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Work today was mediocre. I did a couple of really cool things, but still felt beat up on in general. It didn't help that I was so tired that I was almost cat-napping between blinks. I thought that I'd gotten enough sleep last night, but maybe not.

I left work in a kind of down mood and listened to the Nadas all the way home. I came home to a happy greyhound in the doorway and a big pot of lavender poofy flowers sitting on my laptop. Then, my darling husband took me out for french fries and we went to see "Up".

The trailers for that movie DID NOT DO IT JUSTICE! It's wonderful. I am glad that I had extra tissues because I needed all of them. Downwood didn't ask for any tissues, but I heard him sniffling in a couple places. It's one of the all-around better movies that I've seen. I don't know where Pixar is getting the magic for their films, but I hope that well never dries up.

We came home to a bouncy greyhound who decided that the boxes we brought inside were a terrifying threat that was going to eat her. Yes, she and Doug are about on the same level, though I don't think she'd hide under the porch because she loves us. She'd be up on our bed instead.

Today is ending much better than it began. I have the happy glow of a good story, some very pretty flowers on the counter, clean clothes to fold, and Downwood's making some cold-brewed coffee for tomorrow. These are all good things.

And now I go find tissues again because thinking about the movie is making the sniffles come back. Cross my heart.
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As far as letting Downwood know that I love him, today is just an ordinary day. Granted, we're planning on making a fairly complicated and delicious dinner to celebrate, but there's not a whole lot about the calendar date that forces us to remind each other how lucky we are to have found each other and the love that we live every day. Yeah, things are a little rough right now, but we're still far stronger by far when we're together than not.

Also, it's Half Price Chocolate Day Eve! Thankfully, the alien sprog is starting to let me eat sweet things again, so I'm going to clean up at Walgreen's before tomorrow's Day O' Social Stuff.
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Day Six - The unsung hero of this whole show

[ profile] downwood is my husband. He's my partner - the one who will be standing beside me the day we finally bend the universe to our will.

He can make me laugh and he holds me when I cry. He is strong and solid when I need him with me and has learned the warning signs for when I need a couple hours of quiet and alone.

He's made me the center of his universe. He's the most important person in the world to me. He loves me, respects me, and treats me pretty darn well. I could not ask for someone more compatible to share my life.

...and I just heard cursing from the basement, following a long series of hammering. I'd better go see what happened...
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In no particular order...

I am thankful for my husband. He is steady when I need it and silly the rest of the time. He watches football with me and doesn't look at me funny when I start cursing out my team and mocking the other team. Even when I'm crabby and stressed, he still treats me like I'm precious and amazing. He deals with my crazy daily and still loves me anyway.

I'm thankful for my dog. She has very little brain, but she's very cute and sort of loyal - if you have bacon or turkey, she'll be your best friend until it's gone. She's also a cuddlebug and makes me smile every day.

I am very thankful for my family. Looking around, I am struck by how lucky I am with my family. We are supportive, loving, and occasionally drunken. I know that part of our harmony comes from not living in very close vicinity, but we're still close. Tomorrow my dad and brother are coming up for the weekend, so I may not be thankful for family by Sunday night, but them's the breaks.

I am thankful that I have a job that I can tolerate. It has good insurance and good pay so that I can do the things I love outside of work. I am very thankful that Downwood has a job that he totally adores.

I'm thankful for my new car! We bought a new Subaru Outback on Monday and I'm in love with it! It handles like a dream and has enough room for all our stuff and maybe even another greyhound.

I am thankful for our friends. They're the family that we chose and the family that we're building here. I am fortunate to know so many creative, talented, crazy, and wonderful people. I'm not very good at keeping up with people who I don't see on a daily/weekly basis, but I still consider y'all friends. Also, you give me a good reason to go nuts with making cookies. Watch this space for details.

I'm very, very thankful that I could keep listing out the things that I'm thankful for until it's time to either go to work or call in sick (picked up a cold from someone in the last couple days). This list could go on for pages and pages. Just knowing that I couldn't possibly count all of my blessings makes me even more thankful for them.


Nov. 18th, 2008 04:42 pm
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My darling, wonderful husband got me a gift certificate to the spa in town. He gave it to me a few days before my birthday because he saw how run-down by stress and worry I was. The earliest appointment that worked for them and me was today.

Hot stone massage.

If you've not had one of these - DO IT! Totally worth every single penny. I feel about three inches taller and more relaxed than...I don't know how long. It's a good thing I didn't have to drive too far after, as I'm thinking that a nap before celebratory sushi sounds like it'd be nice.

So, yes, my husband? He is awesome. That is all.
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Two years ago Downwood and I got dressed up and stood in front of our friends and family to create a new family of our own. So far, this has been the best decision we've made.

