Oct. 17th, 2016 02:29 pm
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Thursday - Med check at noon. I took a half sick day after it and just went home. I was headachy, but mostly just needed the mental health break.

Parent-teacher conferences went well. Both kids' teachers are happy with them. Alex, in particular, is so far beyond where he was last year, that his teachers are overjoyed.

Friday - Dressed up for Formal Friday in a vaguely western/steampunkish ensemble. I was happy with it. Came home and collapsed. We thought Emi had Girl Scouts, but our Google calendar tricked us. That was all to the good, as she didn't end up eating much dinner and probably would have been ultra-cranky at the end of it.

Saturday - Alex's cold kicked into high gear. Emi melted down about going to tap, but had a good time once we got her out of the house. I worked on work issues (upgrade happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning), CS homework, cleaning the kitchen, and sewing. I've made a good start on Hogswatch presents.

Emi and I made a tuna-noodle casserole that both tasted good and was safe for EVERYONE to eat. Alex had a couple noodles, but then asked for plain noodles. It was too weird to have all the things mixed up like that, but he tried it. So it was a win.

I ended up going to bed at halftime of the UW game. I am tired and need sleep.

Sunday - Homeboy was pretty miserable. Emi had been begging and begging, so we finally took our fall trip to the apple orchard. The walk from the entrance to the trees exacerbated Alex's asthma and he was totally miserable. Emi and I picked some apples and we were off. Fastest orchard visit ever. Still, we got some good apples, some fresh apple cider, and Emi got to go into their food area and buy some cider all on her own (Alex didn't want to go in, just wanted me to hold him, so Emi stepped up and was awesome).

I got all my laundry done and most of my homework. I still have a couple of bugs to work out of the homework and it's due tomorrow, so I'll be doing that instead of anything fun tonight. I got some sewing done and some more cleaning done. Alex just wanted to lay on top of Mom, so my productivity took a major hit. Still, I got enough done that I didn't beat myself up about it at the end of the day.

Today - zomg. Everything is on fire and full of bees. People across the country are panicking at me. I'm still kind of in a mode of  "Behold the fields in which I grow my fucks. Seest thou that they are barren?". My Calming Voice is getting a workout today. I haven't rolled a 1 on anything yet and my aura of "Magic of Tech Support" has already given me a couple of free saving throws.

Also, I'm tired. Alex isn't sleeping well, so neither are Downwood and I. Ugh.  But I'm wearing my new Nyx "soft matte lip cream" in Monte Carlo. It's a lovely bright red, though the matte texture is taking a little getting used to.

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I had a dentist appointment. Nothing new is wrong. They're having me come in to have a very old filling replaced before something goes horribly wrong with it. Since I have dental insurance, I'm okay with this plan.

The rubber on my Fitbit is starting to pull away from the hard plastic display. I checked out the Fitbit forums to see what to do. Unanimously people said, "Contact Fitbit support. They'll send a new one." So I did. And they are.

I haven't started packing for Dallas yet. I'll do that tonight, I guess. I haven't contacted any of the people I know down there. Feeling guilty about that, but after an overnight shift and long days, I know I won't be good for much. I should, I know. But....am listening to anxiety brain. Not good.

I've bought more musical soundtracks. Now I can listen to Hamilton, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. There might be something wrong with me.

My hair is shorter and super cute. I can pull it up off my neck in a very small ponytail and the layers on my face look like anime. Super-duper adorable. Also, my stylist is still jealous of my henna. Apparently I'm not supposed to get as good of results with it as I do. I am an anomaly. I am okay with this.

Downwood is sick. I'm leaving town tomorrow. And the kids are home on summer break.

I'm kind of sick to my stomach, but that could be the extra coffee talking. And the lack of water. I'm feeling better today, probably because I got almost enough sleep.


Apr. 12th, 2016 10:13 am
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Teacher M is down with my plan to start a Comp Sci certification program this summer. Anything to make me more stable and happier in my job is a good thing, especially since I don't plan on quitting. My health insurance is amazing, yo, and I need it.

