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Denver Fabrics sent me an email. They're having a sale on knit fabric. I love knit fabric. I love making dresses, sweaters, tops, skirts, pants, and basically all the things.  

I shouldn't buy fabric. I have a lot of fabric. 

But I have all these patterns. I have patterns I've tweaked over time to fit me exactly. I have patterns I've never tried. I need fabric for these patterns.

I shouldn't buy fabric. I have far too many projects already in progress.

Did I mention how I have patterns? And ideas? 

Maybe if I only buy fabric for specific things? Would that be okay? Maybe.


(Also, this week's Myths and Legends Podcast episode is awesome. Go listen to it!)
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To no one's surprise, both Ticketmaster and the Broadway in Chicago sites are down for the count.

Hamilton tickets for the Chicago run went on sale 21 minutes ago. The BiC site went down immediately. Ticketmaster has recovered somewhat, but is having trouble actually searching for and finding seats. I am impatient. I'm not going to back down, but I'm being forced to take my time.

Also, I'm still fighting off the remnants of whatever tummy bug smacked me down on Sunday. The internet better stop messing with me or THERE WILL BE A RECKONING.
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It's payday. Here's where my money's already gone and where I yet want it to go:
  • Denver Fabrics - Chevron knits for Au, Emi, and me (at 30% off!). Ponte de Roma solids for me are on their way
  • Collette Patterns - Both the Mabel pencil skirt and Moneta dress are now mine. I'll print them soon!
  • Mantua-Maker - I want the Regency stay and chemise patterns. I like the longer line on the stays, since I have all my extra body weight on the front of my stomach.
  • Sense and Sensibility Patterns - I want the full Regency kit and caboodle.  I also want their crochet patterns
  • Espionage Cosmetics - They're having a sale on their makeup collections. I want their glitters to add to my henna glitter palette. This one and this one , to be specific.
  • Amazon - I cleared out my shopping cart. I'd been slowly adding books to it through the month of April and can now get them. I'll probably be doing the same thing this month. I love books.


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