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We went to our town's small Ren Faire today. I couldn't find my Bin o'Garb, so I pulled out a 32 yd skirt, wrap top, blouse, and some belts and called it good. Downwood pulled out his full garb set. Emi wore a kirtle I made a while back. Alex wore the fleece surcoat and knight helmet I made last year. We made a pretty good picture.

Alex got to play big Jenga with pirates. He got to watch a blacksmith, a wood carver, and some sheep. He chose a short sword and shield as his take-home weaponry.

Emi got to watch fire eaters, a magic show, and a storyteller. She got to play Jenga with pirates. She also got to try out a bow at the archery range. She came home with a quiver of suction-cup arrows and a bow.

The kids are now out back. Emi's doing her best Brave impression - she actually did REALLY well for only picking up a bow today. Not quite a "natural", but WAY better than the two little boys who went before her and took several turns each. Downwood's teaching Alex some sword technique. At some point soon, Emi will likely come charging in to get *her* wooden sword (2 handed long sword) and the battle will continue. 
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 I ran out of tape, so I couldn't put together the pattern for my skater dress. Yes, I caved when I read the blog post describing the awesomeness of the pattern and the flattering lines of the dress.

No matter. I'd already taped and traced a pattern for a shoulder bag. I love, love, love my purple purse, but it doesn't compact well enough to fit into my laptop bag. I had a bunch of decorator fabric in my stash and put together a new bag in about an hour. It's roomy enough for wallet and Kindle and necessities, but I can roll it up and scrunch it down to save space.

I did a ton of laundry and got it folded and put away. I even folded the socks! Yay!

My folks stopped by and hung out for an hour before heading home. Mom immediately headed off to Emi's room and started cleaning. Stepdad sat on the couch, chatted, and played with his grandkids. That right there encapsulates most of what their marriage has been like these last 26 years.

Downwood mowed. The kids had popsicles. 

Anxiety about traveling for work this week has increased. I need to go down and get my suitcase so's I can pack it. I also need to double-check my laptop bag to make sure I have all the parts and everything's in working order. I'm upset because my plane lands in FL at 11pm and I have to be on-site working at 6am. Not enough coffee in the world and the people at this particular site are terrible, horrible human beings. Mostly. There are a couple of nice people. But they're vastly outnumbered.

I get home on Friday. Then I'm on call all weekend. So no Faire.
The next weekend is Shimmy in the Grain and I'm vending.
The next weekend I'm in Dallas for a werk trip Friday through Tuesday night very, very late.
Then it's Emi/Ox birthday weekend....crap. Need to plan something and invite her friends.

Blast. We'll figure it out. I'm just annoyed about it.

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Thursday - Danced at Med Hookah. Aside from my skirt wanting to escape, I think I did pretty well. I was going for soft, feminine, and subtle. The other dancers were lovely. Some had interesting music choices, and quite a few stepped outside their comfort zone. It was super fun. I love being a part of this community.

Friday - After werk, I went home and Downwood and I got some things cleaned up. A & A brought their Alex over so they could go out and have some adult times. I can't bring my kiddos to their place b/c of Pug, so it's not the most convenient babysitting gig ever, but it seems to have worked. At one point, Emi came running out of her room in full superhero costume, then ran back to get Alex to dress him up as her sidekick. He went along with it really well. Ox seemed to think it was fun having someone his size, but eventually got so tired that he couldn't handle playing. It was much fun.

Saturday - We went to my werk picnic. We met up with my cousin and his lovely wife and they helped wrangle the kiddos. Downwood, Ox, and I enjoyed the food - Ox got to have lobster and seemed to dig it - but Emi refused to touch anything. She even refused a popsicle after she asked for one. It was blazing hot and we separated from Downwood and Ox to try to find Emi's balloon and craft tent. In retrospect, this was a terrible idea, since he didn't have his phone and I left my phone with him and we didn't set up a place to meet. Emi got more and more cranky, finally throwing up while just walking down the sidewalk. We collected the guys and went home. She really, really didn't feel good. To the point that she napped most of the afternoon, woke up and had some juice, then put herself to bed about 7. I went looking for her to put her in the tub and found her curled up in bed, still dressed, with all the lights on. Poor kiddo.