Back in January (I think), I was working on a wearable muslin of a pea coat pattern. I kept thinking that it'd be okay, but turned out to completely not fit. So I took it to class last night and had ReplyHazy try it on. It fit and I told her it was hers. She has to sew on the buttons and cut the button holes, but everything's there. I am sort of sad because it's totally awesome, but I don't have the energy to take it apart to make it fit better. I know more for next time, that's for sure. And RH is super cute in it. And she can appreciate the total nerdery of the somber exterior and kind of silly lining.*

I did a bunch of yoga over the weekend. It felt nice, so I'd like to keep doing this. I didn't have the energy this morning, though. Tuesdays are hard. Maybe after work. Or something. I just need to get more active again. I'll feel better.

Werk's Spring Conference of Minor Doom is this week and next. Our culinary options are limited, since we're feeding all the extra people instead of the usual employees.** I bought bananas and granola bars to have at my desk to help with the limited menus. They're still sitting at home on the kitchen table. I has a sad.

Dungeon Roll is the current game of choice for Downwood and me. It's us against the dice instead of us against each other, so it doesn't end with hurt feelings (he crushes me in pretty much every game we play ever). It doesn't take forever to set up.*** Also, Emi and Alex can roll some of the dice to help, but they don't yet understand that they can't then manipulate the dice until Momma or Daddy has decided what to do about the current layout.

I cracked 125k words on the writing project I'm sharing with Downwood. The plot thickens and the characters are about to have a series of very bad days. Mwahahahaha.****

I caved and bought all three new flavors of peanut M&Ms. None of them suck. I was surprised. The Honey Nut are standard peanut M&Ms, just a bit sweeter than normal. The Coffee Nut ones have a nice coffee bitterness to them. The Chili Nut ones have a surprising amount of heat on the back end. Downwood claims that the red Chili Nut M&Ms have more heat than the other colors in the pack. Clearly, I need to eat more M&Ms. FOR SCIENCE.

I've been wearing tinted lip balms for the last couple months and I love it. My current favorite is Neturogena MoistureSmooth color stick in Rich Raisin. I feel pretty.

My officemate has been in the office the last two weeks. She's been on the phone and loud pretty much constantly. She was going to be out this week and I was excited. Then she cancelled her trip because of things on fire and full of bees. I am disappointed.

I'm wearing my new dress from this pattern. I'm wearing a tank top under so that the v-neck is more work-appropriate. It's comfortable and cute, which is nice.

*Star Wars. It's mostly lined in flannel with a lovely navy contrast print on lapels and cuffs. Totes adorbs.

**Not bitter, truly, just annoyed that my usual routines are disrupted. They're moving my cheese and I do not approve.

***I'm looking at you, Pathfinder card game. You're fun, but SERIOUSLY.

****A lot of guys ignore the laugh, and it's about standards. I mean, if you're gonna get into the Evil League of Evil, you have to have a memorable laugh. What, do you think Bad Horse didn't work on his whinny? His terrible death-whinny?


Jan. 27th, 2016 07:45 pm
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Less anxiety and panic today! Woo! 

My hair is GORGEOUS. It's flippy and curly and wonderful. I <3 my hairdresser.

I have an Iron Druid book to read. It's good. I know why you never want to be Nigel in Toronto.

I still can't strangle people through the phone. Maybe I need a video conference to be able to force choke like Vader. Worth a try, anyway.

Tacos for dinner!


I made some lovely little tangles today.

Au proclaimed that she's a wizard. I work in a building themed like the library from Hogwarts. So I took a picture of the GIANT WALL OF WANDS in one of our conference rooms for her. Because that's the kind of weird friend I am.

Is it the weekend yet? No? Phooey.

I need to put Emi in bed and do my meditation. And probably drink more tea and read some more. Because that's how I roll.


Jan. 21st, 2016 02:44 pm
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I got new glasses! Stylish, hip glasses and actual prescription sunglasses! All hail Zenni Optical!

I had lunch with Downwood and Alex! They brought me my old glasses, since my new ones are pretty tight.

I finished the Anxiety pack on Headspace! Onto learning more about Self-Esteem! But, seriously, I've learned some good things about my brain and how I think. I like this feeling.

