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That fangirl sob you just heard was from me. I read Kevin Hearne's lastest newsletter. He confirmed that the Iron Druid book coming out next week is the penultimate book in the series.


I know I have two books and probably a couple of novellas yet to enjoy.

But, but, ENDING?!?!?!



This has been your daily dose of drama. Any more drama today will be over your RDA. If you need a dr's note to explain your avoidance of drama, please alert management and we will assist. Thank you for your understanding.


Nov. 17th, 2013 08:14 am
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So yesterday morning Downwood and I got up very early for a Saturday. We packed the car, packed the kids, and drove over to Iowa. There, we met my folks in a McD's parking lot and transferred kids, carseats, and luggage to their car. When we got the kids strapped in and heading out, Ox was disconsolate. He sobbed and sobbed in the "Wait, Momma's not coming with us? You're sending me AWAY?! From Momma?! With Emi?! What did I do to deserve this?!?!?!?!"

Since we didn't get a call an hour later from my mom saying that he still was in mega-distress, I can only assume that he calmed down and realized that this could be good. Or he got bribed with music and stories and climbing on John Deere equipment.

Saturday afternoon was totally lazy. I played video games. Downwood took a nap.

In the evening, we got dressed up and headed up into town. It took a while to find a place that didn't have a long wait for food and wasn't totally cheap fast food, but we finally found something to eat. Then we went to our Friendly Local Game Store. I bought dice to match my hair and we wandered through the shop.

Then came the concert.

Heather Dale (whom I'd heard  much about and was excited to see) and S.J. Tucker (whom I completely adore beyond all earthly reason) took the stage. It. Was. Magical.

At intermission I went over to the merch table to purchase tunes and fangirl a tiny bit. I told Sooj that I've used some of her songs as lullabies (she was touched), that I've used some of her songs as bellydance choreography bases (she wants video), and that I adored her reading of the second fairyland book. She very, very gracefully accepted all my compliments, told me she liked my hair (thank you Glowbys!), that our outfits totally matched (they did!), and that if she thought a song wasn't going over well, she just had to look my direction and see the glow of "I'm watching and hearing something SPECTACULAR" and things were okay. And then she gave me a cookie.

I about vibrated into another direction from sheer awesome.

Sheer. Awesome.

After the concert, we went to buy ice cream and hot tubbed with some friends. Then home for a night cap and snuggles.

Today, my throat is very scratchy and I don't particularly want to talk. I have hopes that coffee will help.

But I met one of my entertainment idols and she was okay with my fangirl worship and smiled and complimented me back!

It. Was. Magical.

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Me: *reading Twitter*
Downwood: *holding child, wondering when I'm going to make dinner*
Me: *reads this post by Neil Gaiman*
Downwood: Wha-?
Downwood: *reads over my shoulder*
Downwood: They're crazy! They've only been dating a year!
Me: *Gives Downwood The Look. This time The Look conveys the message Yes, And How Long Exactly Was It Before You Proposed? Wasn't It Only Five Months? Isn't Five Months Less Than A Year? You Have NO ROOM To Talk, Buster*
Downwood: *Bursts into laughter. Flees room with child*
Me: Darn skippy.
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This Is Just To Say

I have seen
that was in
the theater

and which
you will probably
go see
in 3d tomorrow.

Forgive me
so creepy
and so beautiful.

(Seriously, go see this movie in 3d. Totally worth it. Totally awesome. This is me, having my mind blown by the animation. It's not CGI - all puppets! Very, very, very wonderful. I LOVED it!)
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Music saved yesterday. By mid-afternoon, I was IMing Downwood saying that life was full of suck and misery and, by the way, I feel like I'm relapsing into depression again. He was sympathetic, but unable to provide any reassurance that worked. Even dance class sounded like it would be too much work and not worth going. This was what really brought it home to me that something wasn't quite right.

Despondent, I checked my Twitter feed and saw that The Nadas had released the first song for their Almanac project. They also casually mentioned that it would be available for free for this week only as the Ear Snack at Authentic Records.

Of course, I ordered it - what kind of fangirl do you take me for? Then, because it sounded good, I threw in The Ghosts Inside These Halls. This made me feel a little better. After listening to "Hammer Down" and grooving, I thought it would be a good lead-in for some "Enter Sandman". Halfway through, I remembered the choreography that I started working on last Halloween. Let's just say that I'm glad that my office mate got her own office last month.