Hee! Married!
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Seriously, people? Your "charity" is pretty fucked up when you refuse a $17k donation because it came from partly from sales of D&D. It's not enough that you were Gary Gygax's favorite charity and he donated money to you over the years, but when geeks at Gen-Con decide to donate the profits from an auction to you, that's going too far? Luckily, they found another charity that didn't have a stick up their ass like you appear to.

Fucking hell. It's people like this who need to learn about Child's Play. Adult geeks and gamers can be among the most generous people on the planet, especially when it comes to helping kids. Some would argue that it's because we haven't yet given up on being kids ourselves, but I think it's more that we'd like this world to be more fair like our game worlds are.

This pisses me off. I wasn't at Gen-Con, nor did I donate to that auction, but I'm offended all the same. May the uppity bastards rot in hell and as Satan pisses into their empty eye sockets, I hope the kids who didn't get clean water and food because this "charity" wouldn't accept the money be allowed to carve up their tripes and roast them on sticks.
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I'd had a bad day at work. Several more projects were dumped on me, more people demanding my time, code that didn't want to behave, and my cute sandals gave me the usual blister. I was talking to Downwood on GTalk just before leaving for dance class. He heroically tried to cheer me up, convince me that I'm not stupid, ugly, worthless, or fat, and be a snarky support.

So, being a little unreasonable, I asked if he would go buy me a copy of Diablo II (my illegal copy vanished in the move and hasn't resurfaced) and install it on my laptop before I got home.

He agreed. We spent the evening beating the crap out of various undead and demon hordes. This is exactly what I needed.

Now to get him a copy of the expansion disc so that we can multi and I can go back to playing assassin class...


Feb. 14th, 2008 08:14 pm
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He got me the Most Perfect Card EVER and a box of Baileys'-filled chocolates.

He's my very favorite person and have I ever mentioned how very glad I am to be spending the rest of my life with him?

Love you, Downwood!

Hee! Married!


Nov. 18th, 2007 10:13 pm
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Yesterday a friend asked me, "So, how's married life treating you?"

My eloquent response was, "Hee! Married!"

She said, "It's been a year, you're not supposed to be that excited about it."

"I knooow, but it's still kind of shiny..."

And that's really how it's been. There have been ups and downs, forwards and backwards, and a couple instances of sideways. We have good and bad days, but the good vastly outnumber the bad. I get to sleep next to him every night and talk to him every day. He's my best friend and the person who counts for the fewest People Points of anyone.

I love him very, very much. I know that he loves me just as much back. He listens, hugs, and does whatever he can to make my life easier and happier and he loves my dog.

So happy 1st anniversary, Downwood! Love you bunches!
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My brain just about exploded from an overdose of cute. God bless CuteOverload and [ profile] baaaaabyanimals .

Cutest baby tiger ever )


Nov. 20th, 2006 12:42 am
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Our living room has been filled with gifts from our friends and family. We are related to and friends with some incredibly crazy and generous people. The kitchen's going to need emptied and rearranged, but when we put the new dishes and "stuff" away, it'll be OUR stuff - not his, not mine, but ours. (squee!)

Though I was very tempted, I did not kill my mother this past weekend. We did lock the door on the room I was hiding in before the ceremony, but since we were letting The Band in, she snuck in anyway. She was mostly on good behavior, but she's still my mom and still batshit loco in her insistence that I strive for her ideals.

Everything went so well yesterday. We looked wonderful, the flowers turned out to be so much nicer than I'd expected, our families all got along, no one fell down or got hurt, and nothing went horribly wrong. My uncle's homily made me cry, as did getting a hug from my stepfather during the sign of peace. I got a little nervous when Downwood seemed to not want to give me the ring, but he snapped out of his reverie quickly enough.

Our photographer utterly rocked. She was wonderful about taking pictures without taking over. Because Downwood and I would be seeing each other before the ceremony, she set up a picture in front of one of the stained glass windows so that we could have a moment together before the insanity. She also suggested that we take the wedding party out for a drink in between the ceremony and reception. Those 15 minutes in the upper room of the Brocach were absolutely wonderful.

The reception was a hell of a party. The food was good, the champagne was good, and the cake was sinful. Our DJ seemed a little flaky, but the band was back together and we broke the dance floor. Both my sister's toast and my stepfather's words made me cry. I got to polka with my aunt, hear stories from my friends, and I'm never going to be able to listen to Jack Johnson's Better Together without smiling and thinking of our first dance.

Today, I cried a couple more times: reading the card that my mom gave us, looking at the Bible that my grandmother gave us, the words in the card that a good friend gave us, watching my father-in-law drive off with my dog (he's keeping her while we go on our trip next week), and now as I try to drag my brain back over the last 36 hours and I'm struck anew by how much emotion's been crammed into such a small span of time.