I've started on our work Happiness Challenge! One of my coworkers wanted to start a 21-day Be Happier Challenge. I chose three of the five activities: meditate daily (yeah!), a random act of kindness, and write down three unique gratitudes. My random act of kindness today was to write a nice note on the back of one of my zentangles and give it to that coworker. She said it made her day.

My invisible Sith cloak continues to improve my posture and body language!

My writing project with Downwood is over 25k words! Whoa.
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Life is eating me. I'm working hard on my LARP of a Responsible Adult. I'm tired of adulting, but I need to just keep moving. It doesn't help that now I'm in an office with a window. Gray, rainy days sap my motivation to keep moving and doing things. When I was in an interior office, I never saw outside, so the weather had no affect on me. Also, SAD is starting to kick in. No me gusta.

The kids are SO ready for Halloween. Super excited. I'm not stressed about it, just a little anxious. We went to the annual Halloween Party last weekend. I made a royal blue dress (Moneta bodice and two layers of circle skirt) and got new rainbow socks, arm warmers, and belt. I didn't get a wig, but I still made a pretty adorable Rainbow Brite.

I'm on the final day of a week of not fun antibiotics. A couple weeks ago, I picked at a hangnail and it got infected. Last week I realized it wasn't getting better on its own and my finger was literally twice the size of the same finger on the other hand. I went to the dr and got a course of antibiotics. It's helping, but annoying. My finger is still kind of sore and swollen - zils were NO FUN on Monday - and the antibiotics are a "take 4x a day on empty stomach". Very annoying.

I started playing Guild Wars 2 again. The expansion came out and the Halloween event started. I love the Halloween event, so I started it back up. I only need to carve 30 more pumpkins and I'll have the entire meta-achievement done. This will mean nothing to non-GW2 players, but it's a badge of honor, skill, time, or something like that. They also came out with a new character class, so Downwood and I created twin characters. Our names are Castor and Leda, because that's how we roll.

I have too many good books piling up. I finally read "Ancillary Mercy" and it was WONDERFUL. I cared more about the AI in this book than I will ever make anyone care about a "real" character in something I come up with. WONDERFUL, I say. I have "Radiance" and the WtNV novel on my desk and I CAN'T DECIDE. As soon as I read one, I'm not reading the other. WOE IS ME.

I interviewed a new tattoo artist at the shop by asking for a small piece. Mostly, I wanted to be sure that we could get along (he loves books, so YEAH) and that his ideas about color are in line with mine. I love my new little pumpkin and am excited for my birthday tattoo - a memorial cardinal for Grandpa Tom.

My birthday tattoo will be on Nov 7. This is the same day as Newer Dancer Night. Emi thinks I should dance to "something classical". I don't know if I'm going to be able to get something good by then....and if I'll want to dance after a couple hours of tattooing. I kind of want to just put on something nice and sit back with friends and a drink.

And now it's time to work. The things I kicked off are all done. I need tea and to warm up some breakfast so that I can take my penultimate antibiotic before lunch and the last one in the afternoon. I will say one thing for this regiment: it's REALLY cut down on my snacking habits!
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Friday - I had lots of anxiety at work. I left a little early and made it to Aldi for werk and skool snacks. Protein bars and such for me, applesauce and such for kids. Aldi has some AMAZING gluten free stuff. They have GF pretzels that are safe for BOTH kids' allergies! And they taste like pretzels! Score! Basically came home, ate dinner, put kids to bed, and collapsed.

Saturday - Picked up the kitchen and living room. One of my college biochem besties asked if they could spend the first couple days of their summer vacation up by us (before heading to his mom's and...crazy times). I adore him and his wife and their adorable sons. The older boy is 3 and the younger is just about to turn 1. Super cute.

We cleaned a little - mostly just clearing out clutter so we'd have places to walk and sit. Alex and I went to the grocery store for provisions. Bexdragon came down, too, and we had a giant late lunch. Ribs (on sale for $1/lb! whoa!), smoked salmon, corn on the cob, cole slaw, baked beans, and fruits. All of it was safe for Emi and Alex could have everything but the ribs and beans. We all ate too much, then sat around and talked. The kids played in the yard and with all the toys all over the house.

