I'll be done with my black slip. Both are lining fabric tubes with an elastic casing at the top and lace at the bottom. I didn't have a pattern, just an idea of how I needed them to work.

I almost finished my Lady Skater dress. I need to topstitch the neckband and hem the bottom and it's done. I tried it on and it fits like a freaking glove. I'm afraid to look in the mirror because I felt fabulous when I put it on, but I know I won't feel fabulous when I see myself. The majority of the dress is this feather fabric from Girl Charlee ( ;), but the neck and sleeve bands are the deep peacock. I also added a 5 inch band of the peacock around the hem. I'm glad I did, since otherwise it would be much too short. Next time, I make the skirt longer. Yus. This is the peacock fabric ( ;). Overall, it's a lovely pattern and I'll make it again.

eShakti's having a sale. I could get a couple of the poplin dresses that I love for far cheaper than usual. Crap.

The guy in the office next to me is ALREADY cursing at the top of his lungs. Fuck.

I'm glad I upped my Kickstarter pledge for the Maze of Games to get the PDF of the book as well as the hardcover. I'm working through the first set of puzzles, and it's nice to not be scribbling in my book while doing it. Some of the puzzles are HARD, yo. It's stretching my brain in weird ways, but I like it. It's a good story, a neat concept, and it's hard. It makes me feel smart and clever when I solve the problem.

Okay. Time to get another cup of caffeine and tackle this to do list. Yes.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 09:58 am
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I bought fabric today. This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
  • From Denver Fabrics, I bought stretch lace for overlay panels and, inspired by Au's success with iced pink velvet, gold stretch velour for a trumpet skirt.
  • From Girl Charlee Fabrics, I bought dark peacock knit for a Moneta dress, bright peacock knit for a Mabel skirt, black knit for a Mabel skirt, and a really bright feather pattern knit for an a-line skirt.

I'm wearing skirts or dresses almost every day now. It's easier to get them to fit and I don't have the same anxiety that jeans, slacks, or shorts give me. Making my own skirts and dresses is satisfying, I have several eShakti '50s shirtdresses that fit beautifully and other maxi skirts that I've collected over the last year, and I like skirts. Also, trying on pants in store dressing rooms makes me sad and very upset with myself.

Blah. It's okay to like dresses and feel pretty in them. Also, dresses take very little thought in the morning. No coordination necessary!

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So far today, I have accomplished:
  • Happy Ox snuggles
  • Sleeeeeeepy Emi hugs
  • Pay credit card bills
  • Move paycheck to accounts
  • Thrown money at Eliza Rickman's Kickstarter to fund her new album. She's the first weather feature from WtNV that I said "I need this" after hearing her. I love her album and want more.
  • Listened to Part 2 of the anniversary WtNV show. CECIL AND CARLOS 4EVER!
  • Had a coffee as big as my head
  • Signed up for the Holy Taco Church newsletter
  • Asked Girl Charlee if their stretch knits are layerable or standalone. I kind of dig this one.
  • Drooled over Ponte Roma knits on etsy. I think I need a peacock blue skirt.  Since it only comes in yard increments, if I get 2 yards, that'll be enough for a solid peacock skirt with enough left over to do color blocking with black on a second skirt. Plans within plans, y'all.
  • Made my Will save against buying more dresses from eShakti. If I can't be bothered to bring them in to get dry cleaned, I'm obviously not enough of a grownup to have nice things. Also, pencil skirts.
  • Downloaded my Audible preorder of "How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back."
  • Not gone off the handle at the guy in the office next to mine who's been shouting obscenities at his phone/computer all morning.
  • Done some code review
  • Tried to not beat myself up. I get shorted on sleep on Monday nights and I wasn't feeling too well, either. Looking at my calendar, I could have easily taken the morning as a half sick day just so that I'm not feeling awful later.
  • Haven't yet made up my mind about driving to Iowa this weekend. Pros: see my family. Cons: 10+ hr in the car, being busy busy busy all weekend. Not actually resting. But family! But stress! But family! But oh gods would I rather just say home, maybe go to Faire, and sleep in.
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It's payday. Here's where my money's already gone and where I yet want it to go:
  • Denver Fabrics - Chevron knits for Au, Emi, and me (at 30% off!). Ponte de Roma solids for me are on their way
  • Collette Patterns - Both the Mabel pencil skirt and Moneta dress are now mine. I'll print them soon!
  • Mantua-Maker - I want the Regency stay and chemise patterns. I like the longer line on the stays, since I have all my extra body weight on the front of my stomach.
  • Sense and Sensibility Patterns - I want the full Regency kit and caboodle.  I also want their crochet patterns
  • Espionage Cosmetics - They're having a sale on their makeup collections. I want their glitters to add to my henna glitter palette. This one and this one , to be specific.
  • Amazon - I cleared out my shopping cart. I'd been slowly adding books to it through the month of April and can now get them. I'll probably be doing the same thing this month. I love books.
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I bought two new puzzles, a Star Wars coffee mug, and a Maleficent figurine from Zulily this morning. The first two are for the kids, the penult for Downwood, and the last is for my desk.