In the car on the way to dance, I listened to The Damnwells - the second best band you've never heard of (The Nadas are still better, imho). I first heard them when The Nadas covered one of their songs. I fell a little in love with their singer at the IA State Fair and then a lot when he LOOKED STRAIGHT INTO MY EYES ALONE while he was singing at Nada Silent Night. Rawr. Of course, then he moved to the girl next to me, but we HAD A MOMENT!

Er. Right.

And dance class was full of good music and movement and friendship and stuff. Also, Google 411 is an awesome thing to have bookmarked on your phone when you're craving take-out Chinese and you don't want to have to wait once you get there. Just saying.

I listened to a belly dance mix CD on my way home, including my most favorite relaxation dance song ever ("Beautiful Friend" on this CD).

When I got home, I found my very own copy of [ profile] cadhla's new album sitting on my computer!! Red Roses and Dead Things is a hilarious and creepy CD of wonderfulness. My copy is signed and numbered 102 out of the 300 pre-orders, so that rocks. I brought it to work with me and am still glad that I don't have an office mate.

After all the good music of yesterday afternoon and evening, I went to bed feeling like it had been a pretty good day. Today still has some of the bad of yesterday creeping in, but it's gotten squashed by "Oh, Michelle" and "What a Woman's For". Tomorrow's challenge will be seeing if I can manage to go bridesmaid's dress shopping with my little sister without feeling like the world's about to end.
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Day Seven - My library card

A couple of months ago, Downwood and I decided to limit some of our extraneous spending. For me, that meant buying fewer books. If anyone out there wonders how much of our monthly budget was going into that addiction, I'd just like to ask, "Have you met me?"

I love books. I love stories that make me think, laugh, or cry. I love the fluffy brain candy books, science books full of knowledge, and history books that make other eras come alive. I have a deep and abiding love for the fantasy genre, but with enough prodding, I'll read just about anything. For me to give up my weekly/biweekly trip to a bookstore of some flavor was a significant sacrifice.

And then I remembered that I had a library card.

Here in southern Wisconsin, land of snow and more snow, almost all of the libraries share a single computer system. This allows me to search for any book and, should one of the libraries in the area own it, request it be delivered to my closest branch. It usually shows up in a couple of days - more if I'm down on the list - and I get an email to come pick up the book.

It makes for difficult browsing - sometimes it's hard to find the first book in a series or to figure out if a series is any good - but if I know an author, I stand a pretty good shot at getting my hands on whatever it is I'm looking for.

Simply remembering that I have a library card, a close branch, and online access means that I've read more books in the past month or two than in the previous six. I don't have to wonder if I'm going to be stuck with something that I'm not sure I'll like. I can take chances on series that have six, nine, or twelve books in them and not feel the same obligation to get them all.

It also means that when I read a truly kickass book, I can get my coupon and go buy it without hesitation. Two books that I recently finished that fell into this category are Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman and Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. I'm a little ways into Nation by Terry Pratchett and I can tell that, unless something in the narrative goes completely haywire and sucky, I will be adding this book to that list. Yes, they're all YA or borderline books, but they are FANTASTIC stories that I know I'm going to want to read again and foist on my friends.

Also, if you're signed up with Goodreads, let me know. I have a profile and try to write out reviews for the books that I finish. They may not be terribly informative reviews, but they're generally my honest reactions to the books in question. For example, I will close with my review of Soon I Will Be Invincible:
This book may be my new life plan. It's sort of a how-to for the budding evil genius - the nemesis, the lair, the plan, the girl, the defeats, and everything else.

It's also about how becoming a hero and joining up with the other Good Guys may seem like what you want, but not turn out to be the way you thought it would. There's some self-discovery, some attempted romance, and the conflicts that come up when secret identities and origin stories collide.

It's an auto-biography of Doctor Impossible - "The Smartest Man in the World" - and Fatale - "The Next Generation of Warfare". There are daring heists, dangerous combat scenes, dramatic escapes, and monologues aplenty. It's everything I was hoping it would be and then just a little bit more.

This, too, is a book that I checked out from the library and will now be purchasing. It's really that good and anyone aspiring to the throne of Evil Genius or Hero should really give it a shot.


Jul. 7th, 2008 03:39 pm
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Ahem. I think I need a wet nap.