Sunday - Totally rocked. I gathered up all the pieces of my Steampunk ensemble, got clothes on the kids, and helped Downwood pick out what he wanted to wear. After a far too long drive, we made it to Bristol! Ox was fascinated by everything. His eyes were SO BIG the whole day. Emi was super shy whenever anyone wanted to talk to her, but she danced with a fairy, examined a spider web, and fangirled over a Merida (from Brave) cosplayer. She also liked looking at everything, especially all the shiny stuff. I got lots of praise and picture requests. I did a good job of putting things together in a way that made sense and was consistent with who I felt I was being. Totally fun, even if I didn't get to see really any of the entertainment acts I was looking forward to.

Faire again on August 24 for the Monsters of Myth theme!!! I have a steampunk fairy idea percolating that I'm very excited to try out.

Today - Werk. Total lack of motivation. Want to be home sewing.

quick note

Sep. 1st, 2008 08:09 pm
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Pictures from the baby shower are up on my Facebook page. I don't have everyone in them, so other cameras will need to be scoured.

Also, the last day of Faire was made of win and awesome. I'm really tired but had a fantastic afternoon.
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Friday night - Hang out with fine folks and chow on FANTASTIC Mexican lasagna.

Saturday - Bring fine folks to Faire. Beautiful day, awesome people, tons of fun. I wore my new halter top and circle skirt, kept finding more things to put in my hair, and made the Puritan mad. Good times.

Today - Had fun with capsaicin in some open wounds on my hands, made a TON of very tasty food (including the absolutely marvelous, wonderful, divine gifts from heaven bacon-wrapped jalepeno thingies), and pulled off a very fun baby shower for dear friends.

When I have brain, pictures. Since I have no brain, "Whee! Huzzah! and Nom Nom Nom!"
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I started today with a pile of fabric and a list of measurements. I now have a bodice that lacks only the grommets to finish it off. I even got the owner over for a quick fitting this afternoon to make sure that the shoulder straps would be neither too long nor too short. I think I have enough lacing lurking in the corners of my sewing room for the front and straps.

I also took pictures of the whole thing. When the grommets are in place and the entire outfit is being worn, I'll post them. My goal is to have a reference for how You, Too, Can Have A Ren Faire Outfit.

I also got most of a quilt top put together and the extra fabric cut off my new circle skirt. I have two more rows to sew onto the quilt and then I get to have the adventure of how to sew all the layers together. I also have to hem the skirt so that I can wear it to faire this weekend.

Today I bonded with my sewing machine. It felt pretty good. I have several other projects lined up, but the ones that I needed to get done by the upcoming weekend are all to the point where I'm not stressed out about them. This is a very good thing.

EDIT: I just finished the quilt top. It's gorgeous and I may be addicted to yet another hobby. Send help.


Jul. 26th, 2008 10:50 pm
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Back from Faire. Had a wonderful and amazing day.

The dog was not happy about being alone for so long, but was so, so glad to see us.

Planning on being a slug tomorrow, but will probably be productive anyway.
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Downwood and I went to Faire today. We had absolutely beautiful weather - not terribly hot, sunny, and a decent breeze all day long. I bought a new bodice that, while working amazingly well with the skirts and chemise I was wearing, has demanded that I use my holiday fabric store coupon on a new wenchy chemise and skirt. I also need to get ahold of a flintlock pistol - fake is perfectly acceptable. Then I shall have an even MORE piratey outfit than last year's frilly monstrosity of a blouse.

This will be a nice change of pace. For the last three weeks, all I've been sewing is white linen. First I finished a shirt for Downwood that he is absolutely in love with. He's just confused as to why I would put the buttons on it as if for a woman's shirt. I told him that if it really bothered him, he could switch them around.

