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As I was getting dressed this morning, I realized I was living the dream of my middle/high school self. My hair is dyed and my glasses are cute. I'm wearing a beanie that proclaims "Glitter is the New Black". I have a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots. I have my boyfriend's husband's flannel shirt. And I have red lipstick. And can wrap confidence around my walk to make it all work.

Also, yeah, I still believe that the 90s were only 10 years or so ago. Next year is my 20th HS reunion. Not sure how I feel about that. 

I have enough money that I can buy a new lipstick, book, or music when I want. I have a handheld Nintendo gaming system.

So, you know, it's not all terrible. True, we're living in a country where the people who recently campaigned on a "No more corruption" platform have now started to declaw the ethics oversight ability of their governing body. But I can call my congressman and my senators and I can donate money and do what I can.

Also, I have a device that fits in my pocket and contains ALL THE BOOKS. Srsly. At one point I doubted the Kindle. Now I adore it. Living in the future.
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Yesterday was quite the thing.

I worked all morning and then took off at noon. I had my inaugural visit with a new psychiatrist. My old one left that practice and my insurance insisted that I start seeing one of their people. Fine, but my records didn't get transferred to my new Dr. Argh, especially since my job with the Evil Empire is to MAKE SURE THESE THINGS HAPPEN, PEOPLE!

Luckily, we live in the future, so I was able to pull out my smartphone and tell my dr what meds I'm all on and roughly when I started each. It's super cool to be able to see this in both my dr app and Walgreens app. Super helpful!

Since I didn't know how long the appointment would be, I took the afternoon off of work. This was nice, since I was able to get a PSL and head home. I watched cartoons with Alex and taped together a couple printed patterns. I got most of a dress cut out for Emi, but I need to iron my fabric and just couldn't deal with it.

I got to hang with Emi after school and hear all about her trip to Cave of the Mounds. I got to check my work email and try to not snarl at people who ask silly questions.

Then, I got ready for the show! I ended up wearing an off-white long sleeve shirt, my Peg Leg leggings (because I thought it would be cold), one of my 32yd skirts (black on top, white ruffle, and gold ruffle on bottom), and a white corset with a little black lace and black binding (couldn't find a belt that looked right). I also put on a bunch of white eyeshadow, glitter, and a pearl choker.

I had a quick dinner with the family and then headed up into town for the show!

Side note: I didn't have to psych myself up to go to this show. I didn't worry about looking ridiculous or that I'd get lost or that everything would go horribly wrong. I think my anxiety lives in Night Vale. I'm strangely okay with this.

I found parking about 4 blocks from the theater. On the way from the car to the theater, I put on my bustle and my wrap. When I came up to the theater, I turned on the lights in my bustle and wrap.

So. Many. "ALL HAIL!" It was AWESOME and made me feel loved.

I waited in the line to get in, got anxious when RH couldn't find parking, but she drove by, gave me my ticket, and sent me in to stake out seats for us.

The crowd was super fun. There were LOTS of costumes, but only two other glow clouds. And our glow cloud costumes were WAY better. There were Eternal Scouts, Old Women Josie, opera goers, pretty sure there was a John Peters (you know, the farmer), and others I couldn't identify. The demographics of the crowd were neat. There were really young kids (10-13yo), college/grad students, professionals, and grandparent types. And we all cheered super loud when Meg (Proverb Lady) came on stage.

The show was fantastic. I was NOT a fan of the musical group for the bridge and the Weather. Just...not my jam. Good, but not what I like to listen to. The story of the show was fun, being able to see the voices was super awesome, and the live background music by Disparition was great! The story was a little short, especially in light of how many songs Dessa sang before the show started, but it was fun, suspenseful, and full of all the things that make Night Vale own my soul.

I got home about 10:50. I came in, dropped my stuff, and immediately had to start cuddling Alex. He was up crying. We walked around the house and snuggled on the couch for a bit. I got him back in bed, Downwood got a new nightlight for his room, and he was getting settled when I saw the dry, super cracked skin on his wrists and feet. I put some aquaphor lotion on, but it hurt so bad that he started sobbing again. He eventually calmed down, but not until after I laid down on the floor next to his bed so that he wasn't alone.

