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I've been listening to my "Burn The World Down" soundtracks lately. These include Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog and Repo! The Genetic Opera. I've also been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack daily.

When I'm grading code, I like to listen to the Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap podcast. It's hilarious and laced with profanity and terrible food.

I just finished listening to the audiobook of "Every Heart a Doorway" and it was just as true and wonderful as the book. I love, love it.

I have tomorrow off. Then I go to Baltimore to work through the weekend. Ugh. But whatever. It'll be fine.
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Me: *cursing vehemently as Ticketmaster crashes and burns and won't let me buy normal tickets*

Me: *staring blankly at the prices the re-sale sites are asking for Hamilton tickets"

Downwood: "Let me put it to you this way. You can buy the tickets now *or* you can get new tires for your car *and* have a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast in Lake Geneva for our anniversary."

Me: *closes the ticket site tabs*

Me: *cries a tiny bit in disappointment and frustration*

Downwood: "Also, this is CHICAGO we're talking about. As long as the show keeps making money, they'll keep it there. Give it some time and we'll go."

Me: *sighs*


Feb. 19th, 2016 12:51 pm
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ThinkGeek has leggings printed with the computer screen images from Star Trek. They have them in plus size, so I looked at the hip measurements and bought some.

I haz a disappointed. They don't fit particularly well - weirdly baggy and the rise wrong. The fabric is pretty see-through, which is not optimal for leggings. The fabric isn't 4-way stretch, so I can't even take these apart and remake them with my Peg Leg pattern.

My serger has spoiled me.

I watched the Hamilton performance from the Grammys on YouTube. I had to buy the album. It's super good. I like it, but I need to listen about twenty more times to accurately identify all the voices.

One guy in St Louis thinks that I sit at my desk and twiddle my thumbs and just wait for him to give me things to do. He doesn't seem to understand I have competing priorities. And that I don't like him.

I've been Pinning images for possible Wonderland costuming. I haz ideas.

I've been seriously thinking about my September's Watchful Dress cosplay, too. Ideas, I say.

The thing I'm writing with Downwood is up to 72.5k. Whoa.

There's just too much all around right now. I'm having problems focusing. Just...ugh.
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Thursday - Got to work early and had a day full of meetings. Downwood picked me up at 5 and we got stuck in after-work traffic on our way to downtown. About 2/3 of the way there, we had to detour back to a work office so I could reprint the tickets. Still, we made it to dinner with exlibris11235 and her boy only 10 minutes late. We had a lovely dinner at The Great Dane, then trooped through the rain up to The Majestic.

The Post-Modern Jukebox show was FREAKING AMAZING. For serious, YouTube doesn't do them justice. It was super wonderful live music played by real instruments and sung by real voices. By the end, my feet were cramping from the endless standing, but it was worth it. Our favorite singer wasn't along, but it didn't really matter. Worth it.

Friday - Tried to sleep in. Didn't really work out that way, though. Was super tired and hurty from the concert, so most of the day was in a fog. I had a few accomplishments, though. I picked up my car from work, picked up Rx refills, and got my passport picture retaken. I also made Rice Krispy treats. Ox ran from the treats, refusing to even try one nibble. Emi would have eaten the pan if I'd let her. Kids.

Saturday - Got to sleep in and felt a bit more human. Spent some time playing GW2, then spent a bunch of time playing with kids. I bought a new book for Downwood for Father's Day, but decided to break into it early with the kiddos. We colored more rice for our colored rice bin, then we made slime. We also made a mess, but both kids had a great time playing with the messy goop. Ox continued his tradition of not wanting to eat any potatoes that aren't deep fried, but both kids liked the chicken-fried-fish that I made for dinner.

Sunday - Got to sleep in again. Had a ton of laundry to do, of course. The new rice was dry, so I put it in the bin. Both kids sat on the floor for an hour digging in the rice, pouring it into containers, and finding all the treasures buried in it. We have little shiny rocks, foreign coins, sea shells, beads, and tiny animals that can hide. Adding an extra layer of bright colored rice just makes it a little more fun - more possibilities for digging!

While waiting for the washer to finish, I convinced my sewing machine that, if it knew what was good for it, it wouldn't put up a fight and would let me hem some things. It did. I ran out of bobbin before I could get to my new dress, but I finished up a shirt for each kid (the Brody's Baseball Tee pattern) and hemmed the sleeves for a couple of P4P Deep Sea V-necks for Emi.