It was busy and chaotic. And good.

Sunday - I spent a bunch of the morning ironing. I have quite a few 50's style dresses, but the ones that are most appropriate for Lucy are the ones that are cotton and thus need ironing. So I ironed. Ugh. And did laundry. And snuggled kiddos.

In the late morning, everyone came down to our house again. We had a lunch of the leftovers and some pulled pork from earlier in the week. The kids played and the grownups sat and chatted.

In the afternoon, we took a field trip down to the Toy Train Barn. It's a barn FILLED with model trains. There are some giant layouts and train memorabilia EVERYWHERE. Our train-crazed kids and husbands loved it. They also had the big outdoor train up and running, so the kids got to take a ride on it. Super fun.

When we got home, Downwood took V downstairs to look at the trains. I started getting food into some very hungry kids. The kids got popcorn shrimp, chicken nuggets, fries, and veggies. The grownups ordered in pizza.

By bathtime, it was apparent that the kids were all exhausted. Lots and lots of hugs and promises to visit soon and they went back to their hotel.

Alex and I have almost finished "Hamster Princess". I don't know what we're going to read next, but it'll be fun. Emi was kind of a pill about going to sleep, but that's nothing new. I sat at the computer, mainlined some "I Love Lucy", and packed my makeup and stuff for today. Then I went to bed early. I only have to get up about 15-20 minutes earlier than normal, but that's starting to get to the point of just being stupid early.

I miss my friends. They're good people and I wish they lived closer than Pittsburgh. It would be cool if our kids could be closer and I dearly love them.

Today - Got up super early. Turned on coffee. Stared at the internet for a bit. Got dressed and out the door early.

At work, I dropped off my snacks and purse in my office and headed to the backstage dressing room. I put in my contacts, put on my wig and petticoat, and applied both makeup and false eyelashes (THANKS! dance performance experience!). I even put on heels.

I looked spectacular. Many customers wanted pictures with Lucy. It. was. awesome.

After spending a couple hours on my feet in uncomfortable heels, I kind of regretted this decision. I went back to our dressing room and de-glammed. My hair is a bit of a disaster (bangs are just pinned back - there was no helping them) and I still have on way too much makeup, but the eyelashes and wig are put away until tomorrow. I'm wearing shoes that do NOT go with my dress, but are ridiculously comfortable.

  • Today - One more shift, but de-glam. I could technically make it to dance, but I'd be a WRECK tomorrow. No me gusta.
  • Tomorrow - Glam most of the day. I may de-glam from 1:30-3:30, but I need to be Lucy off and on from daybreak to 1:30 and then from 4-8. I...won't be wearing heels the whole time. Nope. Nope. Nopefish.
  • Wednesday - No more glam. :( Just a couple of things that I have to be "on" for. Host a session, attend a session, then give away ice cream. Woo!
  • Thursday - One thing to be "on" for. And many things to hide in my office for.
  • Friday - No more customers. No glam. I may try to get a couple hours off. We'll see.
  • Saturday/Sunday - Pick a day to go to Faire. Finally.
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 My hair looked amazing today. So did my eyebrows. All hail the magic of the salon.

Also, my hairdresser once again got upset when another stylist complimented her on my hair color and she had to say, again, that I henna it at home and she has nothing to do with it. The other stylist was SHOCKED. I was proud and smug.

My hair is amazing.

That is all.
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Madison's the first stop on the WtNV tour. It's also one of only two stops that won't have Eliza Rickman as the weather. Madison and Minneapolis get Dessa instead.

I haz a sad - the largely unknown act I love won't be at the show. It's some other largely unknown act instead.

I haz a hipster sad.

But still, LIVE SHOW!
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I have a haircut tonight. My hair will be shorter. Probably hacking it off to my shoulders, maybe a bit shorter. Need a change on this front.

I'm thinking of getting this pattern for girl dresses (https://www.youcanmakethis.com/products/girls-piko-top-newborn-18-tween) and making it with either this fabric (http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1663167) or this fabric (http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/3662809) or this one (http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1662132) as the skirt and a solid as the top. Then, probably, make a sparkly cape that can be added, if Emi feels like being a full Snow Queen in Summer.

