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My team at work has decided that we need to be happier. So we have the Happiness Initiative. It's based off of a TED talk that posits that if you do certain things every day, you'll improve your overall happiness. These things include meditation, exercise, listing out gratitudes, journaling, and performing small acts of kindness. I'm participating in this because I can always use more happy.
  • I'm doing the meditation because meditation is awesome. I'm nearing the end of the Self-Esteem pack and I think it's helping.
  • I'm doing the journaling because I found an app that gives simple prompts - what are you thankful for, what are 3 good things about today, what would make tomorrow better, etc.
  • I'm doing the random acts of kindness by inflicting art on others. Every day at work I choose one of my zentangle art cards. I pick a person on our team and write them a note on the back of the card. I then either give them the card with no explanation or just leave it on their desk to find. This gets these cards out of my office and has made people smile.
I'm not doing the daily exercise. I know it'd be good for me, but I'm so out of energy it's not even funny anymore.


Alex is sick. He got hit HARD by the head/chest cold that Emi brought home from school last week and shared with me. I still feel a little puny, but I've been mostly functional the whole time. Alex started running a fever Sunday night and started having trouble breathing. We went to the dr on Tuesday, who prescribed a nebulizer for albuterol instead of just his inhaler. Getting the damn machine was a bureaucratic NIGHTMARE that Downwood finally got figured out yesterday morning. Little dude gets to go back to the dr today. He's not getting better. He may get to have another vacation at the hospital. We'll see.

We're still waiting on the results of Downwood's EEG. He may or may not have a seizure disorder. We'll see.

Emi has Pokemon bribes to do better at school. If she does her homework without being asked, she and Daddy will play a game of Pokemon at the table. If she passes her reading checkout tests on the first try, she gets a special card. She loves math and science, but has trouble with reading and wanting to do well in it.

I'm tired. I went to bed really early last night, but still feel unrested. No me gusta.

I'm worried about my friends. I feel like I can't do anything other than offer stupid platitudes. Maybe we need to go out for coffee again. Maybe we should move our coffee date to Milwaukee to bring in more friends. Stupid winter making everything seem bad.
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Hogswatch was largely good. I had lots of holiday anxiety, but got a lot of sleep and even got some things done around the house! I did lots of sewing, a little reading, some video game playing, and many, many snuggles. We watched a TON of Mythbusters - the Science channel had a mega-marathon of every episode ever and it's Emi's favorite show.


Hogswatch eve and day were at home and quiet. The kids were excited by their gifts from us and from Santa (coloring books, colors, books, small toy, candy). Emi LOVED the princess dress wardrobe that I made for her. Alex LOVED the wooden train pieces that I got him. Downwood loved the Star Wars PJ pants I made. We smoked chicken and salmon for dinner, but didn't really treat the day as a super-special thing.

By boxing day, I needed to get out of the house a bit, but not really be in public. So I went for a walk in the cold drizzle when the full-on rain stopped. I took the kids with me. Emi wanted to run and race. Alex jumped and stomped and splashed in every puddle he could find. It was fun, wet, and exactly what I needed.

We got our second big snowstorm of the year on the 28th. That happened to be the day I needed to drive up in to Madison for therapy and med check visits. I'd been planning on going to get a coffee in between the appointments, but I didn't want to go back out into the ick. So I sat in the lobby, drew a tangle, and read a book for the hour between the visits. I then went to the grocery store since I was already out. When I got home, I couldn't get my car up the driveway. Not an awesome end to the day, but not the worst thing ever.

Tuesday was Paint Nite with Au and RH and Au's little dude. The venue was cramped and kind of awful. I won't go back. But the chocolate martini was lovely, the painting was fun, and I love my friends. Also, RH liked the plaque I made for her and remembered the joke it's meant to commemorate. Life is good.

Emi got to have her first-ever real optometrist appointment. The appointment was early in the morning on NYE. She was super-awesome and impressed both the tech and the doc. She also has perfect vision. It was a good start to the day. Afterwards, we hit the drug store and the grocery store. Downwood and I spent our usual quiet NYE at home. We had terrible snacks (this year it was my fault), played some games, and I decided that the ball dropping in New York was a good enough midnight for me.

New Year's day and weekend we spent in Iowa with my family. It was mostly good. I ate FAR too much junk food, but didn't get too much in the way of awful from my mom. She was on good behavior, so I was, too. I got to hang with my sister and give good gifts. My daughter kidnapped my cousin and convinced her to play ponies for HOURS. I got to see Alex playing with my BiL specifically to annoy my nephew. He knew what he was doing, too, the stinker.

And now I'm back at work. I've made my resolutions and have started taking the steps to achieve them. The kids don't like getting up for school (big surprise), but Alex has discovered that Momma will read a book before she leaves for work. I'm tired and very glad that the holidays are over. We need to take down our tree and lights. I want to get back to sewing on my Star Wars pea coat. I also want to consider seriously working on my Victorian underthings. I won't get this done before the costume convention, but I'd like to get started.

Life does not suck. My brain doesn't always agree with me, but I'm in a better place than I was 6 months ago, which is a relief.
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 Wait, what?! How is it already the end of the year?! I'm pretty sure it should still be Halloween or maybe Thanksgiving. The year just sort of evaporated on me. And now I'm at the end of my vacation with not nearly as many things done around the house as I should've.