I've also finished a square-necked shift for myself. It really should have some blackwork around the neckline, but done is beautiful. Added bonus: this can work for 13-15th century garb. Hooray for multitasking! I also put together a Sture shirt for when I get a doublet pattern for myself drafted. I'm really proud of the collar on the shirt - it appears that I've gotten some basic hand sewing skills at last!

I don't know yet if I need to make a new corset - gaining two bra cup sizes tends to change how such things fit - but I finished the skirt part of the farthingale, but need to go buy ribbon to make the channels. When I was putting the farthingale together and doing the math for the diameter, I had a small panic moment and drastically reduced the volume. After watching the nobles and their pretty, pretty clothes today, I'm thinking that I would probably have been fine with the original size.

My very favorite part of Faire is the clothes. I like dressing up, I like the corsets, I like being pretty, I like coming up with designs, and I like making the darn things. Bonding with my sewing machine is a zen experience: I can lose hours up there and feel good about the time spent.

So tomorrow morning my goal is to find yellow or red chiffon, a green and yellow striped cotton blend, and several strands of beads that I can mix together to make a necklace that's similar to, but much cheaper than the gorgeous one I tried on today ($465. But holy cow WOW gorgeous).

still alive

Jul. 2nd, 2007 02:33 pm
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Work's been kicking me up one side and down the other. Three of my customers have become very demanding, the fourth is acting like they're wanting to get things going on their installation again, and a customer that I'm covering while their primary is out is blithely ignoring the first part of "if this absolutely can't wait for him to get back, email Sabine" and they're sending every little thing my way. So I'm a little stressed out and have barely enough time to breathe while I'm at work. This is not real fun.

Things that make life pretty good anyway, in no particular order:
  1. Good music - Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams, Great Big Sea's Rant and Roar, and Seanan McGuire's ([ profile] cadhla) Stars Fall Home have been on continuous repeat for the past week and have kept me from killing people. My office mate finally got an office of his own, so I can use speakers instead of headphones. My favorite songs off of these three CDs are, in order, "Better Together", "Ordinary Day", and "Take Advantage of Me". Anyone who can guess why can have a cookie.

  2. Good books - I recently finished Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. It was recommended to me by the same Borders employee who told me to read Game of Throne. This book is incredibly rich - you're dropped into the middle of the story and instantly immersed into a world saturated with detail. I totally recommend this book and am pretty excited that there are more books in the series.

    I'm about 100 pages from the end of the third Gaunt's Ghosts book, Necropolis. Dan Abnett is a hell of a storyteller and I love his characters, but it's not a great feeling to have been reading for the last 2.5 hour plane ride and wonder whether the anti-aircraft artillery will be shooting your plane down as it descends in Mad-town. I also began reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss yesterday afternoon. Holy crap. Good book. Seriously good book. I wish that I didn't have a huge pile of sewing to do because I really, really want to know what happens next.

    I also got Downwood, Bex, and Asmoduce all hooked on the Dresden Files and we sent Val home last night with the first one. Mwahaha! I will spread the bibliophile crack to whomever I can!

  3. Hot Boy TV - Supernatural rocks. We watched more of season 1 yesterday. Thankfully, those episodes weren't nearly so scary as "Asylum". I'm okay with the nasties when I'm pretty certain that they're not going to be coming after me - it's when I fall within the monsters' preferred victim demographic that I start jumping at shadows.

  4. This is pretty darn shiny

  5. Faire starts on Saturday!! I'm way behind on my sewing, but I think I can get the pants, frogs, and hat done for Asmoduce by the weekend. My new kirtle can wait (oh, drat, I'll just have to wear my pretty blue dress again. phooey), Downwood's other shirt can wait (he only got two new ones already from my mad sewing spree), and I can wait to make my pirate shirts since I haven't figured out the jacket at all yet.

    Does anyone out there have an Embellish Knit tool? I got one to make cording for the frogs and it worked great for a while, but now it's refusing to turn correctly. I think that I just need to get some WD-40 in it, but Downwood's counseling restraint and says I should get a second opinion from someone else who has one.