I regret nothing.
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I can't say enough good things about the web vendor eShakti. They have really high quality clothes and for a trivial fee, they'll make the clothes to your exact measurements! I've bought a couple dresses from them and they all fit perfectly, flatter my body, and are made with really nice fabric. And pockets! And since they ask for your height, the "below knee" length is actually below my knees!

So, yes, today I look like a grownup in my pretty purple dress and gleaming mary janes. My hair is crazy and I ran out of energy to put on makeup, but I look like a grownup and I feel pretty.

Ox came out super early and snuggled with me. Emi also got up early and "helped" me get ready.

I have more meetings today than are healthy. I have a couple NYTimes crossword puzzles to get through.

I did some really lovely henna last night on some really lovely ladies. There are quite a few people on YouTube who should have thought about their costuming choices a bit more. I didn't get enough sleep, but that's usual for Monday nights.

I have two shamrocks in my purse. Each of my kids made me one yesterday. They're awesome kids and I'm going to proudly display these on my wall at work.

Coffee is fantastic. So is having a couple extra minutes to grab breakfast at work.

I can do this. Eye of the Tiger.
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Amazon finally did it.

Many, many moons ago when the Kindle was first introduced, I echoed John Scalzi's opinion that if Amazon wanted to sell a million Kindles today, all they'd have to do is offer you the e-book version of the books you've already purchased at a steeply discounted rate. I didn't have a Kindle at the time and didn't really want one because I still wanted the feeling of real books in my hands.

I'm now on my second Kindle after my first died the death that meets most electronics when they encounter small children and gravity. I love it so much. I still have many, many print books - there are some authors that I insist on purchasing the real book - but there are now some authors where I only buy the Kindle books.

And now Amazon's announced a new program. Kindle MatchBook. (I know, right?) It's not every book they sell, but it's a lot. The Kindle price will be somewhere between free and $2.99 for any book you've bought the physical copy of that's in their program.

It's kind of like their deal where if you buy the audiobook through Audible, you get a steep discount on the Kindle book and vice versa.

This is fantastic and will probably end up making them more money again. They're an evil empire, but I'm going to keep paying my Prime membership and enjoying not having to deal with actual people unless absolutely necessary.
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I'm really enjoying having pretty nails. Except for the part where I nearly ruined a purse with a bottle that fractured (the top section snapped off), I haven't had much problem with my new Terrible Phone Call coping strategy. If I'm occupied putting a nice clear coat or some spiffy sparkles, I'm not occupied with resisting the urge to strangle someone through the phone line. I can make my nice, customer service, agreeable sounds and not have my blood pressure skyrocket.

My headphones are AWOL. This is distressing, since I'm nearly at the point where Hiro goes to the Raft and I need my fix.