This year I...
  • Learned
    • that I can make art just for the sake of making something pretty and it doesn't suck.
    • that it's okay to go back to therapy
    • German and Spanish. Sort of. 49% fluent, anyway.
    • how to meditate
    • that work doesn't suck so much if I have a team lead who's willing to work with me and actually get me things that bring me joy and take away the things that bring me misery and woe.
    • how to navigate railway systems in three cities where I didn't speak the language.
    • that I can drink 4.5 liters of beer in a day and not have too bad of a hangover the next morning.
    • that getting a new cell phone is horrible and painful and I don't want to deal with it for another three years. Or until a new shiny iPhone comes out and I can upgrade for free.
    • that it feels really good to go through things and fill boxes and boxes with STUFF for donation.
    • that my friends are awesome and even when my jerkbrain tries to tell me to not leave the house, they're still glad to see me and things will be okay.
    • how to blow dry my hair and get the lovely flips and waves that my hairdresser can get.
    • how to wear red lipstick.
    • that taking my husband and son to the ER sucks. Staying with my son for the next day in the hospital is also no fun.
    • how to use super glue for first aid and that liquid bandages are great.
    • that I get an allergic reaction to red pigment in tattoos. This is troubling. Also, I completed my shoulder peacock and got my birthday cardinal. And an adorable tiny pumpkin.
  • Read
    • lots and lots of good books. Goodreads has my full list. 
      • Highlights include: Uprooted, The Thirteenth Tale, William Shakespeare's Star Wars, PrinceLess, Castle Hangnail, Furiously Happy, The Martian, and Ancillary Mercy.
    • many old favorites cover-to-cover
      • Highlights include: Eleanor and Park, Sunshine, Snowcrash, The Enchantment Emporium, Hogfather, The Wee Free Men, The Finishing School series, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, The Girl who...Fairyland books, American Gods, and Good Omens.
    • not much in the way of newspapers or magazines.
    • probably too much online.
    • chapter books to BOTH kids, including the entirety of the Dragonbreath series to Alex.
    • that while most dating sim concepts make my eyelid twitch, a PIGEON dating sim will make me cackle maniacally.
  • Watched
    • not much TV, honestly. 
    • some good football
    • some terrible football
    • Emi at ballet
    • Alex at soccer
    • Emi graduate from Kindergarten
    • only a couple movies, but TWO were in the theater (Inside Out with Emi, Force Awakens with Downwood)
    • not enough bellydance, but some of it was Ozma, so that balances everything out.
    • cultural events in Berlin, Munich, and Brussels. I have no idea what was going on for most of it, but it was very interesting. And confusing
    • Alex start trying out words and talking to us
    • my kids LOSE THEIR MINDS on a train ride, in the Field Museum, in the Shedd Aquarium, and at the new cafeteria at werk.
  • Tried
    • more cosplay. Specifically Lucille Ball. For work. LIVING THE DREAM.
    • making more clothes. I made LEGGINGS THAT FIT. This is miraculous.
    • to not let the depression and anxiety win. I think my record's about 50/50.
    • to come up with a way to kill myself, but couldn't think of anything that wouldn't traumatize Emi. Not the best reason, but certainly not the worst.
    • to not beat myself up about being on 5 full time psych meds and another for emergencies.
    • to cut most alcohol out of my diet. I do pretty good most of the time now.
    • meditation. I love it.
    • using colored pencils and coloring books. So fun. Especially when I get pages from Colorful Language or the Sweary Coloring book.
    • to brew some beer. Still need to bottle. Bottling sucks.
    • to teach Alex how to use the potty. Still struggling. But he can mostly get clothes on and off by himself, so that's a big step forward.
  • Didn't
    • play any pen-and-paper RPGs. I ran my Scion game, but didn't play anything other than computer games.
    • play all the board and card games I bought
    • take any belly dance workshops (I think). I went to some shows, but not to the least, not that I remember.
    • always listen to my jerkbrain. Tried to let some of it go, in fact.
    • chicken out of going on the trip of a lifetime
    • go to any funerals
    • have any serious injuries
    • get any piercings or change my hair color. I'm still using the same henna as the last couple years and I love it.

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Burda: Here's our new pattern collection for this week! Yoga Retreat!

Me: I get the sense that Burda's thrown in the towel on 2015. The palazzo pants are basic and comfortable but the rest just...why?

T: "Hold still while I throw jersey fabric on you!"

A: What is with the no-pants options (the dress while carrying yoga mat, for example)!?  Are people doing yoga without pants of any kind!?  Yikes.

Me: Breathe into your core. Bend into downward dog. Don't worry about your dress falling over your head. Breathe into the movement. Let your lady garden breathe with you.

A: NOOOOOOoooo!!!!

I love my friends.

small joys

Nov. 17th, 2015 11:58 am
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One of my small joys in life is when I get an email from Burda patterns with their new "style book". It's generally around 10 patterns, all on a theme. They have photos of the garments and the line drawings.

They make...questionable decisions. These can range from "what were they thinking?" styles to "why, gods, why?" fabric choices.