Plot synopsis ahoy

Also, I'm filling out an application to playtest the Dresden RPG. Details as I know them.
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  • Review - Book
    Beka Cooper - Tamora Pierce.
    I really liked this book. Beka's not as snarky as Ali, but she's one determined chicky. If you need a fix of fiction where the female lead is anything but a damsel in distress, try out this book (*cough* [ profile] exlibris11235). I'm glad I read it.

  • Review - Mother Nature
    It didn't snow for very long and none of it stuck. This is good for that bipolar bitch. Yesterday was spring, the two days before that were almost summer except for the gale-force winds, and now we're back into cold and rain/snow/bleah. And tomorrow's supposed to be warmer and sunny. They make all sorts of fun pharmaceuticals that can help with the mood swings. Or just get laid. Either way, I don't care - just stop screwing around and make it be Spring, dammit!

  • Review - Dance class
    I get to take class on both Monday and Thursday nights for the summer. This is made of SHEER AWESOME! There was a mention of moving me into the level three class (eeee!), but I don't know if that would be September or January. This does not change my determination to practice practice practice and get as good as my body/brain will let me. It's so awesome to be able to just dance when I hear music and to know that I'm probably not doing too bad of a job. This rocks my world.

  • Review - Book
    Runemarks - Joanne Harris
    Ever wonder what happens after Ragnarok? Harris did and created this story. It's the story of Maddy, who never really fit in but learns to take pride in standing apart. I'd still bet on Tiffany Aching in a cage match, but Maddy wouldn't do too bad. She indulges in "why me?" a little too much, but learns how to act when suddenly the fairy tales and old stories are real.

  • Review - Grocery Store
    Downwood and I are standing in the checkout line yesterday and are perusing the small display of books. I was surprised to see a fantasy novel there (Empress by Karen Miller) that's currently sitting on my To Be Read pile. Downwood casually pointed to a book on the very bottom and said, "Hey, what's that one?"

    I picked it up. I gasped and then bounced up and down. Yes, our small backwater grocery store had a copy of Scourge the Heretic by Sandy Mitchell. Not only is it a Warhammer 40k book, but it's a book about Ordo Hereticus AND it's set in the same system as the Dark Heresy RP book!!

    Of course I purchased it and started reading the second I got home. Sheesh. So far, it's pretty good and I'm digging the convoluted, holy crap did that really just happen, twisted plot.

  • Review - Amazon
    So Amazon has Dance With Dragons up for preorder, to be delivered on 9/30. I don't remember seeing [ profile] grrm post that he'd turned the book over to his editors, so I'm doubting that this is real. If it is real - which would take a minor act of gods - I will be a very, very happy fangirl that day. I'll have BOTH The Graveyard Book AND DWD in my mitts! Deciding would, I'd read Gaiman's book first, since it'll have about a thousand fewer pages.

    But I don't believe this yet. I think this says good things about my grasp of reality.
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I finally know how much my husband loves me. He loves me 36.5 inches and 2 lb 15 oz. He loves me enough to forge for me the means to conquer France. He loves me so much that he's willing to let me go pillage, ransack, and hew my way through the hordes with the amazingly pretty shiny that he made for me all by himself!

There will be pictures. OH DEAR GODS, there will be pictures!!

No one has such an awesome husband as I have! Yay!


Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:22 pm
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So I finished the latest Dresden when I got home from the gym tonight. Yes, of course, I cried at the end. I say "of course" because, really, it's not that hard to make me cry. Still, as wrapped up as I was in the story, I'm impressed that I was breathing through the last 50 or so pages.

I may have scared the dog when a page made me laugh so hard I about fell off the couch. I regret nothing.

Downwood has dibs on my copy next, but after that it's first come, first served.

Still one favor left, Harry. Um, good luck?


Mar. 4th, 2008 08:38 am
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Small Favor AND The Wise Man's Fear are is going to be released on April 1. This is the type of event that makes my little fangirl heart shred itself in a Snoopy Dance of Joy followed immediately by the realization that I can only read ONE of them at a time! Woe! Joy! Angst! Fiction!


Also, if you still haven't read it, The Name of the Wind comes out in paperback on 4/1. Yes, this is me being my happy little enabler self. You're welcome.

Look who's playing Vetinari in the SkyOne adaptation of The Colour of Magic!!! This makes waking up today TOTALLY WORTH THE CAPSLOCK OF JOY! (yes, I realize this might be old news, but I hadn't heard it yet, so there)

Later Edit:
Dammit. Read both the Amazon and the Borders newsletters wrong. Woe. Sadness.

i iz ded

Mar. 2nd, 2008 10:11 am
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80 hours last week. 66 the week before. Very little sleep. Lots of stress. Come home to two weeks' laundry taking over room. Have to prep for game on Tuesday.