The Easter Lion came to Grandma's house. Emi and Ox got jelly beans, gummies, books, a stuffed animal, and a video. Next year, they'll probably just get candy  - neither one really cared about anything other than the candy. Ox really only cared about the plastic eggs, not even the candy. I like giving them books, though. It makes me really happy, especially when they come up to me with their favorites to read again and again and again.

I got to do some reading over the weekend. That was really nice. I'm totally over dystopian fiction for the time being. I just...can't. I'm so exhausted by daily life that I just want something fun without much brain.

My wrists are starting to act up again, so I can't crochet for very long at a time. I'm a little worried about how zils tonight are going to go; may have to stop if things keep hurting. It's also hard to cut out patterns or fabric...and I can't take my sewing stuff with me when we're traveling. I want to make things - I need to figure out what primer and paint to use on my custom MLPs. I have hair and beheaded horses ready for manipulation.

I went shopping for MYSELF last week. I bought new shirts in bright, fun colors. I've decided that it's time to move away from snarky T-shirts as my standard work apparel. I like wearing jewelry and looking nice. I might even start wearing makeup again. Most of what I bought was from the clearance rack (of course), but I found a couple of nifty things on sale. So now I shouldn't have to shop again for a year or two. I don't get many things for myself, so now I can go back to haunting the kid clearance to find things for Emi and Ox.
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The weekend trended towards the positive side of things. Friday night was for stir fry with team Bishop with a detour through an amazingly fun toy store afterwards. Ox grabbed a piece of pork out of my bowl and nommed it into submission. He seemed to think that it made a much better gum-soothing teether than any of his toys, due to its tastiness. Who am I to judge?

I was on the phone for work from 4:45-6:30 Saturday morning, which put me in a grumpy, exhausted mood for the whole day. So tired. But the customer got upgraded and we got the kinks worked out of one of the important bits of the software before physicians were impacted, so Yay for no angry phone calls later in the day.

Yesterday was a day of shopping for Emi and me. We went to all sorts of stores. We went to Home Despot to pick up Downwood's Father's Day gift (new grill/smoker). We went to Wall of Green to buy ice packs for Emi's feet (so, so broken out, itchy, blisters, going to allergist today). We went to Joann's for fuzzy fabric. We went to McD's for fries ("French fry store, Momma!"). We went to Best Buy for new phones for Momma and Daddy.

The last time I got a new phone was early in 2008. That was a replacement for my very first phone when that one's number pad stopped working. My new phone doesn't randomly delete text messages like my previous one and it's super shiny. I didn't go with the Siri model, as I'm pretty sure that I don't need my phone to obey voice commands. Maybe in 4 years when it's time for a new one. Downwood was totally surprised that I got him a new phone, too. My opinion is that since he's the one responsible for our offspring during the day, it's a good thing for him to have a phone that can both turn on and make calls when he's out and aboot with them. That he can now stream Netflix for cartoons on demand in the dr's office is total gravy.

Also, Emi insisted that I go downstairs to sew. So I made a blankie for a friend's baby, a giant leopard pillow for Emi, and a monster doll for Ox. So that was good.
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While we're on the subject, I'd like to take a moment to give mad props to Sock Dreams. I placed my birthday order with them Saturday morning and the package was on my doorstep Monday afternoon. Shipping is still free and the quality is still excellent. I wore my neon orange and green stripes to vote, blue and purple stripes in celebration yesterday, and have lovely dark purple socks for today.
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I came home to a suspiciously small box in the middle of the living room floor. It is about 1.5'x2.5'x1', which may not sound small, but since it was emblazoned with the Land's End name and logo, it seemed much too small to contain two large parkas and a pair of sturdy gloves.

It was not, however, too small to contain two vacuum-packed parkas with space-age lining that doesn't have to be bulky to be warm. All the apparel fits nicely, which makes me even more happy with the virtual mini-me on their site. Since it arrived Really Freaking Fast, I'm really happy with the company in general.