Why is this a joy in life? Because I look at the pictures, form an opinion, and then forward the email to People Who Understand (but may not want to be named). They respond with their opinions. The snark will flow.

Small joys in life, I tell you.
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Friday - I had lots of anxiety at work. I left a little early and made it to Aldi for werk and skool snacks. Protein bars and such for me, applesauce and such for kids. Aldi has some AMAZING gluten free stuff. They have GF pretzels that are safe for BOTH kids' allergies! And they taste like pretzels! Score! Basically came home, ate dinner, put kids to bed, and collapsed.

Saturday - Picked up the kitchen and living room. One of my college biochem besties asked if they could spend the first couple days of their summer vacation up by us (before heading to his mom's and...crazy times). I adore him and his wife and their adorable sons. The older boy is 3 and the younger is just about to turn 1. Super cute.

We cleaned a little - mostly just clearing out clutter so we'd have places to walk and sit. Alex and I went to the grocery store for provisions. Bexdragon came down, too, and we had a giant late lunch. Ribs (on sale for $1/lb! whoa!), smoked salmon, corn on the cob, cole slaw, baked beans, and fruits. All of it was safe for Emi and Alex could have everything but the ribs and beans. We all ate too much, then sat around and talked. The kids played in the yard and with all the toys all over the house.

It was busy and chaotic. And good.

Sunday - I spent a bunch of the morning ironing. I have quite a few 50's style dresses, but the ones that are most appropriate for Lucy are the ones that are cotton and thus need ironing. So I ironed. Ugh. And did laundry. And snuggled kiddos.

In the late morning, everyone came down to our house again. We had a lunch of the leftovers and some pulled pork from earlier in the week. The kids played and the grownups sat and chatted.

In the afternoon, we took a field trip down to the Toy Train Barn. It's a barn FILLED with model trains. There are some giant layouts and train memorabilia EVERYWHERE. Our train-crazed kids and husbands loved it. They also had the big outdoor train up and running, so the kids got to take a ride on it. Super fun.

When we got home, Downwood took V downstairs to look at the trains. I started getting food into some very hungry kids. The kids got popcorn shrimp, chicken nuggets, fries, and veggies. The grownups ordered in pizza.

By bathtime, it was apparent that the kids were all exhausted. Lots and lots of hugs and promises to visit soon and they went back to their hotel.

Alex and I have almost finished "Hamster Princess". I don't know what we're going to read next, but it'll be fun. Emi was kind of a pill about going to sleep, but that's nothing new. I sat at the computer, mainlined some "I Love Lucy", and packed my makeup and stuff for today. Then I went to bed early. I only have to get up about 15-20 minutes earlier than normal, but that's starting to get to the point of just being stupid early.

I miss my friends. They're good people and I wish they lived closer than Pittsburgh. It would be cool if our kids could be closer and I dearly love them.

Today - Got up super early. Turned on coffee. Stared at the internet for a bit. Got dressed and out the door early.

At work, I dropped off my snacks and purse in my office and headed to the backstage dressing room. I put in my contacts, put on my wig and petticoat, and applied both makeup and false eyelashes (THANKS! dance performance experience!). I even put on heels.

I looked spectacular. Many customers wanted pictures with Lucy. It. was. awesome.

After spending a couple hours on my feet in uncomfortable heels, I kind of regretted this decision. I went back to our dressing room and de-glammed. My hair is a bit of a disaster (bangs are just pinned back - there was no helping them) and I still have on way too much makeup, but the eyelashes and wig are put away until tomorrow. I'm wearing shoes that do NOT go with my dress, but are ridiculously comfortable.

  • Today - One more shift, but de-glam. I could technically make it to dance, but I'd be a WRECK tomorrow. No me gusta.
  • Tomorrow - Glam most of the day. I may de-glam from 1:30-3:30, but I need to be Lucy off and on from daybreak to 1:30 and then from 4-8. I...won't be wearing heels the whole time. Nope. Nope. Nopefish.
  • Wednesday - No more glam. :( Just a couple of things that I have to be "on" for. Host a session, attend a session, then give away ice cream. Woo!
  • Thursday - One thing to be "on" for. And many things to hide in my office for.
  • Friday - No more customers. No glam. I may try to get a couple hours off. We'll see.
  • Saturday/Sunday - Pick a day to go to Faire. Finally.