I played a bit of GW2, but spent most of my time running around, harvesting materials, and crafting. I finally made my main character an Ascended item! It's a new, shiny longbow. So then I had to go test it out and kill some things. It was good.

Took forever to fall asleep, even with my podcast going. Then I had cracked-out dreams. Not very restful or relaxing.

Today - When I left the house, everyone was still sleeping soundly. This is a little depressing, but understandable. It's raining, so I don't know if Emi will get to have her swimming lesson or not. I had an email from Living Social and bought some train tickets, so that will be our family excursion in July.

I'm already deeply annoyed by some people in my email. I'm also getting un-excited about a werk trip next week (Mon PM-Thurs). It's Staff Meeting day, so productivity will be lessened.

Good things: dance class tonight. Therapy Wednesday (yuk). Potluck with possibility of card games Friday. Father's Day on the weekend.

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Put on noise-cancelling headphones of awesome. Listen to Hozier's "Take Me to Church" at high volume on repeat. Then do the same for Eliza Rickman's "Pretty Little Head".

Presto! The day is better.
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I bought this song on iTunes just so I could add it to my "Songs to Make Me Smile" playlist. So far, I like all the songs I've heard by this group, but this is my favorite. It just...yeah.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I've been listening to good music this morning and have only had to deal with annoying email, not annoying phone calls.

I embraced the glitter lotion this morning and donned a sequined shirt. This makes me feel better about life.

...I want to see local dancer R.T. do her choreography to this version of "Burn". With a Flame-o-phone, natch.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I just about have my packets ready to go to the people who volunteered to participate in my craft-it-forward challenge. This means I can extend it to more recipients! Yay!

Also, I GOT THE PART! I'm going to be one of the roving cast members for Big Werk Conference of Doom in the fall. I'm both excited and exhausted by the prospect.

Small victories. Yes.
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Friday - Spent 4 hours trying to figure out a problem for a customer. I don't know what's going on. Gah. Got home, totally frustrated, held onto my kidz, went to bed early.

Friday night
- Emi threw up twice in the night. Both times required sheet and pj changes and new blankies. Much tears. So laundry.

Saturday - Ox was up at the crack of dawn. Luckily, Downwood let me sleep in a bit. I finished sewing my black & key skirt (all hail the serger!), played a bit of GW2, and went to get my hair did and eyebrows defuzzed.

While at the salon, my hairdresser (who I adore) asked about our evening plans. I said that we were having a date night and going to a concert, so instead of blowdrying my hair straight (and making it way more awesome than when I attempt same), she curled it. And it was FANTASTIC. I went home and slapped on some makeup so that the rest of me would match my awesome hair. I mean, seriously fantastic hair. Wowza.

Saturday afternoon/night - MiL stayed with the kidz and Downwood and I traded in his old Jeep for a new Kia Sorento. It took 2.5 HOURS to get the paperwork done. I was starving and totally ticked off by the end of it. But, I've signed my life away for a while longer in exchange for a vehicle that I'll trust to shuttle my kids around. It's a lovely car, with lots of storage, and enough seats so that we could bring friends with us to Faire or Chicago museum trip or other places.

We had just enough time to hit the McD's drive through before the S.J. Tucker concert. It was fantastic. I just love her so damn much and was sad that I was on the inside of our row of seats so I couldn't just get up, go to the back, and dance. I'm no bard - I can't make music at all - but I love it. It makes me want to move and interpret what I'm hearing. I connect to it in my soul and my soul wants to dance. Bleah.

Sunday morning - Ox got up at the crack of dawn. Again. I hid plastic eggs of jelly beans on the deck and in the yard. When Emi finally woke up, she searched the house for the basket she knew the Easter Lion would have left for her. She finally saw both baskets sitting on the deck, just outside the glass. Both kids raced outside to fine everything they could. It was kind of magical.

After a bit, we changed everyone into clean, nice clothes and went out for brunch at the local nice hotel. All hail mimosa! And traditional Swiss dishes! And strawberry shortcake! And steak! And other noms! Emi had ham, fruit, and salad. Ox had some rice crackers, a strawberry, and almost took a nap sitting in the booth. I ate so much that I wasn't really hungry again until today.