  6. My greyhound is adorable and loves me no matter how bad of a day I'm having.

  7. I suppose my husband loves me as much, but he's not nearly so cute as Rain. He's more useful around the house and a better conversationalist than she is, so I guess I'll keep him.

  8. Dance class started again last week! And I'm in the Continuing level instead of Beginner! Yay! And since Mona took me aside in last week's class to remind me how to stand up straight, I'm back to making a conscious effort to keep my ribcage up off my low abs and quit trying to pretend like I'm shorter than I really am.

    Bonus: it makes my rack look fabulous. Who knew?

  9. Big Fish Games came up with a new Minesweeper-ish game called Gemsweeper. I think I've played too much of it over the last week, though I cut back once I started dreaming about the game.

  10. I have the best friends EVER.

  11. Though my fake-history!muse has totally abandoned me for parts unknown, Downwood and I have pretty much finished fleshing out the world for the game I'm planning on running. I have a couple more things to try to get straight in my head (gods? magic? what, now?), then I'll be making a massive post with game premise, character concept guidelines, and theoretical schedule. Honestly, the night I run will be determined by what night I have dance class. It also won't start until August, so no worries.

  12. I've been going to the gym more frequently than before. I also got Suhaila's Stretch and Tone DVD. It's still kicking my ass, but my legs are definitely improving in strength and flexibility. I can't tell if I'm losing any of my belly flab yet, but Downwood says I'm looking better in my face and neck, so that's a bonus. Also, the TA for class last week has about the same about of tummy rolls as I do and she looked great while dancing, so I think I'm probably okay. Now to just try to shake the lingering notion that I'm horribly overweight and shouldn't be allowed out of the house or be allowed to eat again unless I spend two to three hours on the treadmill every day (Thanks, Mom!)

    Yay for therapy. Seriously. Yay.

  13. There are some webcomics that made me laugh, but since those are on my home machine, I'll wait to post 'em until later.
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Downwood and I took Stormy to the Bristol Ren faire today. It rained off and on the entire time we were there. We were skidding through slick mud, huddling under our cloaks to stay merely moist, and trying to stay warm.

We had a really good time.

We stopped by Felix Needleworthy's shop and got Stormy tied up in several lovely contraptions. I bought a pretty picture for our house and a pretty wooden goblet for my belt. Downwood bought himself a new hat that works so very well with the kittle that we got him this year.

We saw Master Willam Shakespeare rock on in the mud. Molotov the gypsy juggled flaming torches while blindfolded. Mooney did his tightrope walking, the Puritan conducted an impromptu witch trial, I got kissed by the red-headed Scotsman, and Her Majesty's jester told several off-color Catholic jokes, leading Stormy to want to go tell her some more.

I managed to get sunburned on my face even though it rained the whole time. Yes, I was wearing a hat. No, I didn't put on sunscreen. At least the cloak kept my cleavage from getting burned this time. Ow. That's a whole world of hurt that, honestly, I'd never experienced before faire. Yes, faire gives you cleavage.

And that, my friends, is What I Did On My Summer Vacation. Now to get back to ruling the world so as to get a faire closer to where I live. Yes. This is a good plan.


Jul. 27th, 2006 08:02 pm
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Today sucked. In an attempt to remember things like "smiling" and "feeling good about myself", I went and got dressed up. Sadly, most of the pictures turned out poorly (damn lighting), so they will be retaken. Here are a couple, though, that I like well enough to share.
Mandatory lj-cut for images )

If something goes horribly wrong with my gown or the church, I have a back-up plan. I'm going to remake the above outfit out of white leather with a whole bunch of extra lace. We'll get a bag of eyepatches, a barrel of rum, and have a Pastafarian ceremony. All present will be touched by His Noodly Appendage and we may even attempt to invoke the blessing of the Almighty Darwin.

No, I'm not telling you where the dress shop is. No, I'm not telling you what church we're going to be at. No, I don't know where to get a barrel of rum or 100 eyepatches on short notice. Yes, I've made sketches for a pirate bride outfit (I like to plan for these things, you know).