Jun. 22nd, 2015 08:50 am
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Some good things happened over the weekend.
  • I made a pair of shorts from the P4P Straight Palazzo pattern out of some el cheapo GC sale fabric. I cut them to the shorts length mostly because I wanted to see how they'd fit through the tummy and booty before committing to anything bigger. They're okay. I need more rise in the back and maybe a little more rise in the front. They're also pretty darn short, especially on my long legs. They're comfy and good for at home and sleeping, if nothing else.
  • I nearly finished two P4P Deep Sea V-neck shirts for Emi. On one of them, the neckband got a little wonky, but not bad enough for me to rip it out and start over. I need to hem the bottoms and topstitch the neckband and then they're done!
  • I went over to Nearby Town and submitted the paperwork and $$ to get my passport renewed. It really, really expired so I had to basically apply for a brand new one. Emi asked if she could come with me, so she was playing a tangram game on my phone while we waited and waited for our turn.
  • After the passport outing, Emi and I stopped at the local cafe. I had a fancy coffee. She had a limeade. We sat and enjoyed the place, though Emi kept asking if there was ANYTHING on the menu that was safe for her to have. Poor kiddo. Maybe someday.
  • Saturday afternoon and evening, we had friends over. It was galieth's birthday, so we played games. Castle Ravenloft kicked our butts as usual. Snake Oil was waaaaaaay too much fun. The Kill Dr Lucky card game (Get Lucky) was fun, but we miss the mechanics of the board game. The card game is much more cut-throat. We ordered in pizza and then watched The Lego Movie. I didn't get to see most of the movie because of putting kids in bed and then back in bed and then back in bed again, but it was nice.
  • Ox was very sad while we were playing games, since he really wanted to play, too. Emi got to play Ravenloft with us, but got kicked out during Snake Oil, since her reading skills aren't quite up to the necessary level of that game. Also, our senses of humor are grown-up and some of the products we came up with aren't appropriate for small ears.
  • We did some dungeon runs in GW2 Sunday afternoon. One really hard one and then an easy one. It was a little stressful during the hard one, but we managed.

Last night at bedtime, I told Emi that I have a work trip this week and that I'd be home on Thursday. This is after she saw me packing my suitcase, mind you, but at that time she'd been more concerned with whether she could convince me to either play more games at the table or let her "fly" on my feet. She totally broke down sobbing, but agreed that it would be okay if she could Skype with me daily and if I bring her back a package of bubble gum.

Neither kid woke up when I came in this morning to give them big hugs. Emi stirred a little to remind me to bring home some gum. Ox was passed out cold.

Now it's raining and I'm trying to get all the things done so that when I leave with my car pool at 1:30, nothing explodes. I'm sad, of course, and will miss my kiddos. I'm also going to miss dance class. And all the other things that go into my daily life at home. I'm still tired and worn down, but I don't see this changing ever.

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We had 17 people at our house for dinner yesterday. 5 of them were unknown to me before the event - 3 as guests of my cousin (they were in town anyway) and 2 from work who needed a place to come have dinner. It's quite possibly the biggest turnout we've had for one of these shindigs. And it was AWESOME.

There was a TON of food and good booze. I brought out some wine and cinnamon whiskey, filled the percolator with cider and cinnamon sticks, made two pies (from frozen because I ran out of cope), ham, turkey, roasted root veggies, sweet corn, and homemade cranberry sauce because the canned stuff is of the devil. Folks brought pies, brownies, cheeses, fruits, two kinds of stuffing, a hashbrown potato casserole, green bean casserole (fresh green beans with cream of mushroom soup FROM SCRATCH), rolls, cinnamon-cranberry-orange rolls, and more booze.

It was pretty amazing. We gathered plates and dispersed around the house. I think we all ate too much, but that's fine. 

We sent some leftovers home with people and traded other leftovers - you take the pumpkin pie, but leave me the apple - and I fell into bed.

Today, I woke up early and went out to do some shopping. First the spa, to get my annual shellac manicure at 20% off. Then Starbucks because coffee. Then the FLGS for D&D books and My First Carcassonne. Then JoAnn's for on sale yarn and fleece. Then Target for DVDs, little toys, and some clothes. Then home.

Since being at home, we've done a lot of dishes. I made incredibly tasty ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch - this butter topping makes it all better ( I made an Emi-safe pumpkin pie with her and it's cooling on the counter. I made a turkey pot pie out of leftovers and it's cooling on the stove. It's also Emi-safe, due to using a modified biscuit recipe for the top. We'll see if she eats it.

Later tonight, we need to strain and aliquot a couple gallons of turkey stock. The bones and the leftover cooking veggies slowly simmered all night, leaving us with stock of FLAVOR.

Dinner soon. Thank god. I'm crabby now because I'm hungry and the pot pie smells good.

Tomorrow, Emi and I will wander around downtown and she'll pick out some presents. We love Small Business Saturday, since our town is FULL of small businesses. Afterward, I may try to make some fleece headbands and scarves. Maybe even finish a couple of other projects on the table.

Then I can get ready for Cyber Monday deals. I'm waiting for ThinkGeek to send an email detailing what all's on sale. I have one or two presents from there to buy and then I should be done. I need to start wrapping soon. Yus.
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Thing the first - Paint Nite with Au was totally fun and awesome. The painting was a tree and a pond and fog and a bridge and trees way in the background. So I added a sauropod to the background. And it turned out pretty good. Emi approved, though she wanted to know why I didn't put any fish in the water.

Thing the second - I didn't cry at therapy yesterday. It's a first. Instead, he got to see the major change that comes over me when I talk about dancing and that it's okay if I make a mistake in a dance. It's okay that I'm not perfect. I'm growing, I'm trying, and I'm changing. He then wanted to know why that doesn't apply to the rest of my life. nuthin'. Also, that my work is toxic and I need better boundaries. Which, of course, I already knew.

Thing the third - Snuggling sleepy Ox is awesome. Hugging Emi first thing in the morning (for her) is awesome.

Thing the fourth - The Halloween event on GW2 is pretty fun. It's a bit terrifying and worrying, but fun.