Started sketching ideas for a steampunk jetpack in a meeting yesterday. Also sketched an airship engineer-type outfit. Too many irons in fire? NEVAR!

I'm SOOO close to finishing up a couple of cute t-shirts for Ox from some of my KnitFix fabric. All I have left is the neck-binding. They're v-neck shirts. I should maybe have done this step earlier so that if I totally screw it up, I won't be as sad. But I'm pretty sure I can handle it. Pretty sure. After they're done, Emi wants me to make her another shirt or something. So that's easy.

We're driving to down-state IL tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. Emi's beside herself with joy. Ox has a cold and was all snotted up last night and kind of miserable. So we'll see how that goes. Things I must remember to pack: MiL's bday present, FiL's xmas present, MiL's GS cookies, FiL's GS cookies.

My TL helped me jettison my Worst Customer onto someone else. Now I have a couple extra hours a week that I used to use in Dire Frustration And Wanting To Throw Things. Now, I get to use it to do some of the stuff I love. So he told me to just go forth and do the things I love and to also think about how I can get more of what I love into my daily job and what else we'd have to change in order to make that happen. He actually wants me to be happy at work. HAPPY?! What a concept!

When I get home, I will have some comic books waiting for me. And a new silicone muffin tin. And a pound of raw cocoa butter. And some new oils. The homemade lotion route seems to be going well for the kidz and there was a sale.

And now, I go to get tasty Indian food for lunch. Because it's there and I'm hungry. Later, I have time to do work (gasp!) and will put on new nail wraps (Literary, from the first Nailed It KS). I'm wearing my Glitter is the New Black shirt. Things do not totally suck, no matter what my jerkbrain says.
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I wore my new Moneta dress and it was lovely. It is of this fantastic knit and I put a plain white collar on it. 


No pictures of the dress because I am a doofus. Given the holiday, I wore it with green jewelry and green tights. I felt very, very pretty.

That is all. 
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I can completely enslave humanity in 412 days. Plague Inc is my new favorite phone game. It's a really good phone adaptation of one of my favorite computer games. The concept is that you control an organism - bacteria, virus, parasitic worm, etc - and try to destroy humanity. You can modify your DNA to change infection vectors, gain antibiotic resistance, and symptoms. While it's incredibly satisfying to see my tiny bacterium kill the entire world, I'm more a fan of the Neurax Worm vector, since with the right set of symptoms, you can enslave humanity. Very satisfying.

The voice memo function on my phone is good for when I'm in bed, very tired, and need to get some lists out of my head so that I can fall asleep. Listening to them in the morning is weird, though.

I'm not yet developing agoraphobia because of one major detail in my life. If agoraphobia develops when you start avoiding the places that make you anxious, I'm building an immunity every day that I walk into work expecting bad things. My breathing gets weird, my chest tightens up, and I start freaking out. I have to get to my desk so I can have breakfast, so I have to get through the rising panic.

I have a peppermint mocha this morning. It's the only thing keeping me from jumping down the throats of people who want to make everything my fault/responsibility to fix.

Buying presents doesn't freak me out. I like buying things or making things for people. Wrapping presents this year is causing me stress. Not cool, subconscious. Not cool.

I'm getting to hand off one of my most troublesome customers. One of the two that I cringe whenever I see their email or reception says are on my line. The hand off won't be complete until February, but I'll get to start handing off part of my workload starting in the next week. This is amazing and wonderful and not to be trifled with.

Community/Family Calendar
  • Saturday - Pictures of the kiddos followed by playing in the mall. I may brave the bra store to get a fitting and a bra that fits. I need a new one and it's worth spending money on.
  • Sunday - Maybe friends over for gaming? Maybe not? Definitely on call for a work thing that, should things be going haywire, I won't be able to fix. Good times.
  • Monday - Dance
  • Wednesday - Hair cut. Finally. My bangs are out of control.
  • Saturday - Manicure
  • Sunday - Gaming? Maybe?
  • Monday - Dance
  • Friday - Leave work early, go to Iowa
  • Saturday-Sunday - Family togetherness
  • Monday - Work. Dance?
  • Tuesday- No work. Massage and date night.
  • Then Christmas
  • Then the first round of color on my peacock
  • Then New Years
  • Then back to work on 1/2/15
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...but I may not be so lucky at dinner.