Jul. 20th, 2006 08:40 pm
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In two days I have finished as many bodices. One is a royal blue brocade and was drafted off a custom pattern for KT. I can't wait to see what it looks like on her: there will be pictures of her beauty. The other bodice is a mossy green suede. It won't "breathe" so much, but it's incredibly pretty. It's almost a twin to the berry red one that I made my sister last summer.

I predict many photos from this coming Sunday. I haven't gotten to show off my new dress yet, and I have all these pretty friends who I want to show off. Superficial? Yes. Fan service? Hell, yes.

On a completely different craft front, I think I found my winter project. I was linked to a website that sells greyhound pillows. I think to myself, "Self, you love spoiling your dog, why not see what kind of pillows are out there for her?" I clicked the link. I squee'd very loudly.

They have instructions for how to crochet a life-sized stuffed greyhound. A BIG Rain-shaped pillow! So cute! So cuddly! AND they have instructions for little 15" models that come with how to make a mini sweater, leash, collar, and toy (squeaky bit sold separately)! The cute! I am overwhelmed!! Pardon me while I flail in giddy joy! *flails*
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I got to spend yesterday evening and some of today with my stepbrother. He's one of the cooler people on the planet. Yesterday he interviewed with the Evil Empire and he flew home this afternoon. Selfishly, I hope he gets and takes a job here in Madtown. Even if he chooses to go to Chicago, that's still MUCH closer than Germany, Massachusetts, or Florida.

I also finished the heraldry for the WoD campaign that I'm running. Or, to be more precise, I've finished the heraldry for all the families that I currently know about. I expect that some of my plot bunnies will give me more reasons to play with little shields and clipart.

My practice corset is now in the hands of Downwood, getting grommets put in along the back for lacing. I made the pattern according to the specifications of an online custom pattern generator. The thing to remember about Elizabethan corsets is that the goal is to make the torso a cylinder and flatten the bust. It gives a VERY different silhouette than Victorian or Civil War corsetry (the icon is a Victorian corset).

I'm planning another corset, one that will probably be the basis for the formal gown I want to make, and have been taking notes on things that I've learned from this one. One of these things is that broom straw makes for fabulous boning. Seriously, it's working so much better than it has any right to. I bought a broom, took out the stitching, and used the strands to stuff the boning channels. Downwood likened it to wicker armor, which it pretty much is. According to my sources, broom straw breathes better and is much lighter than plastic or steel and is a heck of a lot cheaper than artificial whalebone. We'll see how it works for me.

These are my accomplishments for the day. I'd say this is a very good use of a rainy Saturday. Tomorrow I can do more sewing, some plotting, maybe paint, and then there's gaming to be had. I adore weekends.
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I haven't quite finished with these pieces yet. I have some hand sewing to finish on the inside of the shoulder straps of the bodice and the skirt still needs to be hemmed. I'm just so darn proud of how they've turned out!

The bodice is red velvet with gold machine embroidery on it. The chemise is just white muslin with cotton lace. The skirt is this gorgeous yellow linen that I found on fantastic sale. I bought the hat at Excalibur Leather last summer.

I'll be wearing my cavalier boots and a ring belt to carry my stuff. If I want to take the rapier with, I'll need a new frog, but I'm not sure if the sword quite goes with the rest of the outfit.

And, yes, I quite like the Cleavage of Doom. I just need to lose the leftover pudge from Christmas so that I can breathe a bit easier in this getup.
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After far too many empty promises, the final two Outfits of Utter Evil have been photographed and the photos made available for semi-public distribution.  If [ profile] downwood or I find anyone other than us making money off of these, those individuals will be entered into Wikipedia under the entry Excessive Force or Don't Try This At Home.

Ok.  Done with the threats.  Time for pictures.