Thing the fifth - Tonight's plan is to make sure I have both costumes for tomorrow set and ready to go. Also, that I've located my makeup and have it set and ready to go. Also, help Downwood pick up the den so it's not quite such a disaster zone for when his mom gets here tomorrow.

Thing the sixth - I set up the FB invite for our annual Thanksgiving festivities today. As usual, if you can get to the small town in Wisconsin that holds our house, you're welcome to stop in for some turkey, football, and exploding pumpkins.

Thing the seventh - Tomorrow's going to be a looooong day. I should probably get some sleep tonight, which means finishing werk and going home. Yus.
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Friday - Much relief at Downwood's improved condition. His dad and um-friend came up and played with the kids all day. They took off for home right after I got back from the grocery store. Apparently, the kids wore them out. Go figure.

Saturday - Slept in a little bit and woke up to clouds and drizzle. Emi was heartbroken, since I'd promised that they could play outside again. After a while, the drizzle stopped and the sun came out, though everything was still squishy.

Au and her boy came over in the late morning. The kids ran around the back yard and we relaxed on deck chairs with mimosas. It was lovely. The kids are big enough to be more or less self-entertaining, especially when there are soccer balls, a slide, and dirt to dig in. We let them run around both inside and out.

After a while, I made some fried chicken for lunch and henna-ed Au's arm with a viney/leafy pattern. It was super fun and a great way to spend the middle part of the day. Au and her boy left when it became apparent that Ox was played out. He was stretched out on the floor playing with a toy car, head on the ground, totally out of energy to move or sit up, but still really wanting to keep playing. They gathered up stuff and said goodbyes.

I think their car got out of the driveway before he passed out cold. Maybe.

Downwood took a nap, Emi got a timeout (so tired and whiny), and I chilled. Then I put together some dinner for Emi and me and got dressed up.

The spring show happened. I miss seeing S from Chicago, local professional tribal troupe, F from IA City, ATS professional troupe, or any of the other excellent out-of-town performers that we used to get at this show. Darn. They had a cash bar, which was lovely, and parking was a breeze. There's also a hotel bar connected to the venue, so we went to get drinks and dissect the performances. I laughed a lot and had a lovely, lovely time.

I didn't get home until close to 12:30. This blew up my HabitRPG, which resets at midnight and which I usually double-check for completion before bed. Oops.

Sunday - Blessedly got to sleep in later than usual. Still, since I went to bed so late, it didn't seem that decadent. I woke up to rolls and coffee and kids being kids. And rain. Lots and lots of rain.

After I woke up (all hail caffeine!), I started my usual Sunday laundry routine. This means a minimum of 5 loads of clothes to wash, plus any clothes already washed that just need folding and put away. Since people have been sick, I've also been washing sheets more often and trying to get in a load of fuzzy blankets and/or pillows, just to help out our immune systems.

We played some GW2 with friends while I was doing laundry. Luckily, we play with other grownups who understand that there are chores to be done, toddlers to console, and children who need love and attention. Also, my tendonitis flares up if I play for too long. Stupid thumbs.

I thought about going to bed early, but didn't quite make it. RH got me hooked on a FB clicky game and I was enjoying the fact that both kids were in bed and there were no emergencies.

Today - Morning came too early. I had a really hard time dragging myself out of bed today. I'm still dragging. Ugh.

I started off the morning right by breaking a bottle of nail polish. The top sheared off and ended up on the kitchen floor. The bottle fell into one of Downwood's newish tennis shoes. I maintain that he got it cleaned up. He says there are still green glitter streaks, so he doesn't want to wear them.

Ox found the bottle in the trash can and now has green hands.

I'm having a bad anxiety day. Like, to the point that I was just now having a panic moment (not an attack. Not so bad. Just kind of bad) about using my Audible credit effectively. Because if I choose the wrong book, that obviously means that the world is going to end. Or something.

But things aren't all bad. I have coping mechanisms. I have lists to check off. I have Goodreads, which will tell me all my favorite books and it's okay to pick one of those for my Audible credit. Kids wash, Advil works, and I have dance tonight.

It's going to be okay. It was a good weekend and it's going to be a good week.

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RH is delightfully evil. She found photos and a tutorial for a Diction-fairy costume. I can make this happen. Hot glue, a couple thrift store books, and some creativity, and I'll be even more adorable than usual.

I'm wearing one of my new eShakti dresses today. It has pretty amazing cleavage, nice lines, fits beautifully, and is a gorgeous spring grass green. I feel very Mad Men, but I need better shoe options.

Our big werk conference this year is themed "Farm". It's apparently set in the Dust Bowl or thereabouts, not modern farmers. I got an invite to audition for the cast. It'd be sort of a Ren Faire character part, but Dust Bowl farm era instead of Elizabethan. Could be really fun. I need to have a joke (fun for all audiences, please nothing that will offend deeply) and a short character piece. I'm leaning toward Teacher Libby, who wnet to college all the way up in Omaha and who will not put up with the Collins boys' shenanigans this fall. Again, could be fun.

Teacher M is doing a Turkish Roma-folk piece for us this month. It's 4/4, bouncy, sassy, and kind of delightful. She said that if we get through the piece in under 4 weeks, we'll explore some of the 9/8 pieces on the CD. Our GPS's eyes lit up with the inner fire that clearly said "I'm going to get all of you through this piece in 2.5 weeks so we can play with interesting rhythms. This I swear to Terpsichore. It SHALL BE SO!"