Sunday afternoon - MiL went home, Ox napped, Emi whined. Downwood and I played GW2 and I washed all the clothes. I got some good progress made on another UFO from my craft table. I wrote out the next couple steps on my ongoing to-do list in HabitRPG, so I can check those off as I accomplish them. My brain likes having bite-sized chunks of reality to deal with at a time.

Sunday night - Oh, wow, were we all tired. Ox passed out as I was reading him books (so cute). Emi was so, so, so tired, but wouldn't admit it. Such drama. So whiny. I went to bed early.

Today - looking forward to dance class! I've paid my invoice for my new henna supplier and the white glitter kit. I've looked at the list of craft and art fairs in our small town and am considering how to ask for a booth. That probably means I should keep receipts and stuff, which sounds like way more work than I feel ready for. Dunno.

I'm excited about the Cairo Street Party. I'm proud of how well I'm doing with the German Duolingo. I have some really good books to listen to and to read. I have Friday off work! I have an appointment on Saturday to get my wrist tattoo touched up. I have presents for my sister. I have new music on my phone to listen to. I have friends and sunshine and almond lattes. Today is so far a good day. Yes.

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So, um, the song I'm going to dance and zil to tomorrow night? Has been choreographed by teacher M. For cane. For laser cane. I think it'll work. It's the right tempo, the right length, the right genre, and it has the advantage that I know the song pretty well. 

Some of you will find this incredibly amusing. I regret nothing. Yet.
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I'm thankful that my meds are all long-release meds that it's sort of okay to miss a day. Sort of.

I'm thankful for my Kindle. I love having many, many good books literally at my fingertips.

I'm thankful for my "Songs To Make Me Smile" playlist. Even if putting in my headphones usually makes my phone ring immediately.

I'm thankful for actually getting an hour back out of my back-to-back-to-back meetings so I could, you know, do work.

I'm thankful for a trainee who's worth my time and will soon be fully taking over this customer.

I'm thankful for my new boots being totally awesome in appearance and, so far, not giving me giant blisters or other major pain.

I'm thankful for this fantastic purple nail polish. It still rocks my world.

That's pretty much how today's been.


Nov. 17th, 2013 08:14 am
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So yesterday morning Downwood and I got up very early for a Saturday. We packed the car, packed the kids, and drove over to Iowa. There, we met my folks in a McD's parking lot and transferred kids, carseats, and luggage to their car. When we got the kids strapped in and heading out, Ox was disconsolate. He sobbed and sobbed in the "Wait, Momma's not coming with us? You're sending me AWAY?! From Momma?! With Emi?! What did I do to deserve this?!?!?!?!"

Since we didn't get a call an hour later from my mom saying that he still was in mega-distress, I can only assume that he calmed down and realized that this could be good. Or he got bribed with music and stories and climbing on John Deere equipment.

Saturday afternoon was totally lazy. I played video games. Downwood took a nap.

In the evening, we got dressed up and headed up into town. It took a while to find a place that didn't have a long wait for food and wasn't totally cheap fast food, but we finally found something to eat. Then we went to our Friendly Local Game Store. I bought dice to match my hair and we wandered through the shop.

Then came the concert.

Heather Dale (whom I'd heard  much about and was excited to see) and S.J. Tucker (whom I completely adore beyond all earthly reason) took the stage. It. Was. Magical.

At intermission I went over to the merch table to purchase tunes and fangirl a tiny bit. I told Sooj that I've used some of her songs as lullabies (she was touched), that I've used some of her songs as bellydance choreography bases (she wants video), and that I adored her reading of the second fairyland book. She very, very gracefully accepted all my compliments, told me she liked my hair (thank you Glowbys!), that our outfits totally matched (they did!), and that if she thought a song wasn't going over well, she just had to look my direction and see the glow of "I'm watching and hearing something SPECTACULAR" and things were okay. And then she gave me a cookie.

I about vibrated into another direction from sheer awesome.

Sheer. Awesome.

After the concert, we went to buy ice cream and hot tubbed with some friends. Then home for a night cap and snuggles.

Today, my throat is very scratchy and I don't particularly want to talk. I have hopes that coffee will help.

But I met one of my entertainment idols and she was okay with my fangirl worship and smiled and complimented me back!

It. Was. Magical.

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This is my happy place. This is my productive place. This will be what's in my ears every moment today that I'm not on the phone with customers. Yus.

Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
Suprema Lex - Ookla the Mok
Radioactive - Cover by Pentatonix
Two versions of Lama Bada - Amir Naoum
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There are very few bad days that can't be at least partially fixed by repeated applications of [ profile] sooj's "Mischief" album at high volume. All hail headphones!
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I know that I dance better - am more focused and such - when I have a goal and a deadline. If it wasn't for the Last Minute, nothing around Casa de Me would get done. The time of year isn't helping at all. The sun starts to go away and I start trying to stay in bed longer and longer. I get tired, worn down, and stop caring. Zombie Sabine, but not in the awesome dancy way of the student troupe. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and pray that the sun comes back again.


So I asked to be put on the roster for the January hafla. I don't really want to go to Inappropriate night: the only inappropriate songs I want to do these days are ones that Emi would want to dance with me. I don't feel like being sexy or raunchy, just silly.


So now I'm listening to a rather random playlist, hoping for a fragment of planet Inspiration to meteor its way into my atmosphere. Here's where I'm at:

Choice 1 - Demented circus music. Go with the idea of the astrologer, not so much the astronomy. It's a love song...sort of. More of a "want" song than love song. 3/4 time, too. A little darker than I usually go.

Choice 2 - Slightly silly, a little insane, but bonkers is okay. Happy-ish, upbeat. I can make it work with the theme. Probably.

Choice 3 - Works with the theme well. Anti-love song. The breakup song. Angry, passionate, and would need many reassurances to Downwood that it's just a song.

Choice 4 - Works with the theme LIKE WHOA. a very quiet, subdued, restrained song. It's reasonably intense, but the lyrics may not make sense out of context.

Choice 5 - Not really a choice, but on the playlist because it makes me smile.

Choice 6 - No lyrics, but I love the song. Not sure I can dance to it. Would need to work and work on the style to fit the music and then come up with an introduction to fit the theme.

Choice 7 - Something I haven't thought of yet. Listening to music to see if anything leaps out at me.

Zodiac. Tricky.
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It is no secret that my favorite band is The Nadas. I love their music, spend probably too much money on their merchandise, and can have a bad mood completely turned around by listening to some of their songs. They consistently make me happy in the same way that good coffee, chocolate, or fiction does.

Their record label is Authentic Records. They have mostly Iowa-based artists, which means that people outside of college towns in the midwest probably haven't heard of them. To help remedy this and get exposure for their bands, they (the label) have been releasing songs for free. Each week, you can "purchase" the Weekly Ear Snack. It's generally one song, free for the week, and still available for $0.99 after that.

This week's track is one that completely made my day a few weeks ago. I'd been hoping that they would release it as a downloadable track for Almanac subscribers, but they have decided to let everyone share in the joy.

Here's where you can order the techno remix of "Long Goodbye" for free. It's only good for this week. It's a happy, bouncy, groovy song about a breakup. It shouldn't work as well as it does. I love it. I'm a very happy Sabine today!
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The Nadas are still my favorite band. They're trying something new this year where you can subscribe to their Almanac project. Every month this year they'll be writing and releasing a new song. If you get the normal subscription, they give you the song each month and a CD at the end of the year. If you get the next level (like me), you get access to the blog and to live video of them recording the new song every month. You also get to hear the songs as they're in progress. The super-duper level also gets you invited to a song-writing session in September, but since I'm just a fangirl with no delusions of music writing ability, I didn't think that would be necessary for me.

Why is this awesome today? They posted a techno remix of February's song "Long Goodbye". It's made of win. I can't stop grinning like an idiot.

Yes, I know it's a sneaky plan of theirs to make money, but since I'm going to spend the cash on them anyway, I'm willing to work it into my "fun money" budget. And I get new music. I don't really see a downside.
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The Evil Empire says that we're not supposed to listen to streaming radio, but Pandora is all that keeps me sane some days. Though, I have to wonder about their song selection sometimes.

For example, I got tired of my Great Big Sea station, so switched to one based on Metallica. I get Metallica, then "Walk This Way", then "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)". I understand that the song style may be somewhat appropriate, but...really?

I am amused.
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Music saved yesterday. By mid-afternoon, I was IMing Downwood saying that life was full of suck and misery and, by the way, I feel like I'm relapsing into depression again. He was sympathetic, but unable to provide any reassurance that worked. Even dance class sounded like it would be too much work and not worth going. This was what really brought it home to me that something wasn't quite right.

Despondent, I checked my Twitter feed and saw that The Nadas had released the first song for their Almanac project. They also casually mentioned that it would be available for free for this week only as the Ear Snack at Authentic Records.

