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(re-posting from the madisonwi LJ comm)

Time to lurch!

Tired of your rights as a member of the living dead being violated? Sick of people putting you down or worse, screaming and trying to smash your head with a cricket bat? We don't deserve to be treated like this! We will no longer stand for being viewed as lesser citizens. We need to fight for our rights and demand equal treatment.

The Coalition Of the Living Dead (COLD) will gather on Saturday October 25th at 2:00 pm at the state capitol in Madison Wisconsin and lurch for our rights as zombies. COLD encourages zombies and zombie supporters to come equipped with signs and slogans to make our point. We will raise our voices and we will not be ignored. We will lurch from the capitol down State Street to the Memorial Union.

Help our support numbers grow, please post this message on your blog, email it to your friends and bring as many people to the lurch as you can. Feel free to bring your family, children and friendly dogs to march with us for our rights.


Sep. 5th, 2008 09:05 am
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They make glow-in-the-dark yarn. I don't know if I'm enthralled or terrified.
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5 - Faire?
19 - Work picnic

2-3 - Yousry Sharif workshop
7-9 - The Nadas rock the Iowa State Fair
16 - Faire with sister
17 - Surprise party TBA later

1 - Labor Day trip to faire (tradition, must do)
13/14 - Possible Celticfest in Chicago
19-21 - Northern Lights festival (already paid for, need to make hotel reservations)

EDIT: Sis, check out August - will those dates work for you?

My folks want to meet us for lunch and hanging out at some point. My father wants to drive up with some of his other kids for a couple of days of hanging out.

Me? I'm glad I have a couple of extra days off in August and I'm not sure how I'm going to manage the rest.
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Two of today's odd things showed up in the mail. One was my copy of The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman. It's a warped little children's book. I'm so glad I have a copy of my own. Now to try to convince myself that I shouldn't take it with me to my mini-reunion over Memorial Day to read to my small cousins. Mwahahaha!

The other odd thing is sort of a relief. [ profile] revrb, I'm going to have to get you some new cookies and rewrap it, but the book has survived. I'm totally amused that it took 5 months to get back to me with a Refused by Addressee stamp on it. I haven't unwrapped it yet, but I imagine that the Hogswatch cookies are a little...something by now.

The other two things are more along the lines of Public Service Announcements more than anything. If you see the Snickers with Coconut in the gas station, avoid it! Downwood refused to try it on principle, but I decided that I had to test it in the name of Science.

Not delicious. Not bad, but not delicious. Not worth going off the diet for. I love coconut and I usually love Snickers, but unlike chocolate and peanut butter (or garlic and ginger or mint and vanilla), these are not two tastes that are better together. Not worth it.

But the Snickers with Coconut isn't the only new one that they have out right now. They also have Snickers Charged!, which have caffeine, taurine, and B-vitamins inside the tasty Snickers matrix. When I actually found them in a store in the middle of Illinois, I bought three.

I have two that I'm willing to give out to anyone else who has the morbid curiosity of a distracted chipmunk. It started out tasting just like a regular Snickers, but about 2/3 of the way through, I started getting the strong metallic aftertaste of caffeine. I was, in fact, wired after having the candy, but it is NOT something that I want to try again. It might be because I've been severely limiting the caffeine I have on a daily basis, but the Snickers Charged! did not do good things for me.

So, to recap: Good book, need to resend package, wave off the coconut, and two caffeinated Snickers bars are looking for test subjects.
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In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale was a worse movie than the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Do NOT repeat my mistake. Even if you have a tremendously foxy husband who gives you puppy dog eyes and asks you to go see it with him, DO NOT GO! I can't stress this strongly enough. I suffered through it - I do not wish this pain on ANYONE else.

Side note: Why does LJ not have a "horrified" mood icon?
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So, um, yeah. Things are not what we would call "good" in the mental and emotional landscape of the Sabine. It's been pretty dismal for the last month and doesn't really look like it'll get better until, conservatively, March. I'm trying, I really am, but I'm operating on the reserves that I was able to squirrel away over the very busy summer.

Work is, of course, my biggest stressor. Downwood's concerned that it's siphoning off pieces of my soul. I'm not entirely sure that he's wrong. I try to leave work stress at work, but little bits of it stick to me when I go home. Some of them fall off when I go to the gym, some of them get blown off when I'm walking the dog, any that have adhered at all get squashed when I go to dance class, and the rest usually get peeled away slowly by other interactions.