He fell asleep. I went to bed. He woke up crying again. I went in, got him to go back to sleep. I went to bed. He started crying. Downwood went in. Sleep. Crying. Momma in. Sleep. Crying. Daddy in. Through all this, we never actually figured out what the problem was. No words means communication is hard. No words and tears mean communication is nearly impossible.

At some point, Downwood brought him into our bed to sleep. Poor dude. Neither Downwood or I got good, solid sleep as a result.

We let Alex sleep as long as we could this morning. At the absolute last minute, I woke him up enough to ask if he wanted to go to school because it's Farm Field Trip Day. He said a sleepy yes. Then there were LOTS of tears as I got him ready. Getting dressed was hard, having something to drink was hard. Getting some lotion on the bad spots was hard. He didn't cheer up until he was in his jacket and had his backpack on and some rice crackers to munch. Poor little guy.

Kids got off to school and I got myself to work...about 30 seconds before my first meeting of the day. Now, I'm going from meeting to meeting, trying to pay attention and be my usual awesome self. I'm very tired and the coffee is starting to wear off (eeeeek).

I just have to get through 8 hours of today and then I can go home. I can make Emi a new dress for Ren Faire this weekend. I can figure out something to wear for me. I can snuggle Alex and help him feel better. I can go to Walgreens and get the new meds. I can do these things.

I'm wearing my new Night Vale t-shirt and my Night Vale hoodie. I have music and podcasts. I have some very good books queued up on my Kindle. I can do this.

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Friday - Had a reasonably good day, but came home and crashed.

Saturday - Got to sleep in a bit. Got up, took care of kids, made cake, and prepped for game. Since all my players had a variety of germs working, I decided to try running the game via Roll20.

Things I need before I try this again: my own webcam. I hate looking at myself in full body profile, which is how I appear when viewed through Downwood's webcam. Ugh. Just ugh. Also, Downwood needs a headset with microphone attached. Right now his microphone just picks up all the room sounds, so when he has it turned on, I hear myself on a second delay over my headset, which is really, really distracting.

Other than that, it went reasonably well. The UI will take a bit of getting used to, but it was kind of neat. Also, people didn't have to spend an hour in the car to get to and from my house and everyone kept their germs to themselves.

Sunday - Why did it have to get cold again? The kids got used to being able to play outside, but it was back to being cold yesterday. Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool at all!

I finally cut out a skirt from some neato knit fabric I found on super sale from It's a raspberry and black chevron striped knit. Instead of drafting a new pattern or cutting out one I already have, I cheated and traced an existing skirt. I spent a long time lining up the first side so that the chevrons match exactly on the seams. I don't know if it'll actually work when I get my serger set up for knits, but I feel accomplished that I tried.

I conquered the raging laundry monster, but it got the last laugh as it ate up all available soap resources. Luckily, dance class tonight is next to Target, so I can resupply for the ongoing battle. We played some GW2 and I was finally able to try my chocoflan cake.

Amazingness! It's quite possibly the richest dessert I've ever made and very, very tasty. Downwood couldn't finish the flan layer, saying it tasted too eggy for his palate. I cheated and used a box cake mix instead of making the cake from scratch. It led to a drier, lighter cake than I think the recipe really requires, so next time I'll try it the right way.

I also read lots and lots of books with the kiddos. Both kids are enrolled in the Thousand Books Before Kindergarten program at our local library. Ox will have no trouble meeting this goal, but it's going to be close with Emi.

Today - Holy muscle cramps, Batman! My legs are ambulatory knots of pain today. Shins, calves, hamstrings, quads - all are protesting life in general. I don't know what I did, but I deeply regret it. I tried to do extra stretching and foam roller yesterday to work out some of the knots, but today it feels like I...I don't know. I can walk. Mostly. But it involves quite a bit of hobbling and biting my lip when sharp spikes of pain come up as I'm sitting at my desk.

I have Advil and coffee. I have henna incubating on my arm (one bad phone call down, more to go) and nail polish ready for my next bad call. I've got a laundry list of things I really should do today and zero motivation to do any of them.

Really, at this point, I just want my body to not be hurting. That doesn't seem like much to ask, but apparently is a Big Fucking Deal.


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