Of course, I ordered it - what kind of fangirl do you take me for? Then, because it sounded good, I threw in The Ghosts Inside These Halls. This made me feel a little better. After listening to "Hammer Down" and grooving, I thought it would be a good lead-in for some "Enter Sandman". Halfway through, I remembered the choreography that I started working on last Halloween. Let's just say that I'm glad that my office mate got her own office last month.

In the car on the way to dance, I listened to The Damnwells - the second best band you've never heard of (The Nadas are still better, imho). I first heard them when The Nadas covered one of their songs. I fell a little in love with their singer at the IA State Fair and then a lot when he LOOKED STRAIGHT INTO MY EYES ALONE while he was singing at Nada Silent Night. Rawr. Of course, then he moved to the girl next to me, but we HAD A MOMENT!

Er. Right.

And dance class was full of good music and movement and friendship and stuff. Also, Google 411 is an awesome thing to have bookmarked on your phone when you're craving take-out Chinese and you don't want to have to wait once you get there. Just saying.

I listened to a belly dance mix CD on my way home, including my most favorite relaxation dance song ever ("Beautiful Friend" on this CD).

When I got home, I found my very own copy of [ profile] cadhla's new album sitting on my computer!! Red Roses and Dead Things is a hilarious and creepy CD of wonderfulness. My copy is signed and numbered 102 out of the 300 pre-orders, so that rocks. I brought it to work with me and am still glad that I don't have an office mate.

After all the good music of yesterday afternoon and evening, I went to bed feeling like it had been a pretty good day. Today still has some of the bad of yesterday creeping in, but it's gotten squashed by "Oh, Michelle" and "What a Woman's For". Tomorrow's challenge will be seeing if I can manage to go bridesmaid's dress shopping with my little sister without feeling like the world's about to end.


Dec. 8th, 2008 10:23 am
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All the weather stations are saying that we're about to get dumped on. Downwood doesn't know if he'll be physically able to get to work tomorrow and I don't know if I'm going to be mentally willing to do anything other than hibernate for a month or so. My lightbox is seriously helping with this year's SAD, as is shaping up my diet and regularly going to the gym. I'm in a better mental place than I could be, which is good considering that I have Too Much To Do on my Hogswatch gifts.

Maybe I'm being overly ambitious. This is not an unlikely possibility. I have a couple of sewing projects to work on, as well as a glue/paint/paper project that I've only barely started. I'm at 22% completion on my annual cookie binge and I think I can get another batch completely done and two doughs in the "chill overnight" stage tonight. I'm not as far behind as I could be, but the overachiever voice in my brain says that I should be panicking more.


My new car continues to be made of win. I drove out to Des Moines on Friday to visit my sister and to go to the Nada Silent Night show. It was truly rocking, we had seats dead center in the second row, and did our part to jack up the prices in the silent auction. It was a sold out show with the entrance price being a ticket and a toy for Toys for Tots. All the proceeds from the auction went to Habitat for Humanity, too. We had an absolute blast!

Also, I brought home a bottle of Templeton Rye. You should all be jealous. Smoothest whiskey ever. If you go to the Media tab, you can listen to the song that the Nadas wrote about this amazing, wonderful beverage and its history.

Okay. Enough procrastinating. I'm going to finish my tea and find something to keep me busy until I can leave to go to the gym. Goal for tonight - week 3 day 1 of the Couch to 5k program. I don't know whether my legs will want to fall off or my lungs try to stage a break for it. Either way, I'm pretty sure I can handle it.
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This afternoon I purchased a download of a CD. I'd first heard of the band through the Authentic Records Weekly Ear Snack. I listened to that one and to the other songs that they had up for free and finally decided to buy it today. Much to my dismay, the songs are coded in m4a instead of mp3.

After some cursing at Windows Media Player and the internet in general, I have now installed WinAmp and am grooving out to one of my two favorite singers with his second band. I'm digging the tunes - it's slightly different in style than what I'm used to hearing from him, but I like it so far.

Also, sister dear, I'm thinking of taking December 5th off work and coming to town for Nada Silent Night. You interested in going this year? I know you and Mom like to go so that you can rub it in my face later, but I'm pretty sure I can swing the time off work. Thoughts?
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Watch it in high quality. Make sure your speakers are on. Marvel at the genius, even if you think John Williams is a hack!


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