Yes, my team lead knows that I'm about to break and he's gotten me some help. This would be good if I didn't have to train them how to take over for me. One is very, very new and is getting a baptism of fire. Poor guy. The other knows what he's doing in general but not my app in specific. I'm more concerned about the first than the second, naturally. I think they'll both do stellar work eventually, but for now it's something else that I have to work into my schedule.

Seriously, there can be NO CRISIS from now until December, I have that many things on my plate at work. Dammit.

It doesn't help my equilibrium any that those little bits of work stress that flake off during nights and weekends? Just like an old band-aid, they seem to be pulling bits of me away with them. I feel like my creativity is drying up. I half-compose entries and then can't remember a word when I have a chance to type. My plotbunnies have escaped their cage or just grown better camouflage. I'm scrounging around my subconscious to find enough material for the games I run and play, but I'm about hitting the bottom of the barrel.

Also, I think I'm drinking too much Tazo Calm tea. There were a couple days last week that I think I can chalk up to an ADE between the tea, being a girl, and work stress. Yeah, that was not so much of the good.

Ugh. Too much whining. There are good things that are happening. There are some really good things. I went to my first ever dance workshop on Saturday. My arms still hurt, but it was TONS of fun and I learned a lot. We went to Med Hookah to watch Sonya perform that night and HOLY CRAP was it a blast! Thursday nights are my absolute favorite of the week. Mondays are a close second because Downwood goes off to play Flames of War and leaves me alone for an evening. I get to dance in the more-open living room, sing as loud as I want to whatever music I want, and generally enjoy a little "me time". I'm even getting better, though I wouldn't yet say "good", at dancing to Chicky. Because who doesn't love a good drum solo?

Music is good for me. Techno belly dance is unsurprisingly good for debugging code. I'm still slowly working my way through the second Malazan Book of the Fallen while I work out, and my new mp3 player should be showing up next week to give me tunes to accompany me while I read. It's even blue! How cool is that?!

Also, if you like fantasy, swashbuckling, and thiefy-rogues, you really need to read The Lies of Locke Lamora. Holy cow. I was laughing really hard in places and totally threw off Downwood's football groove when I shouted encouragement at the main characters near the end of the book. It's TOTALLY worth getting as a paperback. I used my shiny Borders coupon to get the sequel over the weekend. I read the prologue and put it down. I don't know if my nerves can take reading what will happen in the story in order for it to end up in that situation. Eesh.

I also read Empire of Ivory, the fourth book in the Temeraire series. It was a very good story, but the ending made me cry. I was sitting in DFW at the time, so it was a little awkward,, can [ profile] naominovik tell a story. I'm scared to see what the next book is going to be like.

This Saturday, my mom and stepdad are driving up early Saturday morning. Like they're leaving their house at 5:30 early. I got us tickets to the Wisc-Northern Ill football game, which will totally rock our collective socks off. I'm hoping to run pirates for Sunday at about 5. I'm thinking of making a loaf of bread and a pot of soup. Mmmm, soup.

Next weekend, the Czar and his lovely wife will be in town. There shall be much talking. Yes, Darwin commands it.

The weekend after that, my dad and my youngest sister will be in town. They're coming in Thursday night, so I took Friday off work to hang with them. I haven't seen him since the wedding and haven't done a particularly good job of staying in touch with him, so this should be good. Since they have to drive from here to Kansas on Sunday, I'm considering running pirates that evening, too.

The weekend after that, my favorite (and biggest) customer is upgrading. So I have to be at work all day on my birthday. I have nothing polite to say about that.

The weekend after that, is our anniversary. There will be no plans made for that weekend. Well, none that involve anyone outside of me, my husband, and possibly our dog.

The weekend after that is Thanksgiving. I think we're going to my in-laws' for the feasting day, but I don't know about the weekend. I'm thinking of holding a D&D Certain Death Invitational on that Saturday. I've had the plot around for a long time, just never run it. If I have any brain over the next week, I may send out the invites, just to see who would be around that day.

The weekend after that is December. Sheesh. Really, at this point, I shouldn't wonder AT ALL why I have very little energy left - all of it's going to other places right now. This sucks, but I don't have a lot of choice. I'll keep holding myself together with tea and tunes, random silliness and cute hamsters, and petting my dog every morning and sleeping next to my husband every night. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able take a week or so off in December and try to recharge a little bit.