But I look nice today - peacock blue dress, hair actually looking okay in a high ponytail, new faux pearl choker and earrings. And the weekend starts in a couple of hours. Also, I've been on the phone or in meetings all day today and gotten work done in spite of that.

And there's a new email chain where we're hammering out costuming for the new Mnah-Mnah Troupe. And the Swedish Chef's theme song is stuck in my head.

And I'm almost through with "Mansfield Park" by Ms Austen and it's FULL OF HORRIBLE PEOPLE. Just like some of my customers.

But I've done a decent job of derailing the jerkbrain today. Better than usual, anyway.

And the weekend starts in a couple hours.
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I bought both the Moneta dress pattern and the Mabel pencil skirt pattern from Colette. I bought them as print-at-home PDF files.

So far, I like the pencil skirt pattern better than the dress pattern. Based off my measurements and their size chart, I made the 3x size for both garments.

Mabel - fits like a DREAM. I made version 3-the longer variation with the kick pleat in back. It's sexy and hugs my curves. I'm not planning on making the shorter versions of this pattern, since they'd be more like belts than skirts on my height

This pattern went together really quick and easy. The instructions were clear and simple to follow. A+ would make again and again

Moneta - FAR too big. I need to figure out how to take in the bodice without taking it apart. When I make this again, I'm going to stick with the same size skirt (it's comfy), but use a smaller size bodice.

I made version two - short sleeves with no collar. I'm not impressed with the assembly instructions on this one. Some if the pattern shapes lead to weird seams, which the booklet doesn't explain well. Same goes for the "shirt the skirt with clear elastic" procedure. Ugh. Next one gets pleated and we'll call it good.

Also, the pockets are weird and can only hold a Kleenex- anything more throws off the lines of the dress too much.

I still need to get a slip to wear under my pencil skirt, but Amazon has none available for Prime that are actually plus size. Bah. I also need to buy a new double needle for hemming - my first one broke with 6" to go on the hem of my Moneta. No pins or anything - one of the needles just snapped.

Pics!... )


Jul. 2nd, 2014 09:58 am
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I bought fabric today. This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
  • From Denver Fabrics, I bought stretch lace for overlay panels and, inspired by Au's success with iced pink velvet, gold stretch velour for a trumpet skirt.
  • From Girl Charlee Fabrics, I bought dark peacock knit for a Moneta dress, bright peacock knit for a Mabel skirt, black knit for a Mabel skirt, and a really bright feather pattern knit for an a-line skirt.

I'm wearing skirts or dresses almost every day now. It's easier to get them to fit and I don't have the same anxiety that jeans, slacks, or shorts give me. Making my own skirts and dresses is satisfying, I have several eShakti '50s shirtdresses that fit beautifully and other maxi skirts that I've collected over the last year, and I like skirts. Also, trying on pants in store dressing rooms makes me sad and very upset with myself.

Blah. It's okay to like dresses and feel pretty in them. Also, dresses take very little thought in the morning. No coordination necessary!

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Even though my previously favorite skirt no longer zips, I have a skirt bought around the same time that's still flattering and comfortable.

In searching for the shirt that I wore to my kids' birthday party 2 years ago, I found a t-shirt on my shelf that's astonishingly cheerful coral flowers.

I am one with the glitter body lotion. It's permeating all my stuff. My car glitters. My purse glitters. My clothes glitter. I'm fabulous, y'all.

The coffee cart at work brought back their Magic Coffee for the summer. It's iced coffee with brown sugar, cinnamon, half-and-half, and crack. It's only been here for 2 days and it's already owning my soul. To combat this, I've tasked Downwood with starting some iced coffee at home, and I'll figure out how to make the sweetener myself.