Almost all the coats on the site are on sale right now, too. I totally recommend them.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning if/when the ridiculously soupy fog freezes all over everything. And by "ridiculously soupy" I mean "I can't see the church across the street" and "the entire underground and mostly enclosed parking garage at the Evil Empire was straight out of a zombie movie or World of Darkness game". For real. It's insane out there. Driving home was interesting and very scary - especially when a cop car materialized in front of me when I turned on to my street.
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It was finals week at Iowa State. Snow was falling and stress levels were rising as students across town studied and tried to take care of Christmas travel plans and preparations. I was memorizing biochem like mad and trying to finish all of the lab reports that were due in short order. Sometime in the middle of all this wintery mess, the zipper on my coat decided to give out.

It still mostly kept the weather off me, but it no longer kept me toasty warm. Over the break, therefore, my main goal was to find a replacement coat. It needed to be long enough to cover my ass even when I had on a full backpack, warm enough to hold up to an ice storm, and have a hood with actual insulation. It also needed to be somewhat affordable for a mostly broke college student. Adding to the difficulty check is that the only reasonable shopping area was the not-so-booming metropolis of Burlington, IA, and women's fashions in the fall of 2001 were cute, not functional.

While "cute" has its place in fashion, winter coats are not a good place for it. I couldn't find a single coat that looked like it would keep me warm in even a faint breeze. When I finally despaired of finding anything suitable, my boyfriend at the time suggested that I check the men's section.

And then the clouds parted, beams of light shone down, and choirs of angels came over the intercom in J.C.Penney's.

It fit my shoulders fairly well, my waist not so much, and my hips okay. It was microfiber, ridiculously warm, and had a hood lined with actual insulation! And it was on sale! I snatched it from under the reaching fingers of another shopper and scampered for the exit.

Not only did this coat hold up to the rest of my senior year at ISU, but it served me well through the next few years as a UW student. Always warm, always sturdy, and did I mention that the hood was actually useful?

Last winter, however, things began to go wrong with my beloved coat. The zipper started sticking, then started staying not zipped together. The snaps holding the hood to the coat started to pull through and disappear. By the time spring arrived, the zipper was more of a suggestion and I knew I needed to get myself a new coat.

Sometime in March or April, I switched back to my lighter coat and told Downwood that we should hit some end-of-winter sales and get a new coat for me.

And we both completely forgot about it.

I pulled my coat out this winter and remembered my frustration with it. I thought, "Maybe the zipper isn't so bad. See, it closes...sort" I was still muddling through with it, though much more on the lookout for some sort of outerwear sale.

Last week it got butt-biting cold for the first time this winter. I finally was forced to admit that my coat wasn't so much crippled as dead, Jim. This is not good when you have a greyhound who really wants to go on very long walks please oh please pleeeeezzeee.

When Downwood came to me and said that the zipper on his coat just frayed itself into oblivion, I decided that Something Must Be Done. On my next sanity break at work, I jumped to the Land's End site and amused myself with their 3D modeling "this is how this style will look on a body with your measurements" tool. I found coats for both Downwood and me that were rated very warm, in the price range I was expecting, and fairly cute.

As I was clicking through the shopping cart process, entering addresses and such, I was practically bouncing from the excitement of having a working coat. I made a mistake in my purchasing, though: I didn't look to see exactly how long their "standard" shipping option was.

Oops. And they didn't put the expecting shipping or arriving date on any of the receipts they sent me. Crap.

So I expect to get my new coat...eventually. I'm pretty sure it will get here before February. I really hope it's here before then.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my old coat. I don't want to throw it out (I'm homozygous dominant for PackRat) but I know it's in no condition to go to any charity. My current theory is that I'll cut it into pieces to make a parka for the dog that will be better for the exceptionally cold days. I don't know. It sounds like a plan, but it may end up being more like a Pln than anything.


Oct. 28th, 2007 01:48 pm
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Sometime in the next two weeks I will be placing orders with BPAL, Lush, and Sock Dreams. If anyone wants to tack on a couple of things to save on shipping, just let me know.
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I received two links in my email this morning.  Both are designed to get me in trouble with the credit card that I just cleared.