Sep. 26th, 2007 02:12 pm
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There is no such thing as a "mneumonic" or a "mumonic". There's something called a "mnemonic". Failing to realize this makes me want to stab you with a pointy stick a whole bunch of times until you're dead.

Now get it right.


Aug. 29th, 2007 10:15 am
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Also, I just got an email saying that this Saturday is Eclectica Market in Hawthorne Park on Division St. There will be vendors, music, and bellydancing. The festival runs 9 to 5 and the dancing is from 10-2.

Also also, this is who's performing at Med Hookah on Friday night. Word is, she's a fabulous dancer and it'll be a hell of a show. The performance at 8 will be more traditional dancing and the 10 o'clock performance will be "more fun". Due to a death in the family, she couldn't make it, but Mona will be taking her place.
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Attempting to rinse soapy coconut out of your pubic hair is not the refreshing natural experience they would like you to believe.


Mar. 8th, 2007 09:30 pm
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I would like to wish my leetle snister, [profile] lilith_13, a VERY happy 25th birthday!!

Love you, dork!

Fuzzy hippo birdy for you!!


Feb. 28th, 2007 02:28 pm
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I hate Citrix. Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!


Oct. 25th, 2006 07:48 pm
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If you have some time over the next 24 hours, I have three people I would like you to keep in your thoughts, prayers, etc. If you just so happen to wander by their LJ to offer your good wishes, I'd appreciate it.

In order of "happening soonest":
[ profile] bexdragon kicked ass and took names during her oral qualifying exam. She rocked so soundly that they said, "Hey, you know what? How about we say that was your thesis proposal, too? I mean, you did SUCH AN AMAZING job that it hardly seems fair for us to have our socks rocked clean off our bodies again." She is awesome and deserves congratulations.

Tomorrow is the birthday of the love of my life, [ profile] downwood. His job is trying to kick his ass, but he's a rock star and the higher-ups there know it. Yes, I'll probably be making my annual mushy-gooshy-saccharine post about him.

Tomorrow is also the day that [ profile] wolf_in_exile heads to Seattle. Keep him in your prayers while he travels. I'm sure [ profile] katie_preston will appreciate it even more than I will. I've got something bubbling in the back of my head, but I haven't been able to put it to words yet. I will, but until then, I'm going to be needing extra help on the asking-divine-favors front.
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If I've been in your vehicle or home in the past 10 days, could you take a look around and see if my USB flash drive is sitting somewhere? I can't find the blasted thing and it has several Very Important Files on it. I'm holding out hope that it's on my desk at work, but that's very unlikely at this point.

Trying hard to not outwardly panic. Not doing a very good job.

Never mind. I found it in a place I already looked three times. Stupid gremlins. Gah.
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Do you work in technical support or customer service? Do you interact with people on a daily basis who make you wonder how they manage to dress themselves or even breathe? If so, we have a fabulous new product in development that will take your daily stressors and totally remove them from your life, leaving you refreshed at the end of the day.

Our objective is to develop a product that will make it possible to send a frozen fish - tuna, mackerel, haddock, whatever you want - through the phone line to either wallop or choke the person on the other end. This can be easily combined with our new computer program that will deliver an automatic electric shock through the keyboard or mouse if a user either does something dumb or trigger a shock on an as-needed basis, such as if they have sent you an overly-bitchy email reiterating the same 3 points they just shouted, whined, and complained about for the previous hour on the phone.

We are taking pre-orders now. A shipping date has not yet been confirmed, so join our mailing list to receive all the latest news and updates!

Thank you.


Sep. 6th, 2006 04:13 pm
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Observation: Though Quaker Chocolate Crunch rice cakes appear, on first examination, to be nothing more than cocoa-dusted styrofoam, further analysis suggests that they are extremely tasty and it wouldn't hurt to have another one just to figure out why they're yummy.

Conclusion: They're laced with crack.