Saturday is Local University Bellydance Club show. I'm not going to the workshop because, though I may get a lot of knowledge, I'll also get A LOT of pain. That's not a good trade for me. Instead, Au and I will drink coffee and watch the kids play in the back yard. Or maybe mimosas and watch terribly awesome bd videos on youtube. Either way, there will be less pain, less stress, and less mental badness. And maybe the kids will play so much that they'll all sack out for naps. We can dream. In the evening is the big show. I'm excited to go, I'm excited to see my friends, and I'm excited to go out for drinks after so we can talk about what we saw. No bingo cards at the show, but maybe in our post-show analysis.

Tomorrow I can wear the new skirt that I made. I can take a picture in the full-length mirror at work. I'm very proud of this skirt. Done is beautiful and this one is quite lovely.

I have a headache, but I have food. I also have a mute button so customers don't hear me munching. I'm taking care of myself as best as I can.

The sun is shining. It's above freezing. I have lemon yogurt and granola.
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I can't say enough good things about the web vendor eShakti. They have really high quality clothes and for a trivial fee, they'll make the clothes to your exact measurements! I've bought a couple dresses from them and they all fit perfectly, flatter my body, and are made with really nice fabric. And pockets! And since they ask for your height, the "below knee" length is actually below my knees!

So, yes, today I look like a grownup in my pretty purple dress and gleaming mary janes. My hair is crazy and I ran out of energy to put on makeup, but I look like a grownup and I feel pretty.

Ox came out super early and snuggled with me. Emi also got up early and "helped" me get ready.

I have more meetings today than are healthy. I have a couple NYTimes crossword puzzles to get through.

I did some really lovely henna last night on some really lovely ladies. There are quite a few people on YouTube who should have thought about their costuming choices a bit more. I didn't get enough sleep, but that's usual for Monday nights.

I have two shamrocks in my purse. Each of my kids made me one yesterday. They're awesome kids and I'm going to proudly display these on my wall at work.

Coffee is fantastic. So is having a couple extra minutes to grab breakfast at work.

I can do this. Eye of the Tiger.
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Weekend Roundup!

Friday - I went up into town after work. On the way I called Mom and talked to her about the kiddos and stepdad. He's doing better but not yet good. I should call again tonight to check on them. I went to JoAnn's and had to search the whole damn store for pony beads for Emi. She LOVES to string beads, but the only needle she can thread is my yarn needle, so we need the beads with big openings. Then I went over to the maul to pick up their pictures. Such cute kids, even if Ox was being a TOTAL PILL throughout the whole thing. I then found a pair of dress pants that were marked down to $10 and FIT. OMG. And then grabbed food and came home instead of trying to go to Woodman's. I was melting down and needed to get away from people.

Emi was beyond thrilled by her beads. She loves crafting and making things just as much as Momma and Daddy. I'm very thankful to have her as my daughter. She's smart and determined and when she wants to be good at something, she just wants to practice and practice. I want her to keep that determination and spirit.

Saturday - Got to sleep in a bit. Also fired up Guild Wars 2 for the first time in many months. I played some in the morning and had fun. After a break to take care of lunch and kids and some house chores, I played more in the afternoon. It was intensely frustrating and I had no fun at all. Boo. I was so grumpy that I just couldn't smile or enjoy anything after that - I wanted SOMETHING to WORK, DAMMIT. Everything I touched seemed doomed to fail. So I put on my playlist of Songs To Make Me Smile, which did its job. Yay music! Yay people who make silly songs about evil geniuses! Yay violin dubstep! So, yeah, I'm thankful for video games and music, but mostly music.

Sunday - Got up before everyone else and started cooking. Brownies, chicken, coffee, and chili got started in the morning. I played some GW2 with Downwood, which was nice and relaxing. Then I went down to the studio in town and got my tattoo done. Holy shitballs, it hurt. But it's beautiful and done. Then I came home, buffaloed the chicken, sliced some potatoes, and got the rest of the food out and ready.

My cousins brought copious chips and good beer. Au brought an amazing fruit plate that all three kiddos attacked with vigor. I made far too much food, the football game was laughably one-sided (but we were cheering for the Seahawks, so that was fine), the kiddos had fun playing together, and the ads during the game Something. Some of them were just WTF? and some were pretty good. I was thankful for friends, family, and good food. And relaxing.

Today - Holy brass balls on a witch's tits, it's cold out there! I'm at work, which is fine, I guess. My tattoo hurts A LOT. Did you know you move your wrist a lot? And that the skin twists as you do simple things like putting your hair up? I found that out this morning. If I'm just holding still, it's fine, but moving hurts. It's like having a bad sunburn. My skin is pretty damn pissed off at me and wants me to know that I've abused it. I still think it's pretty and I don't regret the design, but I'm kind of regretting the placement. Ouchies.

Ah, well, in 2 weeks it'll be healed and I won't regret it anymore. That's how these things go.

Dance tonight. Soooper bowl leftovers for lunch. Meetings and class throughout the day. I'm thankful for the first two, but not the third.