Denver Fabrics is having swatches on sale for a penny.  Fabric so pretty...

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab just opened up a new line.  It's based on Neil Gaiman's work and all the proceeds go to the CBLDF.

Doomed, I tell you.
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I love to get mail.  I don't think that I'm alone in this, as it seems to be a fairly universal thing to like.  I don't particularly care for the contents of bills, credit card offers, refinance your student loans, save for your kids' college, and other junk mail inserts, but I love having an envelope waiting for me.  It's the thought that someone, somewhere was thinking of me and sent me something...even if that something is a request for payment.

When I was in college, I discovered the beauty of shopping on the internet.  My life has not been the same since.  I learned that I could go to a store that specializes in exactly  what I am looking for, click a few times, type in some information, and then? Then I get a package in the mail!  Packages are even better than letters!  And, if I pick the right store, then they start sending me catalogs, which mean more mail!!  I really like this cycle, as may be evidenced by the Too Much Stuff in my house.

At some point, shopping online morphed into something a little less healthy.  I would buy things on eBay, Amazon, Half, or other places so that I could look forward to the item showing up.  I had no need for these things, nor really even the money to spend on them.  I was buying them so that I would have a reason to make it through 7-10 more days.  I've had to work hard to break this habit - it's taken a lot of therapy and a couple of stern talks with myself about Budgets, Savings, and Credit Card Bills.  I stil don't always believe me, though, as is evidenced by my Lush and BPAL habits.  I like to think that now I'm buying pretty things, not because I think that they will make my life better, but because my life is already pretty good and pretty things are just a bonus.

And I've totally rambled off my point.  The point of this entry was to say Thank You to Miss M for the book that looks wonderful and I know exactly what one I'm sending you in February and Thank You to those crazy people in Florida who sent me chai-flavored, caffeinated candy that makes my tongue go numb.  You people totally rock my socks off and I hope I can tell you enough how giddy and happy you make me on a daily basis, not just when you send me shiny stuff.  Not that I don't like the shiny stuff, I just like my shiny friends a whole lot better.
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So, being a not-very-bright Sabine this morning, I decided that, by Darwin, I was getting some new pretty clothes to wear on the cruise. I figures that I was due for my yearly Pair Of Jeans Without Holes and I should pick up my non-broken set of frames from the optometrist. As I was getting ready to head out the door, I forgot to take Black Friday crowds under consideration as I gathered the amount of patience I thought I would need.

Oh my holy Darwin, was that a bad idea.

I scored some very pretty clothing for less money than I'd been prepared to drop, but it SO wasn't worth it. I explored new places in my vocabulary that I'm sure would have made a lovely phone post had I not decided that I wouldn't be adding to the fuckwittery of the drivers in and around the Maul by being on my cell phone.

After successfully navigating my way out of that circle of Hell, I decided that I deserved a pedicure. I mean, I'm going to be on a cruise tomorrow night and my feet were looking pretty darn pathetic. Yes, I can rationalize unnecessary purchases just as well as my husband can. No, dear, a pedicure does not have the same fiscal impact as an extra box of Pirates boosters.

Borders was wonderful, giving me coffee, cookies, music, and books. I really shouldn't go in there as often as I do, but it's earned me one hell of a Holiday Savings Account there. I haven't decided if I'm just going to be bad and spend it on myself or be generous and buy gifts with it. Decisions, decisions. I'm also not allowed to go to Reaper's website any more. I have enough little pewter girlies to paint as it is: I do not need the temptation to get more, no matter how pretty they are.

A couple more loads of laundry, some tea, picking up a med refill, and throwing the last few things into the bag before the trip. Our flight leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning and we'll be back to Mad-town next Thursday at 5:30 in the evening. I don't think we're taking a laptop with us, though the camera is definitely coming along for the ride. If something important occurs, drop me a note, otherwise I'm likely to not see it as I scroll back through several hundred flist posts next week.


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