I told Emi this morning how proud I was of her yesterday. She did 2 loads of dishes all by herself (mostly. Daddy helped/supervised). She was SO PROUD. Apparently, when Downwood started doing dishes, she had a TOTAL MELTDOWN because he wasn't letting her help. So he filled the sink with clean water, put in her dishes, and told her to go to town. So proud. So big.

We started a new choreography last night. It's an OMG!Fast drum solo. It has some nifty call/response sections, a 10/8 section, and we got about a minute into it last night. This is a minute of choreography that Teacher M made up on the fly for us, so it was even more impressive that we got that far in 35 minutes.

We also got to dance for several minutes to a lovely saxophone tacsim. It was ooey, gooey, and so very much fun. M had to run out to her car for the music, so it was just free dance for those minutes. It was fantastic and felt really good.

I published the first scene in my Storium game this morning. Let's see how this goes.

I got most of our bills paid online this morning. I have a few more checks to write and then I'm done for a couple weeks. The glow of accomplishment looks good on me.
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  • Overslept
  • Hugged both my kids, who both still have fevers and coughs
  • Made pancake batter for Downwood to cook for said sick and whiny kids
  • Gotten dressed up in pretty clothes and pretty smells
  • Made it to work
  • Had a healthy breakfast
  • Added another coat of glitter to my nails.
  • Answered email
  • Been on phone calls
  • Promoted the hell out of a henna thing for Sunday
  • Did my daily henna design post
  • Made a cup of tea
  • Taken half a Xanax because all of the above wasn't enough to make the anxiety monsters go away.
Been feeling really rotten the last couple days. The jerkbrain seems to have invested in a light up marquee of negative energy. Some of the words on scrolling repeat include "failure", "ugly", "lazy", "loser", and "worthless". These are not things that I'd call anyone. I can't look in the mirror without wincing.

This is not what I want to model for Emi. I don't want her to be broken.

So I'll keep drawing on my legs and in my sketch book. I'll drink my tea and my water. I'll be as "present" as possible during my day of meetings and calls. I'll try to not be frustrated by people who punt everything to me, assuming that I'll deal with their problems for them.

Blah. Just keep moving, Sabine. You can go to bed early tonight as a reward for making it through the day without too much harm done.

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I can't say enough good things about the web vendor eShakti. They have really high quality clothes and for a trivial fee, they'll make the clothes to your exact measurements! I've bought a couple dresses from them and they all fit perfectly, flatter my body, and are made with really nice fabric. And pockets! And since they ask for your height, the "below knee" length is actually below my knees!

So, yes, today I look like a grownup in my pretty purple dress and gleaming mary janes. My hair is crazy and I ran out of energy to put on makeup, but I look like a grownup and I feel pretty.

Ox came out super early and snuggled with me. Emi also got up early and "helped" me get ready.

I have more meetings today than are healthy. I have a couple NYTimes crossword puzzles to get through.

I did some really lovely henna last night on some really lovely ladies. There are quite a few people on YouTube who should have thought about their costuming choices a bit more. I didn't get enough sleep, but that's usual for Monday nights.

I have two shamrocks in my purse. Each of my kids made me one yesterday. They're awesome kids and I'm going to proudly display these on my wall at work.

Coffee is fantastic. So is having a couple extra minutes to grab breakfast at work.

I can do this. Eye of the Tiger.
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My classic coping mechanism to phone calls that are making me crazy at work is to do my nails. I'll carefully apply polish, sometimes in really cool combinations, and use the motion as a way to focus on something other than making someone's head explode with only the power of my brain.

Since I'm going in for my annual shellac manicure tomorrow night, I figured it wouldn't be a great idea to be painting my nails today.

So instead I brought in a tube of henna and started drawing on my hand.

I'm not very good at it yet, but I'll get there. It's therapeutic in the same way as the nail polish - it's something pretty and something to keep me from cursing at the customer.

I have some more calls this morning. We'll see how far up my arm I end up going.
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 I have discovered why superheroes wear their underwear on the outside. It's obviously to keep their tights from bagging down around their knees. 


Either that or I just have no idea how to do basic things like wear tights.

Or I'm supposed to be a superhero.

It's a toss-up, really.


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