Also, I'm looking at spa packages. My everything hurts and a massage sounds like a fantastic idea.

To work with me! Yah!


Jun. 18th, 2013 09:08 am
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Saturday was SUPER FUN! We had friends over for card games, wine, flirting, and fun. It was so, so fun. I'm still waiting on my new anti-anxiety med to kick in and help out, but I managed to have a good time anyway, so that's really what's important.

Sunday was not as much fun, due to chores and needing to act like a grownup. I restarted my Zombies! Run Couch to 5K program. Ox "helped" me stretch after. I love that little dude so much. He's totally awesome. Emi pulled me downstairs to make her a purple super cape and I enlisted her in making some crash pads for Sasha. I like stash busting!

Monday included a screw-up at work and some awesomeness at work, so I hope they balance out. I need to pay my mortgage and keep health insurance and all that. I know my brain tends to overreact and always seek out the worst case scenarios, but it makes me nervous. I was able to get my nails painted for the first time since breaking my arm, though. And dance class was totally fun. M is evil, my classmates are fantastic, and the laser cane choreography makes me happy.

Today was snuggles with Emi, a Zombie Run on the trails near work, and breakfast at my desk. I moved my mouse back to my left hand and have high hopes that this will make my neck and shoulder pain less. My arm's finally strong enough/not hurting so much so that I can use it. I made progress on some work and am getting frustrated trying to figure out another one. Now I get to be on a phone call with the people who make me crazy (again!) and drink some coffee from my Minibru. Note to self: I need to get better coffee - the stuff here at work is too finely ground to make decent press coffee.

This week should be fun. I have some Aloe Purell to set on fire and I'm going to see if my arm's strong enough to spin light. I don't know if that will hurt like a bitch or be okay. I also have a promise of fun times on Saturday and a dance workshop to kick my butt and brain on Sunday. All I have to do is keep moving and everything will be fine.
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The weekend trended towards the positive side of things. Friday night was for stir fry with team Bishop with a detour through an amazingly fun toy store afterwards. Ox grabbed a piece of pork out of my bowl and nommed it into submission. He seemed to think that it made a much better gum-soothing teether than any of his toys, due to its tastiness. Who am I to judge?

I was on the phone for work from 4:45-6:30 Saturday morning, which put me in a grumpy, exhausted mood for the whole day. So tired. But the customer got upgraded and we got the kinks worked out of one of the important bits of the software before physicians were impacted, so Yay for no angry phone calls later in the day.

Yesterday was a day of shopping for Emi and me. We went to all sorts of stores. We went to Home Despot to pick up Downwood's Father's Day gift (new grill/smoker). We went to Wall of Green to buy ice packs for Emi's feet (so, so broken out, itchy, blisters, going to allergist today). We went to Joann's for fuzzy fabric. We went to McD's for fries ("French fry store, Momma!"). We went to Best Buy for new phones for Momma and Daddy.

The last time I got a new phone was early in 2008. That was a replacement for my very first phone when that one's number pad stopped working. My new phone doesn't randomly delete text messages like my previous one and it's super shiny. I didn't go with the Siri model, as I'm pretty sure that I don't need my phone to obey voice commands. Maybe in 4 years when it's time for a new one. Downwood was totally surprised that I got him a new phone, too. My opinion is that since he's the one responsible for our offspring during the day, it's a good thing for him to have a phone that can both turn on and make calls when he's out and aboot with them. That he can now stream Netflix for cartoons on demand in the dr's office is total gravy.

Also, Emi insisted that I go downstairs to sew. So I made a blankie for a friend's baby, a giant leopard pillow for Emi, and a monster doll for Ox. So that was good.
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So all those Current Project List posts had a deadline of Saturday. The end results are what you see below. It's almost easier to list what I didn't make.

From left to right:
Me - I added feathers to an existing hat, made the vest, skirt, and bracelet, but purchased the blouse and gloves.
Downwood - I added feathers to an existing had, made the vest and coat new, the shirt was one I made him a couple years ago, but the pants were purchased.
Dan - I made the shirt, vest, and coat. The EL wire on the coat, pants, and hat were purchased/not done by me.
Bex - I made the skirt, bodice, and coat. The EL wire and decorations on the coat and her jewelry were not done by me.

The wedding happened and was wonderful. I ran out of energy to make a blouse from scratch - all the pieces are cut out, but I haven't put them together yet. I think I need to take a break from sewing. Oy.

Also, this might be one of my all-time favorite pictures of me and my mini-me. So much fun!

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I'm a couple days late on this. I blame a child who only wants to eat well at night and plays all day. Also, there's too much good college football on TV.