First up is the Corset of Doom.  I purchased this pretty from Timeless Trends at GenCon.  I love it.  I can't so much breathe, but I like how it looks and how it feels.  In these pictures it's not laced as tightly as it will go - there are still about three inches that could be taken up.
Corset pictures )

This second set of pictures was taken of the chainmail top and belt that [ profile] downwood made for me.  I got a lot of stares when I wore it to faire, obviously.  The disapproving gazes of Upright, Respectable Citizens didn't bother me.  The intense scrutiny of other makes of chainmail peering at my chest from six inches away?  Yeah, that made me a bit uneasy.
Chainmail is fun.  Cold, but fun. )


Jul. 24th, 2005 09:31 pm
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Note to self: It is not necessarily the best idea to go to faire when heat advisories are instructing everyone to stay inside. However, should you choose to ignore these polite suggestions and venture forth into the day, it is appropriate to scandalize all and sundry with the open-side pants, sparkly-jingly belt, and chainmail halter top.
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Yes, it's taken long enough for me to get around to getting these pictures. Chalk it up to my uncanny ability of procrastination.

There are pictures of both of my pirate outfits. The first one is what I wore on Saturday, the second I'll probably be wearing next weekend when we take my folks to faire. In both costumes, I made the top part, but bought everything else (hat, boots, leggings, sword, belt).

Speaking of buying the hat: is it not nifty? I love my new hat. I'm planning on wearing it every chance I get...especially since it pretty much cleaned out my Buying of Shinies for Me budget for the month. The band and feather are both removable, so if I ever start making clothes that aren't red, I can match it.

Also in these pictures is the one cuff for [ profile] downwood's shirt that I've finished and sewn to the sleeve. It'll eventually have either a buttonhole or eyelet for lacing put in the open side. See what I mean about the hypnotic pattern?

So, without further ado, I present to you Pictures Showcasing My Needlework. Be astounded! *grin*
Not very dial-up friendly )


Jul. 9th, 2005 10:24 pm
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I got to spend most of today wandering the Ren Faire over in Bristol. I finally found my piratey hat, which pulled the whole outfit together nicely. I really need to find a better way to attach the rapier to belt, but I've got another week before we're taking my parents.

Am exhausted. Will have pic of garb tomorrow.


Jul. 7th, 2005 04:28 pm
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I should've just stayed in bed this morning. It's just been one of those days. Things are potentially looking up, but I'm going to stay in a slightly pessimistic mood to ensure that more icky emotional shit doesn't happen. Or something like that.


Today was the birthday of Camillo Golgi, the scientist for whom the Golgi bodies (or Golgi apparatus) are named. It also happens to be the anniversary of the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Other anniversaries of note include: 1550, Europe introduced the first chocolate; 1891, a patent was granted for the travelers cheque; and in 1936, several U.S. patents were issued for the Phillips-head screw and screwdriver to its inventor, Henry F. Phillips.


Yesterday's lunch had strawberry yogurt and a carton of fresh blueberries. Today's lunch had blueberry yogurt and some fresh strawberries. I'm considering getting sushi for lunch tomorrow to totally throw this system into chaos.


My sword should be delivered to me tomorrow. At work. Fortunately, Boss won't be here, so there's no chance of me threatening him, thus effectively burning a bridge that I'm still standing on.
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Three - Number of sets of faire garb that are now on hangers, yay!
   - Boxes required to put sewing paraphernalia into a better semblance of "order".

Two - Pans of taco dip prepared (one has the majority of toppings and filling, the other is the overflow pan that, as I'm slightly embarrassed by the appearance, shall stay in my fridge to be devoured at a later time).
     - Workouts completed to make up for slacking off over the weekend.

One - Number of messages on my answering machine regarding potential employment.
     - Cleaned kitchen/sewing table.
     - Number of wounds sustained in preparation of aforementioned taco dip.

I still have some things on my "Getting Things Done With Delores" list, such as cutting out fabric, cutting out a couple of patterns, making the damn bodice straps, figure out which clothes need washed and which put away on The Chair in my bedroom, talking to my sweetie on the phone, packing my lunch for tomorrow, and getting stuff together for the concert picnic.  I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now.

I like that one of the instructions in my workout video is, "Breathe in.  Feel real good about yourself.  Breathe again," and then they go back into the workout script.  I like that command, so I'm following it.  *grin*


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