But my husband is bringing me a tissue and some tea and I know that I'm the luckiest person on the planet.


Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:44 pm
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So yesterday I made a smart-aleck post about it being Buy a Friend a Book Week. Tonight, Downwood comes home from work, kisses me, and hands me a beautiful volume of Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales.

My life totally rocks.
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Me: *reads Gaiman's blog*clicks a link*
Me: Oh, bwahahahahaha!
Him: *waits for me to send him the link*
Him: Oh. my. god.
Me: Isn't it great?!?!
Him: And they spell "tarot" in semaphore.
Me: Bwa-huh?
Him: The flag guys at the bottom of the page. They spell t-a-r-o-t in semaphore.
Me: *blinks in astonishment*
Me: I am so blogging this.

I don't want to know why he knows the semaphore alphabet. If you lived with him, you wouldn't want to know, either.


Sep. 2nd, 2006 08:59 pm
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I really don't need to buy any more minis, but every time I go into the game store, I come out with at least one. Some might say that this is a sign that I need to work on my impulse spending. I say that it's a sign that I found a hobby that I love and wish I had more time for.

I was complaining for a bit about addressing all the envelopes for our invitations. There didn't seem to be that many to start, but it now seems a Herculean task. No, we didn't have to choose to do it this way, but it works for us. I'm very much looking forward to being able to see all my friends and family at once and celebrate with them.

I have some new books to read and then mail to my sister. I walked out of the bookstore with neither Carnivale Season Two nor Rome Season One. I am extremely proud of my self-restraint, even if I did get called a pod person for showing such financial acumen.

For the first time ever, I got my eyebrows waxed today. The actual ripping part didn't hurt nearly so badly as the individual hairs being plucked out by tweezers. My fingernails are also a lovely metallic lavender that doesn't really go with anything, but is very pretty.

With the exception of that last bit, these are all reasons that I'm happy. And I wouldn't have these reasons if Downwood weren't in my life. It's something like 10 or 12 weeks to our wedding and every day seems to make the bond between us more important, more special, and more something I don't want to ever lose. Not every day is perfect - there are plenty of things that we each do that annoy the hell out of the other - but it's overall something very positive and wonderful. So, in short, Downwood, I love you a lot. *mwah*
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Today has been a good day for resolutions.
On happiness in the home )On bridal showers )On the ending of drama )On painting )
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I have a problem. I have a Very Important Problem. You see, I get into Plano on July 10th. Alan Tudyk, however, is going to be at a convention there on the 8th. I need a brave volunteer to nab the man and keep him somewhere until I get there.

Any takers?


May. 21st, 2006 10:05 pm
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So Downwood's flipping channels this evening and comes across HBO's Elizabeth I. I start examining the clothing, drooling over the fabrics, and lusting after the time, skill, and materials to make such beautiful creations. I attempted to explain my fascination to Downwood.

Me: "Ooh! Look! Her sleeves are set in with cartridge pleating!"
Him: "That's...nice?"
Me: "And that's such a nice line on that doublet. I wonder if they quilted it first and who is that amazing piece of jailbait?"
Him: "Wait, what?"
Me: "Him! Who is the hot young man with dark curls needing to be tousled? And the puppy dog eyes! And the overwhelming RAWR!"
Both of us: IMDB

Why did no one tell me of the extreme hotness that is Hugh Dancy? RAWR! And he's even legal! Yay!


May. 5th, 2006 11:22 pm
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Though I am currently unpantsless, I have exciting news to report. This evening, Downwood and I performed a cosmetic experiment. The Downwood's assistance in this venture was necessary for reasons that shall become clear.

For several years of undergrad, I had hair like [ profile] cabell's. I adored it. About two inches long with spiky bits of color found in flower boxes and Crayola. It started as a "I think my brain just snapped" stress relief one midterm and didn't stop until I got convinced that I should be "respectable".

So I grew my hair out and didn't touch it with dye, shocking all my friends in the process.

As of this afternoon, my hair was past my shoulder blades and a fairly unremarkable blond-brown. Now, however, it's still long, but bright red.

We used Lush's Caca Rouge Mama Henna. The package is $16, but has enough in it to do my hair four times. It took about 30 min of application and 2 hours of sitting under saran wrap, but it looks fabulous. Best part? It smells like strong tea. No ammonia, no harshness, just wonderful, soft, RED hair. I? Am an extremely happy Sabine.

Pictures forthcoming when it's completely dry.
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Tonight after work, I got to take an extremely excited doggy for a walk. Then, we went and saw the place where we'll be having our wedding reception. Then, I got to do the Happy Sushi Dance at dinner. Then, I got to soak in a tub full of Lush's Christmas Kisses. Then, I get to sit here, eat half-priced chocolates, drink tea, and listen to the Olympics. Tonight's been a VERY good night.


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