Dead Sabine.

But I'm at home, which is way better than anything else. Waiting for me on the table were two packages that made me almost hyperventilate. One was my copy of Odd and the Frost Giants, which forced me to pay 8x the list price in shipping. I don't care: it was TOTALLY worth it. I also got my copy of Ghosts Inside These Halls with signed posters, liner notes, and wonderfulness from the band.

And now, to do laundry and sleep. Yus.
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If you have absolutely no love or caring for The Nadas, you may want to skip this post. Most everything is going to be behind a cut anyway, I'm just warning you up front. I've gotten several CDs lately (Great Big Sea, Jack Johnson, The Sweet Colleens), but even though I don't have the physical disc in my hands yet, I've listened to the new Nadas album more times than all the rest put together.

It's really a good thing that Downwood likes the band as much as I do. Otherwise, one of us would be wearing headphones much more often.

I found a couple of the songs with decent recordings on YouTube, so those videos are also below the cut. If you like what you hear, I really recommend buying the CDs from the band. They're Real People, so I don't like burning copies of their work. I'll make a mix CD, but not rip the whole thing. Just not cool.

Let's do this thing )
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I shall pause my flailing for a moment to bring y'all this very important announcement. You see, the Nadas (aka Sabine's Favorite Band) have a new CD that they planned to release very close to my sister's birthday. I was prepared to wait the entire month and get more and more worked up as the newsletters ramp up for the new tour and all that.

I opened my email this morning to find a pre-release offer from the band. For not that much more than the cost of the CD, you can download the ENTIRE ALBUM *TODAY* and get a copy of the CD mailed to you on the release day. But wait, that's not all! There was also the platinum package that includes a SIGNED copy of the CD, poster, and other goodies.

I think we all know which one I chose to buy.

So now I'm sitting at my desk, grooving to The Ghosts Inside These Halls. OMG! So in love with this band!

A track-by-track analysis will follow as soon as I peel myself off the ceiling. This made today's bout with Martian Flu and customer annoyance SO TOTALLY WORTH IT! EEEEEEEEE!!!

oh wow

Aug. 10th, 2007 10:39 pm
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So we went to see Stardust tonight. It is totally different than the book, but it's the same story.

IT IS SO MADE OF WIN AND AWESOME. (and Tristan is OMG!HOT after his makeover by Captain Shakespeare)

I will probably see this in the theater again. I will definitely own it the MOMENT it comes out on DVD.

If you haven't read the book, do so. If you haven't seen the movie, do so. This will be time well spent.
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I received two links in my email this morning.  Both are designed to get me in trouble with the credit card that I just cleared.

Denver Fabrics is having swatches on sale for a penny.  Fabric so pretty...

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab just opened up a new line.  It's based on Neil Gaiman's work and all the proceeds go to the CBLDF.

Doomed, I tell you.
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So, Downwood's trawling IMDB this evening.  He found something that, well, I think I scared Rain with the squee and bouncing and excitment.

[profile] lilith_13, you might like to know that filming on Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd starts on February 5.  Check out the cast...

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I honestly do not know how to accurately describe Pan's Labyrinth. It's an amazing film. It's a fairy tale, but not. It's a war movie, but not. It's a love story, but not. It's most certainly dark, depressing, scary, and violent.

It is NOT for the squeamish. Yes, I was hiding my head in Downwood's shoulder for a good chunk of it.

It is NOT for kids. Oh, hell no. This is a fairy tale, not a Disney movie.

The subtitles were not as well done as for Night Watch. They were easy to read, which was good. As far as I could tell, they were pretty accurate to the flavor/tone of what was being said.

Visually, this movie was impressive. It's so pretty in places and so graphic in others that it pulled me out of the theater and into Spain...except when the idiot in front of us was talking. She's going to the special hell.

Not even under a cut tag will I post spoilers. Find me on phone, IM, or email if you want to discuss it. But go see the movie first. It's actually worth the $8.50. I'm not sure if I'm going to see it again in the theater: it's a little overwhelming, in that OMG!AHHHH sort of way.

I need it on DVD. Yus.
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In case you lost track of time, I believe this website will provide you with some clue as to why I might be a tidge excitable over the next 30 hours, give or take.


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