In the last decade I:
  • Finished college
  • Started a doctorate, but finished with a master's
  • Fell in and out of love
  • Visited new countries
  • Worked as a science teacher, science researcher, and as IT tech
  • Figured out my ideal job, but haven't yet been able to get it
  • Lived in two states and at several addresses
  • Adopted the sweetest and laziest greyhound of all. Dingbat dog.
  • Got a cell phone
  • Watched far too much football
  • Finally became friends with my little sister
  • Made some good decisions and some really bad ones, and learned from them both
  • Gained weight, lost it, gained it, lost it, and gained it again
  • Had my hair as short as it's ever been, as long as it's ever been, and many different colors of red
  • Gave up on contact lenses

I learned:
  • That antidepressants work much better when you take the entire daily dose every day
  • What a pain scale score of 10 really means
  • How to throw pottery
  • That dance class is the highlight of my week
  • How to apologize and repair friendships
  • Correct posture
  • How to sew clothes, garb, and quilts
  • That sushi is delicious
  • How to have friendships that last a decade
  • That my daughter's smile is the absolute best thing ever and mostly makes up for the 9 months of physical awfulness it took to get her
  • How to game and how to run them
  • That I shouldn't be allowed into JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Lush, or a used bookstore by myself
  • How to tell when my mental state is bad enough that I need to check myself into the psych ward
  • That marriage is a series of compromises and that being married to your best friend is awesome
  • How to ask for and accept help when I need it and that there are certain people who will always be there for me no matter what
  • That maybe I'm not such a bad person as I tend to think I am
  • That health insurance is worth its weight in gold

I bought:
  • A wedding dress
  • Plane tickets
  • Boat tickets
  • An old car and a new car
  • A house
  • Baby clothes
  • More books than I know what to do with
  • Far too much cloth, yarn, and cross-stitch stuff

I celebrated:
  • My friends' weddings
  • New babies
  • My own wedding
  • My sister's wedding, even though I couldn't be there
  • The beginning of the decade on the banks of the Thames with friends and the end on my couch with my husband.
  • Birthdays including being able to legally drink, rent a car for less, and the big 3-0
  • Many holidays with friends and family

There were some really crappy times and some amazing ones. I'm looking forward to the 10s to see what happens next!
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Thanks to some good planning by Downwood and the intrepid spirit of friends, all of our remaining furniture was moved from the rental to the house while I was at work on Friday. There's still some clothes and random things to grab, but pretty much everything else is in a box or bin and is somewhere in the new place.

Also, thanks to some sneaky planning by my friends at work, I was totally blindsided by the baby shower that coworkers threw for me. It was a total surprise and a nice way to end a Friday afternoon.

The dog is getting adjusted to the new place. Since we're here, her bed and food are here, and her routines are similar to the rental, she's feeling a little more sure of herself. She also has gotten quite a few treats, so that's helping to make her think of this as "her" place.

Yesterday morning, my sister and I decided to go on a walking tour of the town. We took Rain with us and visited a couple of garage sales, scoring some excellent small child toys for cheap. Downwood, who had been tasked with picking up milk while we were out, saw us carrying bags and pulled over to offer to take them home for us. We sent the dog with him, too, and continued our walk. We found breakfast at a bakery, distraction in a gift shop, lunch at the butcher's, and Anne discovered that the winery will give you very generous samples of many types of wine.

We found out when we got home that the dog, not content with her lot in the back of the Jeep, decided to climb into the front seat on the way back with Downwood. Not only did she climb into the front, but she managed to put the car into neutral by stepping on the gear shift in the transition. Dingbat dog.

Saturday night was spent grilling brats, eating sweet corn, and chitchatting. It was a very "us" sort of night.

Today, after a big breakfast, Downwood mowed the lawn while sister and I cleaned in the kitchen and front room. I made some pulled pork for lunch, which made more leftovers than I'd expected, so we'll be eating that all week.

The afternoon was spent at a baby shower thrown for me by my very cool friends. No games, just good food, better conversation, lots of laughs, and women from three distinct areas of my life - gaming, work, dance - all getting along and having a good time. Bex invented a new type of sushi for me. She took the bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-filled, jalapenos that I make for any social occasion and put them into rice. It was delicious! Katy deep-fried wontons filled with Nutella or ginger and dates. So, so good.

While we were gabbing, Downwood made another trip to the rental and claims to have brought back all the remaining dishes and glassware. This means that I can finally figure out where to put away the paper plates and go back to eating off of dishes that I don't have to worry about disintegrating under stress.

I'm kind of dreading getting up and going back to work tomorrow. I don't particularly want to force myself to get up with the alarm clock. Also, this is our week off of dance class, so I don't even have anything to look forward to in the evening other than unpacking and organizing. But, I might hear about the bloodwork that I had done last week, so we'll see what that does to my med dosage. I also might have something exciting to work on or some problem to solve that is actually solvable.

But for now, I will sit here and watch the sun set over the trees. My computer desk is by the windows in the back that get a lovely breeze and have a wonderful view of the trees and hills. I can see the massive deck and our yard with its shiny new fence. My sister is reading in the recliner and my husband is playing Bejeweled on his computer. The dog is sacked out on her bed. I have five weeks left until Peanut's official birthday. I can probably handle this.
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It took a year and a half of adding an extra Wednesday to every other week. The players didn't change and no one had to create a new character halfway through. The whole story was told, beginning to end. Though the epilogue could be played out, the characters are going in different directions. The world was saved, evil has been defeated for a time, and the owl population has picked up a new god.

Many, many thanks to [ profile] downwood, [ profile] bexdragon, [ profile] galieth, and [ profile] suibhne_geilt for breaking my brain, making me laugh so hard my face hurts the next day, and putting up with my random swings of plot. It was awesome!


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:56 am
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Happy birthday, [ profile] revrb! :-)


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