Further actions: Make sure to have on hand for the really stressful days when you don't eat right and all you want is a brownie, dammit, even though you need to fit into that silly white dress in, oh, 10 weeks or so.
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  1. I got paid this morning.
  2. I stopped at the grocery store and bought some danishes on my way to work.
  3. I've ordered the recordings of all the shows my Nadas performed at the Iowa State Fair.
  4. I have friends who send me Links Of Pure Awesome. (
  5. I could possibly have work to do that's neither boring nor impossible.
  6. I look damn sexy.
  7. Though a newbie to the world of MUSH, I can kick ass and take names when it comes to the actual RP part of it. I have to look up the commands every 15 seconds, but I know how to use commas, semicolons, and apostrophes.
  8. I will hopefully get to meet with musicians tonight to pick out the songs for the wedding.
  9. My job at the Evil Empire pays enough that we can actually consider getting College Gameday this year.
  10. My Cyclones won last night! Sure, it was an ugly win (triple-OT), but they pulled it out.
  11. Whoever switched the labels on the decaf and high-octane bins of coffee switched them back! I'm nicely buzzed!
  12. And the chances are good that I'll be able to add to this list as the day goes on, which is a very nice feeling.
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Lush's Tea Tree Water is The Stuff. My skin has always been very sensitive and prone to breakouts. I was used to getting a very painful subdermal zit every two weeks or so, which would hurt, look very bad, and not go away easily. About a month ago, I started using the Tea Tree Water twice a day. Holy cow, did it do its job. I noticed Saturday night that I was getting a big zit on my cheek, so I made sure to douse it extra-well with the toner. It started going away instead of just getting worse. Today, it's almost gone.

My skin still isn't perfect, but it's much healthier now than it has been in the past couple of years. My current routine is to wash with Coalface in the morning and use the Tea Tree Water; in the evening, I use Sweet Japanese Girl to pull the oil out of my pores and then the toner to kill anything left in them. The Coalface isn't as harsh as they say it is on the website. My skin does feel a little tight and dried out after I use it, but the toner helps - and I'll use some Clinique lotion if it feels very dry. The Sweet Japanese Girl is weird stuff. It feels very oily and greasy when you put it on, but works like a Biore strip to pull blackheads out of your skin.

Yes, I'm a total Lush addict. How could you tell? It's a little more expensive than the drugstore, but it's made from all-natural ingredients and I think it works better. If you can get to a store, I'd recommend it, as shipping can be a nightmare.


Jun. 29th, 2006 12:09 pm
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I'm impressed: Famous Dave's barbeque sauce apparently has something in it that facilitates the melting of Gladware in a microwave in under twenty seconds. Who knew?
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Only three more hours until I can go back to the hotel. Only three more hours until I can descend into blessed slumber. I've only been up for 23 hours at this point - nowhere near my record of 32 (I think) - but it's been an awfully long time since I had to do something like this, so I don't remember how I react.

At least I'm not hallucinating, though I expect to be seeing or hearing things by the time I find a bed. Well, I've actually *found* some beds - I'm in a hospital, after all - but that's not what I meant. Mean. Something like that.

Yes, I'm loopy to the point of feeling drunk. My fingers are even all tingly, though that might be due to the utterly horrible position I'm typing from. Both my chiropractor and grammar teacher would find the previous sentence atrocious. I leave it to you to determine which would be offended by what.

My compatriot in wakefulness is reading a dosing manual to try to stay awake. I think he's up to Common Treatments For Hookworms. Me? I'm wondering how weird it would sound to be tech support for goldfish crackers. It might not be so weird as some of the issues we were tackling earlier tonight in an effort to be both productive and useful while we still had working brain cells.

I don't particularly want to make the long trek to the soda machines that actually take dollar bills as currency in exchange for soda instead of the close ones that tease worse than...something. The only analogy I could think of was very inappropriate and would have certainly offended someone and I have *just* enough processing power left to edit it. Send me an email or IM and I'll finish the thought. Or leave a comment with a good line in it: that'd be even better!

The clock may be moving forward, but I wouldn't swear on it. I think Casa de Downwood may have actually exploded last night about midnight and everything since then has really been the first of my experiences in Hell. If that's the case, everything makes Absolute Sense. If not, then I'll get a good day's sleep today, come back to another icky shift tonight, but By Darwin, I'm going to get some cheesecake or a brownie or SOMETHING in there or I'm going to want to strangle something.

But not the backspace key for, lo, it is my true friend and is keeping me from sounding like too much of an idiot.
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Cute and fuzzy hippo birdies for teh [ profile] galieth! Yay!


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